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It’s Really Happening

I recently spoke with the development director at the company working on a potential LNS reality show. They're shooting a final round of casting interviews this week.

Personally, I'd rather watch this. Perhaps the cutest thing I've ever seen.

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  • no more angel valdez

    Angel V,
    You are a skank. If what you aspire to it merely documenting the activities of LNS, you are indeed a pathetic letch.

  • Jim

    Dear producers of the LNS reality show, please let this poster be one of the many super-smart and classy members who will appear on your show. As you can see, women like JJ will provide nonstop laughs and might even confirm what everyone already thinks of LNS members. Namely, that they're not actually very smart. I can personally guarantee you that I will watch this show, as will anyone else who appreciates a good dose of schadenfreude.

  • Jim

    And again, I welcome any kind of post about LNS. I think they're the funniest thing D.C. has going.

  • Kim

    What about a reality show about Tony Cord? I guess the technical obstacles are probably what's keeping that from would be too hard for the cameramen to keep his giant mongoloid head in frame.

  • dcdude

    JJ's little heel-stamping display is the kind of entertainment that will only be richer on video. From the rented purses to the displays of Blackberries (office provided, lol), I can't wait for this Wild Kingdom of the little junior wannabes.

    I'm kind of envisioning that "drunk girl" character from SNL in the 90s, only much thinner, more blonde, wearing oversized sunglasses. Lots of cut shots of these pathetic irritable clones walking our streets would be a fun transition too, btw.

  • Bacon Cheese Egg

    JJ I am going to fucking kill you.

  • Angela Valdez

    How come no one wants to talk about the cutest three year old ever? Why not make a show in which she explains everything?

  • Rolo

    JJ: pack yer bags for pound town. 3 year old: pack yer bags for my heart.

  • Duke 84

    I vote for as much LNS coverage as you can print!

    I get a sick thrill out of reading about the exploits of the children of all the douchebags I went to college with.

  • YPS

    You people make me laugh. You sit around all day reading about people who are way more successful that all of you and can still have fun on LNS all day.
    I am sorry if you and your "daddy hates me so now I am going to wear skinny jeans and an emo haircut" friends can only hook up with with starbucks baristas but I gaurantee you that all of you would rather take home the blonde in the oversized sunglasses and short shorts from smith point, but since you cant get in you just read about it. Find something better to do

    You People Suck

  • sara.h

    i love that YPS has such a blissful lack of self-awareness, and such a firm belief that Angela's (or any of the people who laugh at these postings) motivation is rooted in jealousy.

    Really, it's more like reading about paper dolls come to life - fun to look at, but completely one-dimensional and only worth the paper they're printed on.

  • Hipster V. Prep

    This is ridiculous. As a guy that hangs out with both Scenesters and Hipsters alike, I can tell you that each party has a well balanced share of their assholes and good people.

    Now all of you shut the hell up and go about your lives.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation in said matter