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Redskins Are Off Base

Everybody’s saying the Redskins are about to name ex-Giants coach Jim Fassel to replace Joe Gibbs.

Let's see how the owner's decision is playing among the base. Here is the first page of the thread titled “Message to the Danny” on, the Snyder-owned fan site:

Sarge: If this Fossil thing goes through, you'll get my season tickets back in the mail next month. Book it.

LightenupSandyBaby: F U DAN

chow184: if I had season tickets I'd be selling them right about now.

BadKarma: I dont have season tix but you can count on the fact I wont be going to anymore games if you blow up OUR team for Jim Fassell.

laythalumber2130: I HATE YOU DANNY SNYDER thanks again for nothing

CGSKINS: Give them to me. I'm gone RIDE or DIE with my squad. Skins for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pskins: Dan Snyder, You Are A Jack*$$

Argentina: Thanks for ruining our team. Now I can fully concentrate on the Washington Wizards.
Oh, I forgot, **** you!

REDMAN7: so much for Snyder "learning" from Joe Gibbs

skinfan31: sell now!!! before you do any more damage!

vegeta613's: Dan and Vinny=clowns

DallasSucks19922010: stop being a b**** snyder!

Skins81a: HATE is not a strong enough word on how I feel about you jerk! This team was mine before it was yours!

Several more pages of this same sentiment were entered within the first half hour of the thread's existence. Alas, the "Message to the Danny" thread disappeared from the board — which, again, is owned by Snyder — shortly after these samples were copied.

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  • http://Extremeskins ArmchairRedskin

    The thread didn't disappear, it was merged into a larger thread, all which related to the topic of Dan Snyder possibly hiring Fassel and people's reaction to it.

    The posts in question are on this page:

    Contrary to what you seem to be insinuating here, threads that criticize or even insult Dan Snyder are not deleted. Posts don't just disappear. If a thread topic seems to be missing all of a sudden, look for a larger thread with a similiar topic and the word (merged) in it. This is something that is done by the mods over there to keep redundant threads from littering the page.

    Maybe you should have spent a little time familiarizing yourself with Extremeskins before you cried censorship.

  • WorstSeat

    Good post, Armchair. Seriously, there's not now nor has there ever been much love lost between Danny and the ES membership. The whole board is on fire with anti-Fassel threads right now.

  • Dave McKenna

    you're either naive or dishonest. contrary to your silly claim, threads disappear all the time from extremeskins, as anybody even casually familiar with extremeskins knows.

    i didn't say the moderators' stifling efforts were successful. i just wrote that such efforts exist.

    when i refreshed the web page with the "Message to the Danny" thread, i got a page that was blank except for the following message: "No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the webmaster."

    but, please, don't take my description of what goes on. let's listen to one of your own, a poster named ComebackKing, an extremeskins "member since 2005" according to the site's stats, with hundreds of posts, including this one today about the censorship that goes on on the site, in response to the claim by a moderator that no such acts occur on Snyder's site:

    "[A]ll I know is numerous threads I was attemping to post in [about the coaching situation] magically disappeared."

    you wrote that "threads...are not deleted," though i never said "deleted." i wrote the thread "disappeared," which is very accurate, and very common.

    my first exposure to the disappearing thread came earlier this year when i wrote things here about moderator Art Mills, the former superhero of the site, that he must not have liked, and somebody posted my story on your site

    just as the thread had hit more than 100 responses, it, ummm, disappeared from the main section of the board.

    I later found the thread had been moved to one of the black hole sections of the site. so please, to use your advice, spend "a little time familiarizing yourself with Extremeskins" before repeating your bogusly righteous claims from above. or be more honest.

    but thanks for playing the feud.

  • http://Extremeskins ArmchairRedskin

    "Disappeared" infers that the threads no longer exist. Since threads that are redundant are "MERGED" into a single thread in which to avoid clutter, that claim is false and you're being dishonest with not only yourself, but all 12 of you loyal readers.

    You linked to a post made by ComebackKing in which he said “[A]ll I know is numerous threads I was attemping to post in [about the coaching situation] magically disappeared.”, but mysteriously didn't mention that his question was answered by a mod "21". 21 said "They were either merged or lock as they were duplicate threads. You'd think we'd have some Forum Rules around here or something. Oh wait..... ". This post was only two posts down.

    Nice try, homie, but anybody who clicks your link up there can easily scroll down two posts and see that you're only presenting half-truths here.

    I'm guessing by your condescending tone and the mention of Art that you are somehow still carrying around resentment over an exhange you had with him and are using that as fuel for your agenda against Extremeskins.

    Nonetheless, there is no "black hole" section of ES and any post ever made on that site can be found. I guarantee you if you give me your ES handle I can use the search function and find your posts. Try it if you doubt me.

    Hopefully your readers aren't naive enough to take your word for anything (nor should the take mine), and have enough sense to check things out for themselves over there. The board is not censored, threads don't disappear, they only get merged, and you can deride Dan Snyder or any other member of the Redskins Organization to your heart's content as long as you aren't being profane or trying to bypass the site's profanity filter. We do have some guidelines to go by, just none that discourage free thought.

    I look forward to seeing all 12 of your loyal readers over there in the near future.

  • Dave McKenna


    so, in response to your first comment, which contained an inaccurate assertion that i was wrong to say threads "disappear," i provided a link to a post from your site from TODAY in which one of your very own longtime members said exactly what i said: that he'd seen that several threads had "magically disappeared."

    now, you scoff that i "didn’t mention that [ComebackKing's] question was answered by a mod '21.'"

