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Esquire: Knows Women, Not Bars

I'm not a regular reader of Esquire, but I was checking out the home page and was excited to see a tab for The Best Bars in America. This is slightly misleading because of the democracy the mag allows in its choices; there are bars listed for every state (even Puerto Rico!). So what are the best bars in D.C.? The winners are...The Tune Inn and Hawk 'n' Dove. Cue sinking heart. Really, Esquire? Really? You can't see past Capitol Hill and khaki pants? You refuse us the D.C. culture that exists beyond politics? Go north! Go east! We have literary-themed bars (St.-Ex and Bar Pilar) and freak-inspired bars (Palace of Wonders) and classy bars (ESL and Dragonfly ) and classic bars (Tabard Inn and Old Ebbitt) and on and on. I don't think you get us at all, Esquire.

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  • Mike DeBonis

    Their perspicacity on Tune Inn more than makes up for their Hawk-n-Dove myopia.

  • M. Long

    FYI, that listing is from 2006. And agree- the inclusion of Tune Inn means they could have named Smith Point, for cryin out loud.

  • Reid

    Umm, didn't Dragonfly close a while back?

    And, was it ever "classy"?