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Becoming Delaware

Everybody hates Delaware. Cross into that tiny state and you get tolled. Now the Post is reporting that bigwigs want tolls everywhere:

Regional transportation and political leaders are increasingly coming to the conclusion that the only way to keep the chronically congested Washington region moving is tolls, and plenty of them.

A report to be released Wednesday pushes a regionwide system that would place tolls on most existing area highways, bridges into the District, the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, George Washington Memorial Parkway and such major District thoroughfares as New York Avenue. The key to success, the authors say, is the comprehensiveness of the network.

So just imagine New York Avenue with tolls. And the BW Parkway with tolls. Not a pretty picture. Now picture them with tolls that accept credit cards as some in VA now do. It's gonna suck.

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  • Justin Moyer

    But, simultaneously, picture a thriving metropolis able to improve its crumbling infrastructure with a cash infusion from suburbanites who drive in and out of our city to do business but refuse to live here.

  • Ronny M

    Just what the Capital Region(DC, MD, Northern Virginia) needs, another way to make mourning and evening commute twice as painful.

  • Erica

    You seem to have missed the bit in the story where they talked about transponders and EZ-Pass. No one is proposing toll booths. Think London congestion charge, not 20th century technology toll plazas.

    BTW, I don't "refuse" to live in the city, I can't afford to. Difference.