City Desk

Cherkis: Where the Fuck Are You?

Holidays are over. It's a New Year. I need your pitches. City Desks, District Lines, covers, and then some. Get outta bed.

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  • Amanda Hess

    We might as well just start filtering CityDesk posts through here:

  • Ernest

    What the fuck happened to the website? It's not the site the readers used to know last spring or summer. It's altered, redesigned and hard to recognize. How awful.

  • SarahG

    Erik: Leave Jason alone!

    Jason: Don't take any shit, buddy! You're a 5-time AAN award winner, damnit.

    Ernest: Happy New Year!

  • Ernest Everhardt

    SarahG: Such unusual yet lovely name.

  • Peggy

    Ernest has been through much hardtship lately.

  • Ernest

    Oh shucks, Peg.

    Erik: What the f*&^ is all this nonsense? I mean, the CP is quickly becoming quite uninteresting, unreadable, even. I understand about Arlington but stolen helmets, parking tickets, baseball, knitting, fires on the Hill, suicidal people, Gibbs?.. No, really. Is there nothing more interesting to write about?.. No relevant area wide socio-political phenomena (that really matter) to explore?!.. Something. Anything. How about such titles as “The Metro area IT job market usurped by Indians and Chinese!”, “Zionist leanings in Bethesda” or or maybe someone could produce a deeply analytical piece on the recent DC tax scandal viewed as an unfortunate example of a desperayte attempt to catch up with the rampant consumerism of the times by the members of the African- American community? Puleeease, broaden the specter of the discussion to make the paper more interesting!

  • Peggy

    Tell them, Ernest! Tell them the truth!