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Spitzer Missed Lesson of D.C. “Madam”

OK, so the latest in this Eliot Spitzer disaster is that federal authorities have in their custody text messages from the New York governor relating to this "prostitution ring."

What was this guy thinking? He has based his career on going after organized crime and other really nefarious groups. Well, how do the people of organized crime manage their communications? Certainly not via text message, which leaves a trail a mile wide.

All Spitzer needed to do was check a local news story gone national–the one about D.C. "madam" Deborah Jeane Palfrey. Palfrey's legendary phone records contained the numbers of the people who bought the services that she and her people rendered. And they embarrassed some important people.

Now, I've read my share of profiles on Spitzer, and I can't remember the part that talked about his penchant for self-destruction.

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  • Pam

    Perhaps we need a new class of politicians called the castrati. Then perhaps we could have government that gets something done. Our politicians need to move their energies to a few of the higher chakras. Let them use the organs above the neck rather than between the legs.

  • Joe

    Is Spitzer the governor of D.C.? Yeah, he got busted kicking it with hos, it's news. But It maybe warrants 2 posts max for a DC metro area blog.

  • Lisa Seagren

    Loved the look on the wife's face. Spitzys already getting skewered online. Can't wait to see what SNL does.

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