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Earth Day Out of Control

Earth Day is coming up. I totally support Earth Day. But not when it comes to my theater program. Some friends and I went to see The History Boys at Studio Theatre over the weekend. (Definitely worth seeing, by the way. They've extended the run through May 18, so go buy tickets.) Shortly before the play began we realized we had no programs. Nobody had programs. Upon questioning, one staff member said the lack of programs was Studio's way of observing Earth Day. I appreciate where they're coming from, but I want my freakin' program. I paid for that program. I'm happy to give it back at the end of the play, but I want to know about the play. I want to know who the actors are. I want something to fiddle with if I get bored. So thank you, Studio, for thinking of the environment, but give me back my program.

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    Here at TitanTv, we’re so proud to hear that everyone is chipping in and doing their best to participate in Earth Day 2008. Here is a funny piece we did, while informing people in the streets of New York, how they, too, can have a great April 22nd.

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    hey titantv, thanks for the spam!