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Another Reason Ketchup Is Better Than Pinjur Sauce


The scene in my boss' office, where he sometimes holds meetings while eating lunch, was familiar to me: On his plate is some sort of high-fiber bread, some sort of unadorned protein (in this case a poached chicken breast), and a big ol' brain-colored pile of ketchup and mustard, which he dips into liberally before taking each bite.

It's kind of gross. I'll try to get it up on YouTube tomorrow.

But, let me dig up the lede here. A fancier condiment could kill you, especially when it's that pinjur sauce stuff from Trader Joe's. There are chunks of glass swimming around in the roasted red peppers ostensibly from Macedonia, folks! If it's in your cupboard, throw it out. The recall was announced this week.

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  • sam

    hmmm I"ve seen a few brains in my line of work. Certainly don't look like catchup and mustard. Go back to highschool AP creative writing!

  • Mike DeBonis AA Partner

    Do you think getting a blow job from Theresa Heinz would be easier of you drenched your pecker with ketchup?

  • Mike Licht

    piquant (adjective): sharp in taste or flavor; pleasantly biting . . . .

  • SarahG

    Where's that YouTube video?!

  • Jule Banville

    That would require effort. And leisure time. And kicking away the tumbleweeds blowing through the lonely, barren office. Here's an entertaining photo, though:

  • Bokica

    Catchup is a garbage ! Only moron can compare it with Pinjur...