    What question? The poster didn't ask a question. he told what he saw: threads "magically disappeared." just as i had seen. your argument, to me and this poster, seems to be boiled down to: "Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?"

    put me down for "lying eyes," Armchair...

    as for my "12 loyal readers?" well, other than mom, sis, bro, and art mills, i'm tapped. 12? fab!

    i'll let you get back to stifling the haters on your site. the jim fassel story's a trial balloon, anyway, ain't it?

    but, thanks again for playing the feud.

  • John (JimmiJo) Pappas


    As one of the staff at ES I can tell you and your readers with certainty that you are making assertions without substance.

    For the record I am not a moderator, but rather one of the coverage staff who covers press conferences, games, camps, and the like. As such my role is closer to what you do than what the moderators do for ES.

    ES has always been an open forum with members who both support and oppose the ownership, front office, and the coaches. Our members tend to be vociferous in their beliefs and you will find ALL viewpoints represented. I would encourage any or all of your readers to spend 20 minutes on the board to verify this. On any given day the board is rife with criticism of Mr. Snyder, Vinny Cerrato, and even Coach Gibbs when he was here. Often you will see one of the staff being critical of the organization for a personnel or staff decision. I have written stuff that was less than complimentary of the team's performance.

    That you would so confidently assert that ES staff stifle this sort of discourse is baseless and frankly uninformed. Armchair has given you an accurate explaination of how threads are merged or closed. The site has published rules that cover this sort of thing and members are encouraged to become familiar with these in order to reduce the need for thread closure or merge.

    In almost all cases there is an explaination given in some form or fashion to indication why something was done (e.g. putting Merged in the thread title of a merged thread).

    I appreciate that there is some history between you and one of our moderators. For the record I do my best to stay out of these sorts of things. However I think you are painting an inaccurate portrayal of ES and I wanted to clear this up for your readers.


    John Pappas

  • http://Extremeskins ArmchairRedskin

    Mckenna, you're grasping at some pretty short straws and you didn't address anything I said with any subsatance.

    The poster you quoted claimed he didn't know where some of his posts went and thought that threads disappeared. Although he didn't form a question with his post, it was a query nonetheless. You're being intellectually dishonest by trying to discount that.

    Just because one poster thinks his posts disappear doesn't make it true. The same poster in question later goes on to say he wasn't even aware of all the rules. He said he had no idea of how many of them there were. This is despite the fact that he's been a member since 2005.

    I gave you an opportunity to put your black hole theory to the test and I see you didn't take me up on it. Not suprising, since it would have beared out the fact that you are wrong.

    The fact is, nothing disappears, it just gets merged. You obviously have problems with that simple concept. I'm just here to help you out. Hopefully, once it sinks in, you can come to ES and write me a thank you note.

  • Dave McKenna

    what took you so long? for you to pretend that things don't "disappear" from your site is, again, naive or dishonest. when specific examples are pointed out to you, you claim, "Oh, that! we just merged that!" or "Oh, that! we just moved that!"

    please, stop with the phoniness.

    and your attempt to confuse the issue by saying no threads are "deleted," when nobody used that word, shows how phony your argument is.

    sorry i let you down by not taking you up on the "opportunity" to put my "black hole theory" to the test. that's because there's no test required, Armchair. i saw it with my own lying eyes!

    here's the thread right here:

    the heading was "The Art Mills File," about your own former superhero moderator, Art Mills. it was in the main section, called "Stadium," getting scads of hits and scads of comments, when all of a sudden it, yes, disappeared from the front page, and the whole section.

    i later found it had been relocated to something called "Tailgate."

    how many comments did the thread get after it was shifted from the top forum to "Tailgate," Armchair?

    how many hits, Armchair?

    and before you try to mislead the unfamiliar about why "The Art Mills File" was shifted from the main forum, don't bother: remember, "The Nunyo Files," which was what "The Art Mills File" was about, was never shifted to this, yes, black hole.

    and, did you really call me "homie"?

    but, continued thanks for playing the feud!

  • The Truth

    From the ES rule section
    4. Please post your message in the appropriate forum. Familiarize yourself with each forum description. Please be considerate and respectful to our visitors who frequent particular forums to gain knowledge on particular topics. Resist the temptation to post irrelevant topics on an inappropriate forum to achieve a wider audience. Moderators may move your post if it more relevant to another forum.

    Then when you look at the listings and descriptions of the forum sections it looks like that blackhole called tailgate is the second out of fourteen listed forums. My non lying eyes also see descriptions of each forum. Since you seem to be blinded Dave, here are those for the two forums in question.

    The Stadium
    Enjoy speaking about the Washington Redskins in friendly confines amongst your fellow Skins fans. Hail Skins! See ARCHIVES forums below for threads from 2001-2005

    The Tailgate
    Use this forum to participate in off-topic discussions (politics, entertainment, history, technology, humor, etc.) Please note that some threads may contain material not suitable for viewing at work or around children – view at your own discretion.

    Seems your beef with the Art guy had nothing to do talking about Redskins football, thus it was moved to the number two forum.

    Upon further digging around, it looks like the nunyo files were related to Redskins football and the factual errors by nunyo while covering the Skins.

    Hey here's an idea. Maybe those extreme guys will start The Dave Files to help make you the internet rock star you want to be. Think about it Dave. If you look at the timelines, after the nunyo files he went on to S.I. I'd bet you'd love to get a step up from the WCP and your twelve or so loyal followers.

  • Dave McKenna

    The Truth:
    little late, and boring, and phony, but many thanks to you and other extremeskins toadies for playing the feud!

  • The Truth

    Sorry for the late arrival Davie. I'm just now discovering your greatness in this black hole of the web. How much do you pay Richard Dawson for using his catch phrase?

  • A51

    I was just banned for giving my thoughts on the current state of the skins players. The reason for my ban was wrote: CLueless and tone deaf.....I will be writing a LONG letter to redskins park, showing why my charity support just ended. They wont be happy.