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Roundup Misses Prostitution Bust

I forgot to mention this item. It was all over the local news last night. A house of prostitution was busted in Glover Park. WTOP reports it here. The Post has a stronger take with actual interviews. Police say the Venus Spa was just a front for a brothel. Money paragraph from the Post:

"As police observed the operation yesterday, the establishment was so busy that investigators had a difficult time getting an appointment, [Detective] Gilkey said."

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  • Jonathan Rees

    Ward 3 DC is the home to a dozen houses of prostitution but only two of them cater to heterosexual men and the other ten cater to the high number of Lesbian and Bi-Sexual women living in Ward 3 and hiding behind a marriage of convenience.

    Where most people know that the DuPont Circle and Logan areas of DC is where overtly Gay and Lesbian people live, Ward 3 is where the higher percentage of bi-sexual and lesbian women live and many live covertly within a marriage of convenience.

    Most of these whore houses go by the business title of Day Spa but outside of what they claim to offer, what really goes on in the back rooms is a different story.

    It is estimated that around 30% of the District’s population is Gay, Lesbian and Bi-Sexual but only 8% openly admit to it and the remaining still hide it.

    The only reason these whore houses continue to exist is because their patrons are white, rich and politically connected.

    DC City Councilwoman Mary Cheh knows of these houses of prostitution but has never made any attempt to shut them down. Why? We will leave that up to your common sense.

  • hisformerneighbor

    Rees - still a complete nutcase.

    The fake stats are always good for laugh though.

  • Old 72 Chevy

    87 percent of Jonathan Rees' statistics are made up.

  • Knucklehead

    Rees stats may be made up. The reality is Prostitution won't go away. In the current and future economy they'll be needed to bring in hard currency (foreign tourism, convention bus etc...).

  • Gerald Ackard

    Wow that is a great point, thanks for pointing that out! I'll be back again soon, I hope to see some more great content in the future from you!