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Our Morning Roundup

The Examiner reports Fenty is considering having gas stations take on vehicle inspections: "The mayor has directed the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Department of the Environment to look at decentralizing emissions inspections, shuttering the DMV’s facility at 1001 Half St. SW and eliminating most safety inspections. Detailed recommendations should be ready by March, said Janis Hazel, DMV spokeswoman." Am I the only one that would miss the Half Street inspection station?

Prince of Petworth finds perhaps the most bizarre porch furnishings ever.

And Now, Anacostia shows off some interesting photography experiments.

The Sports Bog goes to the Superbowl and offers a roundup of Superbowl bloggers. It's quite funny. He also interviews Matt Hasselbeck's dad on QB Coach Jim Zorn.

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  • Jamie

    Why on earth do emissions inspections exist at all? I would hazard that the environmental cost of operating that station (that is, the gas, emissions, time, etc. that is wasted by every single car registered in DC having to drive there and back and sit idling for an hour once every two years) is far more than the savings gained by a few people having to fix their catalytic converters. And besides, even if you fail, if you can prove you spent a $700 bucks still fail, they give you a sticker anyway. Great, let's just throw good money after bad and keep the mechanics in business.

    So to protect the environment from the fraction of cars that are out of spec, junkers which likely will be off the road in a few years anyway, we force everyone to waste time, gas, and pollute the environment. It's like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  • Mike DeBonis

    "Am I the only one that would miss the Half Street inspection station?"


  • reuben

    I hope Fenty has an easier time with the inspection station matter than former Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly did. This can be one change-averse city....