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Who’s Gonna Boo?

George W. Bush

George W. Bush will throw out the first pitch at Nationals Park on Sunday night.

Being the least popular president in history, he'll surely bring some sort of hater-repellant, such as the youngest Jonas Brother or a cutout of Martin Luther King, to the mound with him.

Will he be booed?

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  • ACS

    Absolutely. I just want to see if ESPN lowers the volume to try to play it down when it inevitably happens.

  • GW

    Yup. I booed him at RFK back in 05, and was not alone. Granted, I was self-conscious about it, and my booing lacked a certain zeal. All right, it was both namby and pamby.

    Was still enough to earn me glares, and the "respect the office, if not the man" speech from a guy who hadn't bothered to take off his RNC lanyard.

    Frankly, I don't know if I'd do it again. Booing didn't make me feel any better, and neither did getting lectured by a beer-sozzled choad in a short-sleeve dress shirt.

  • Bill Jones

    The Nationals are planning to pump in fake applause over the audio system.

  • JCN

    Will he be booed? 4000 soldiers dead in a war he started, Dude this is a no brainer! It would be unpatriotic not to boo him. The only question is will the decibels exceed a space shuttle launch?

  • Mr. T in DC

    It is everyone's patriotic duty to lustily and loudly boo our worst ever President on one of the few occasions he comes out from his bubble.

  • LooLoo


  • LooLoo

    Nosebleed seats: $125

    Hot dog: $4.50

    Plastic cup of cheap watered-down beer: $7.50

    Hearing & seeing the Worst President in Modern History loudly boo-ed at the game: PRICELESS

  • jp houston

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