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The Redskins official fan message board,, has been a very fun read lately. Folks who hate everything Dan Snyder has done since Joe Gibbs fled are battling it out with folks who love everything done by the owner of the team, who happens to also be the owner of the board.

But not everybody's enjoying the banter. I got an email over the weekend from an "Eric Smith," a longtime extremeskins member who as of Saturday was banned from Snyder's message board while defending, sort of, a City Paper story I wrote about the owner and his Redskins employees shared ties to investments in Six Flags, the amusement park chain.

Specifically, Smith, while posting as "Shadowplay," was kicked off Snyder's site after insulting one of his and my insulters, a veteran moderator named Gary Mark Steven.

The beginning of the end of Smith's extremeskins membership came when Steven, who posts as "Om," had followed up one of Smith's posts in the thread about the City Paper column with some snark: "Yawn. Meet Dave McKenna's target audience," Steven posted.

Smith met Steven's snarkiness and raised him: "Yawn. Meet Daniel Snyder's pool cleaner," Smith rebutted.

A chuckler of a comeback, I'd say.

Alas, Smith's walking papers from Snyder's site came quickly after that was posted. Steven emailed Smith to say he had been booted off "indefinitely."

Steven, who in my recent email exchanges with him seems to be as whiny and humorless away from the message board as he is on it, is currently the most powerful moderator at extremeskins – his avatar caption describes him as "The President" of the site. He also freelances puff pieces for Snyder's main website, Steven gets access to the press box for Skins games and to team hotels on the road through the team.

Yet, far as I can tell, Steven, who inserts smiley faces into his message-board posts at a creepy rate for a 47-year-old guy (if his bio information on the site is to be believed), has never fully disclosed to extremeskins members the extent of the privileges granted him by the team for his attacks on critics of Skins management, let alone his apparent status as an employee of Snyder's.

Even without the most basic disclosure, the uptick in insults members of the message board are now throwing Steven's way makes it seem like posters have sniffed out his conflicts of interest just from his attack-dog act.

Smith, for one. In his email to me, Smith said he called Steven "Snyder's pool cleaner" out of frustration with "the Snyder yes men who run the message board and effectively control the message if it's critical of the owner" and "the system of intimidation and bullying that the extremeskins staff uses to keep the dissension to a minimum."

Asked to respond to Smith's charges about Snyder's site and questions about the degree of his employment by the Redskins, Steven said via email that after reading my City Paper stories he regards me as being "completely unbound by any sense of objectivity, accountability or even a passing sense of honor" and declined.

Steven must really dislike me. His email didn't include a single smiley face.

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  • ES Mods Ban posters for dissenting opinions

    Haha, you are something else. You do not ask permission. You clearly attempted to dictate the method in which those who made the claims should proceed:

    "...and is willing to have private conversations made public in determining its validity."

    Basically, you were passive aggressively stating that we first communicate with you privately and then after you validate the instance, then we can post it here.

    This attitude is a perfect reflection of the behaviour exhibited by some mods on

    I will try to locate the instance I recall but I can't guarantee finding it.

  • ES Mods Ban posters for dissenting opinions

    Dear ES lackey (Kyle):

    The only thing that is full of shit is your face after all of the brown nosing you engage in over at ES.

    Give a brotha a chance to go back and find the proof before spouting off at the mouth.

    Also, your one and only guarantee is false. I have been a member for years. Further, anyone who has read the rules at ES will attest that they are very convoluted and wordy. In fact they very much resemble the goon that wrote them.

  • Just The Facts

    Damn! There sure is some serious ass-kissing going on here!

  • ES Mods Ban posters for dissenting opinions

    I found two in the limited time of research please click on links and read for yourself:

    1st incident: "Here's an impromptu board rule.

    The next -- and every -- person who says we drafted two fullbacks when neither guy played fullback in college and neither guy projects to play fullback in the pros gets banned for sheer idiocy. If you have a problem with the draft at least be honest enough to evaluate the players we got and not the fiction you create."

    2nd Incident: (Please read entire thread, a couple of people get bounced. Some announced, most not).

    "You people are going to start making me hit the ban button because I'm growing VERY tired of uneducated statements like this. Go to CNNSI and see what they think of White. Then, post it. Fpickering, YOU WILL POST THIS NEXT.

    If I see your name beside a post after this time stamp that does not include what a major draft resource like CNNSI has on this player, I will give you a couple of days off. You people WILL START THINKING AND START PROCESSING INFORMATION BEFORE YOU POST IDIOCY.

    You can draw conclusions from the totality of data and from that data you may not like this or other picks. But, you people will stop taking the first thing you see and deciding that is all there is. Starting RIGHT NOW."

    I will report back here on whether or not my account was suspended.

  • Just The Facts

    Where you at Mark Stevens?

  • Kyle

    "ES bans posters for dissenting opinions"

    My ass you're a long time member. If you are, you're quite the tool for sticking around a place that you dislike for so long. Honestly, stop acting like the guys who run ES run it like some kind of Nazi regime. Waahhhh

  • ES Mods Ban posters for dissenting opinions

    The reason I am a long time member of the site is for the consolidation of Redskins information and the compelling insight of some of its members.... none of which has anything to do with overzealous, power tripping moderators.

    I like the site but not the manner in which some of its moderators behave.

  • Kyle

    But I have trouble understanding why. We are part of the same system, and I feel completely different than you do. Either you're blowing things way out of proportion or I'm being overly sympathetic. Maybe it's a combination. I can see how you may have something against a few of the Mods, but I don't believe Om has done anything to warrant some of the responses here.

