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Bolt Bus Is Bunk!

Everyone is very excited about Bolt Bus. DC to New York for $1, with wireless and no pee smell! I didn't believe it. So I went online, and started booking. I ordered tickets for more than a month from know and it still rang up at $7 one-way. Ok, fine I thought. Not quite the best deal, but still better than Chinatown. Four tries later, I still haven't gotten the website to work. It acts like it's thinking, with a little lightening bolt symbol popping up, but nothing happens, ever. Has anyone gotten this thing to actually work?

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  • L McKay

    Website isn't working....I'm using IE 7...Is BoltBus still running????

  • mr w

    make sure javascript is enabled or the site seems dead.

  • madhusudan

    is there a service from philly to dc? we cannot get dc as destination from philly. can marc o help?

  • Pete

    Don't rely on BoltBus if you ever need to work. Their internet and electrical outlets are unreliable. The only reason I'd ever chose them is because they have both internet and electrical outlets, while other companies don't. But in my extensive experience, their amenities work less than half of the time. When they don't work, their drivers are unapologetic and their customer service representatives are confrontational. I'll never spend a dollar of my travel money again on this company, which is just a subsidiary of Greyhound, so I'm not sure why I'm always surprised when stuff does not work.

  • Narain

    Is there a way to buy tickets for travel between DC and Boston with assured seats

  • Lindsey Brook

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points .

  • Franck

    helo. I'am french so i don't understood all the sentence but in french i can say "yep ! votre website est tres cool" ;-) I hope that frensh people become like you !

  • fun vacation

    I like your blog. I have been reading a lot here. Thank you for all your work!

  • travel safety

    Thank you for posting. I look forward to reading your posts here!

  • Joan

    Are there any cheap buses that go from Harrisburg, Pa. to New York?

  • John

    Search for a story from March 2011 regarding a drunk Bolt Bus driver arrested for DWI DURING A TRIP. I doubt I'll be trusting Bolt any time soon.