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No More Karaoke At The Hut

Arlington's Galaxy Hut has killed karaoke. Owner Lary Hoffman says he pulled the plug on the Thursday night crowd-pleaser after getting legal threats from "one of the agencies" that collect licensing fees. Hoffman wouldn't specify which agency, or just how much the fees would cost, but he said the fees plus the cost for extra staffing was more than the revenue generated by the weekly event. Too bad, in my book. I love me some good suburban karaoke.

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  • Amanda Hess

    It's not in the 'burbs, but Recessions karaoke on Friday evenings is the best in D.C., in my book. The oversized beers don't hurt either.

  • Bartender

    It might make more financial sense to buy a modern jukebox. Since people are paying to play a song, you figure the cost of a license fee is included. Therefore the bar isn't liable for any ridiculous fees that these groups charge restaurants for playing music. This could be more realistic for bars, then say a TGIF.

  • Mike Licht

    BMI and ASCAP have freelancers who do this; they get a percentage. I have heard the solution is contacting the licensing orgs directly and negotiating a flat fee based on club capacity.

  • joelogon

    Bartender: Galaxy Hut already has an Internet jukebox. The karaoke was a bonus, especially as it was a little... incongruous at a place like the Hut.

  • JB

    Lame. And you wonder why music sales are down? I just don't buy music anymore. I'm happy going to live shows and listening to my old cd's. The big record companies can take their RIAA and shove it where the sun don't shine.

  • Ernest

    “Suburban”, “Burbs”... Now, that’s rich coming from a pair of hacks. I admit, Arlington does have a suburban quality to it, undoubtedly, but let’s face it folks: Compared to the pair’s overwhelmingly obvious provincial origins, the place is a paragon of urban sophistication. No offence, eh?

    Prancing around the appalling Petworth doesn't make one an urbanite. And never will.

  • Ernest

    AS for the karaoke night, the extent to which the executive bureaucracy grew to controls American life on almost every level is absolutely frightening. Is a dictatorship, really.

  • Beaky

    Ernest has a point. I always find his comments useful.

  • Ernest

    Beaky, you really are looking well. New hairstyle? it suits you.