  • “Eric Smith”

    Mr. Steven.

    For the record, I forwarded every single email of our private conversations to McKenna before the article was written. I also included the thread about the matter so please don't try to make it out like Dave was led under false pretensions.

    That's right, I posted the link on Warpath. I figured there'd be some kindred spirits there as well since I know I'm not the only one to get banned for life from ES. I guess I thought somebody could relate, but to be honest I got hammered by the mods there too. They didn't ban me though and told me I'd be treated fairly.

    I found this paragraph from an email I sent you after I got your bs formal email about why I was banned:

    "Dude, we both know why you banned me. You can make it sound anyway you want, to fit your official records. My first post was not an insult, it was an observation that it takes almost no time at all for a moderator of the Redskins official boards to start a smear campaign when an author who has something critical to say about the owner. . And my next post was intended to be flippant since you routinely stick up for the owner and bully those of us that have real issues with the way he runs the team. "

    You chose not to reply to this email and you chose not to ask me to clarify any reason why I think you're a stooge for the organization. You just banned me. You obviously didn't think enough about me to consider a response. That's why I didn't think twice about sending the link to some of my favorite websites. The coup de grace was the Deadspin link. That's when I knew I had something. You might have some other treats coming next week, but I'm not sure. Chances are this wave has crested and you and your other henchmen (21 and PCS) can soon go back to telling people how they don't know anything when they bash the Skins.

    You should be thanking me, now you can set the record straight for the public about what kind of compensation you're receiving from the team. For the record, I think you SHOULD get paid. You moderate a board full of people and obviously have your hands full trying to smear any author that has issues on how Snyder and Cerrato operate.

    Hopefully the next time you think about banning somebody, you'll stop for a second and consider whether or not that action is really necessary. Since this whole thing started, I'd like to think you've had time to ask yourself whether or not your action was warranted but my guess is you haven't. That's your choice. In either case, I think it's best if I observe your board from afar.

    I see the Skins hired Zorn. I guess it's time for another "puff piece", eh? Another piece about how Snyder knew he was going to do this ALL ALONG and how really stupid Vinny and Danny made the media look. Riiiiight.



  • ES Mods Ban posters for dissenting opinions

    Why is it so hard for you to understand? Americans are part of the same system but there are Democrats and Republicans.

    I don't have anything against OM.

  • Kyle

    Then why are you here.

  • ES Mods Ban posters for dissenting opinions

    I am here to lend credence to the assertion that ES Mods Ban posters for dissenting opinions.

    Why are you here?

  • Peter

    Wow. Just read through most of this. My only thoughts are people need to get off message boards and throw a football around and talk about the Skins or something. Take a step back, all of you.

  • Skins fan

    I was banned when the site became "official" for stating that they sold out. I was banned by some loser who goes by DieHard. His profile lists his profession as a massues. Can a get a happy ending you jerkoff??

  • Snyder’s Gardener

    Add me to the list of members here who have been banned from extremeskins. What was my offense, you ask?
    Disagreeing with a moderator.

    Extremeskins has a wide array of discussion which is great but their Stalinist moderators abuse their power all too often and stifle dissenting opinions. It's very similar to what is happening on College campuses nationwide.

    This is why you see all of the brown nosing, and yes there is way more of the same on the site.... and yes, it is pathetic.

  • Teasing the Retards at ES

    The moderators at Extremeskins will definitely ban you for dissenting opinions, and message each other to attack posters who dare to question the wisdom and greatness of the malevolent little midget. They want to impose a uniformity of opinion in which the mongoloids can all chase the rolling coin down the hall while they gleefully ingest all of Snyder's shite. They are nothing more than Snyder's BM eaters and as the team tanks it is a pleasure watching them squirm. Snyder and ES are cancer and mental AIDS.

  • Jumbo, om and Art are all tools

    ES is lame. The mods suck and anytime they post their little followers all kiss their ass. These are the tools who got beat up in school. is 100 times better and the mods dont control the message and dont jump all over any thread just to do it to show how powerful they are. Its night and day. You can tell its a site run by independant pple not Snyder suck ups. Fuck OM and the rest of the losers there. Like the fan base they will turn more and more pple off to the team and the BB and then it can just be them circle jerking one another.

  • Nailz

    ES is STILL as big a joke as it ever was!! The mods are pathetically power-happy and actually think they are something for banning people on a forum!! I guess that's what you get when you try and post on a forum owned by Snyder. Gotta be the biggest joke of a forum I've ever come acrossed!! Guaranteed they all wear pocket protecters!!

  • Mr Wall

    ES is a joke. Like many have said, disagree with a mod and you will eventually get banned. Have a different opinion, you might get banned. The worst part .of that site however is the ass kissing posters. Get into a discussion with a mod and you'll end up defending yourself from the ES mob. Get into a discussion with one of the popular posters and you'll end op defending yourself from the ES mob.

    I'm the poster they call Sith Lord and my posting privileges got taken away for no reason at all. I wasn't popular because I told it like it is and many in the tailgate didn't like that but I never broke any rules. Just to clear it up, I wasn't banned, I just got my posting privileges taken away.

  • Mark Stevens is a mongoloid

    Dear Mr. Stevens: How do you ever find the time to be a moderator when you constantly have Snyder's balls in your mouth? Another question: does your wife peg you?

  • Nailz

    And now the lovely dictator of the ES is suing a paper!! I really wish I wasn't a loyal person, cuz I am embarassed to be a Skins fan...have been since that idiot has taken over. And yes, ES still SUCKS!!