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Likely Replacement for Murky: Another Coffee Shop!

The travails of Murky Coffee at Eastern Market got a lot of attention in the local press. City Desk was all over it, as were community publications and the Washington Post. All the ink generated a lot of interest in the space that Murky vacated after losing the location to a seizure by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue.

"The biggest thing we've learned from this process is that from now on, we're putting seizure signs on our properties whenever we want to rent them," jokes Ken Golding of Stanton Development, the company that owns the building that housed Murky, which owed the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid sales taxes. Golding says that, since the seizure, potential renters have veritably stormed the storefront.

Though Stanton has yet to select just who the much sought after lease will go to, the group of candidates has been boiled down to four. Golding says that he wishes the company could pick all the contenders, because "they're all great." He also assures coffee-loving Capitol Hillites that each prospective tenant has plans to open an independent coffee shop. Here's to hoping that they independently pay their sales taxes.–Rend Smith

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  • JHoward

    This is very good news. I hope they carry through with it. Even over here in Hill East, some of us miss Murky, in spite of its legal travails.

  • MBoyette

    Here's hoping for Greenberry's!!!

  • Steven

    Coffee like Murky's would be great, and maybe they can even find some staff who don't have such an ATTITUDE. And of course they should play their taxes.

  • Theresa

    Let's hope it's proper coffee and espresso, worthy of replacing the Classic Cappuccino! Otherwise Eastern Market has lost one of its real advantages as a neighborhood I might just have to move back to Boston...

    Maybe Stanton Development could have a taste test for neighbors to ensure they choose the coffee shop likely to get the most business here on the Hill! There's nothing more disappointing than a new coffee shop opening in a prime location that just doesn't make a good drink...

  • ibc

    Here's a great idea: an independent coffee shop like Murky, but where they actually clean the floors occasionally like Sidamo! Woo-hoo!