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Bush and Boehner Combine Packages to Stimulate Nation

Cheap headline. But am I the only one who thinks there's something strangely sexy about the language surrounding this whole stimulus bill?

I have been out of middle school for a solid decade, but I still couldn't get through this Post article without smirking. I mean, we have President Bush describing "arduous, late-night negotiations" between House members (one of whom is named Boehner) concerning a "stimulus package" which Bush insists is the "right size"? Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson "cautioned against slowing down the process," resulting in "reaching agreement so quickly"? Then, the negotiations ended with "Paulson, Pelosi and Boehner [meeting] over breakfast at 7 a.m. Wednesday"?


Let's hear it from Pelosi:

"I can't say that I'm totally pleased with the package, but I do know that it will help stimulate the economy," Pelosi said. "And if it does not, then there will be more to come."

Tee Hee!


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  • Jonathan R. Rees

    Show me the money and stop the talk.

  • Mr. T in DC

    I've thought the same thing for a few days now. My wife is getting sick of me complaining about the language of the "stimulus package", but it just sounds dirty to me!

  • Arthur Delaney

    Staffers insist it's pronounced "BAY-ner," but they're wrong.

  • Jonathan R. Rees

    Staffers insist it’s pronounced “BAY-ner,”. Who cares, just show me the money.

  • his former neighbor

    Don't click on Rees' handle. Virus warning!

    Plus he's a revolting, unethical bigot. With a freaky speech impediment.

  • Bill Scales

    I agree with his former neighbor that Rees does have a speech impediment but that only happens when he is sucking on your mother's pussy boy!

  • Karen Horner

    I went to that blog (Corrupt ones) and clicked on Rees' handle and it just triggered my outlook to pop up with a opportunity to email Rees. So where is the virus?

  • Bill Scales

    There are no viruses associated with Rees' blog but obviously there are some liars out there who get a kick of of spreading falsehoods about others.

    Look at the poor grammar that person above displays. Obviously he went to school with Jethro Clampett.

  • Jonathan Rees

    It is nice to see that - his former neighbor - is back as I was afraid he didn't love me any longer, but I notice he is off his medication again and ranting.