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New Restaurant in Columbia Heights


John Andrade, owner of Asylum in Adams Morgan, has a new establishment in the works: The Meridian Pint at 11th & Park. He expects to open the restaurant/lounge next October or November right up the street from local fave The Wonderland Ballroom. The Prince of Petworth posted the news yesterday with a little note from Andrade about his plans. "The beer will be draft only to minimize environmental impact as well as noise impact from the dumping of bottles. With 20 beers on draft I intend to have a large selection with strong Belgian influences. Wine will also be in abundance and both beer and wine will come with pairing suggestions," he wrote. Today, I talked to Andrade, who opened Asylum 16 years ago and has been thinking about starting up a new restaurant for the last five years. He looked at a space closer to 14th Street, but decided it felt too corporate, so he opted for the decidedly neighborhoody vibe of 11th for his casual American style restaurant/lounge. Entrees are going to be in the $14 to $16 range. Andrade's still shopping around for a chef.

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  • Andrew

    Strong Belgian influences, really? Branch out, DC. Stop ignoring American microbrews.

  • ScoreReport

    Andrew +1

    I'm still waiting to taste an imported pale ale that's better than Sierra Nevada.

  • Mr. Pint

    Fear not I intend to include not only American but regional microbrews. Belgium just happens to have an incredible culture of beer that just cannot be ignored. It's certainly not a trend, unless you consider 800 years of brewing a trend. Since opening is still far off, October/November, I still have plenty of time to select beers. Suggestions are always welcome.

    John Andrade