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City Paper Hotel?

On an average weekday afternoon, the First Church of Christ, Scientist in Adams Morgan is closed, with locked gates, and a homeless person or two lounges on the building’s steps. In recent years, local real estate investor and developer Brian Friedman has been trying to develop this prime spot just around the corner from 18th Street’s packed bar strip.

Initial plans called for converting the church into condominiums, says Friedman. But after the District’s Historic Preservation Review Board criticized the plans, Friedman completely scrapped the original idea and came up with a brand new vision: a boutique hotel.

If the plans are approved, the hotel would expand south beyond the church’s property into a space that’s now an office building that happens to house Washington City Paper.

The building is owned by the paper’s former owners. (In July, the newspaper was sold to Creative Loafing Inc., which did not buy the building.) “It absolutely shocked me: [a hotel] there in Adams Morgan at Champlain and Euclid—are you kidding me?” says Tom Yoder, a former part-owner of City Paper. “But would I have bet $10,000 10 years ago that there would not be condominiums like there are on Champlain Street? Absolutely.”

Yoder says the company’s board of directors has approved a contract to sell Friedman the building in December 2009. Washington City Paper’s management is currently scouting for a new location.

Editor's note: An earlier version of Ruth Samuelson's story was mistakenly published originally.

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  • Adams Morgan

    Please...this has been common knowledge for while... Mr. Yoder's "shock" is totally canned. Once again, the great journalists of the City Paper have made a mountain out of a molehill...I'm just surprised that this didn't end up as an overly long story in the print edition.

    Maybe if the CP is forced to move to another neighborhood we won't have to hear you all complain about the Subway on 18th Street or the men who supposedly oogle the female reporters on 18th Street or any of the myriad of Adams Morgan-related stories you all publish that really aren't news at all....

  • Jamie

    For the record, the building in question is the First Church of Christ, _Scientist_.

  • Amanda Hess

    But if the City Paper moves, what will "Adams Morgan" complain about?

  • Adams Morgan

    Oh, I'm sure you up-in-coming urban hipster writers that the City Paper employs will find plenty more nonsense to write about that I, along with everyone else, can complain about. Hugs and Kisses "Adams Morgan"

  • Andrew Beaujon


  • Tony Lumpkin

    "Urban hipster?" I thought that was an oxymoron in Washington.

  • Jon

    We'll miss seeing you City Paper guys drinking at Bourbon..