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Breaking News: Mark Gray, host of the Sports Groove on WOL, says that he'll have Leonard Shapiro of the Washington Post on his show tonight at 8:04 p.m.

Gray and guests have spent much of the week tearing into Shapiro for a column he wrote about Sean Taylor's death. The highlight of the tearing-intoage being Washington Times basketball writer John Mitchell reaming Shapiro as both a “racist, conniving skunk” and a “racist, conniving dog of a skunk."

Shapiro says this morning via email that Mitchell's editor at the Times sports section has "apologized profusely" for the WOL outburst and told him that they are "contemplating some sort of disciplinary action against Mitchell."

"I told [the Times] I really didn't want [Mitchell] fired or even suspended," Shapiro says, "but he at least owes me a phone call."

Tonight, on the same airwaves he's been taking a pounding, Shapiro will have a chance to fight back. Kudos to Gray for inviting the whipping boy of the week on the show, and to Shapiro for accepting despite all the hostility.

Should be a great listen, especially if Mitchell shows up to back up his slander.

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  • JoeMorgan

    Let's remember, "racist" is simply a scarlet letter used to harm white Gentiles who act collectively, who organize along racial lines, follow racially defined leaders and discriminate when in their ethnic interests.

    So, Shapiro would be a racist if he is a white Gentile who promotes discrimination that serves white Gentiles.

    If Shapiro is Jewish or nonwhite, he would be encouraged to act collectively, to follow racially defined leaders, to join racially defined organizations and to discriminate when in the interests of his ethnic group.

    When Jews and nonwhites discriminate, they are called Zionists, civil rights activists, fighting for justice, etc..

    When white gentiles engage in the same behavior they are called neo-Nazis and racists, and are equated with images of lynched black people and corpses of Jews from WWII.