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This is Why Blogs Can Suck

The DCist on Sean Taylor's death easily wins this morning's cliche sweepstakes with this:

"Unfortunately, he leaves that life unfinished."

And this:

"So, it's easy to sum up a game, hard to sum up a life. This is as it should be."

Whoppers both.

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  • Jeffrey

    You wouldn't by any chance be singling out this DCist post because it's written by someone who's highly critical of you and your newspaper, would you?

    But of course not. It isn't as though you have a reputation for vindictiveness or for using your newspaper as a vehicle to carry out your grudges or anything.

    Here's another thought: If you don't like someone else's writing, write something better yourself. Washington is waiting.

  • Jason Cherkis

    Your comment implies that I or CP give a shit what a blogger "writes" or "thinks." I just thought his cliches were particularly lame.

    I mean Jeezus, did you even read his piece? Or are you too busy thinking waaaay too much about CP's alleged vindictiveness.

    And one last thing, "Jeffrey,": Get a last name.Pussy.

  • Last Name

    C'mon, where's the self-awareness, guys? Jason, you wrote mean things on a blog about a blogger whose blog posts often criticize your blog posts, and meanwhile you suggest that you don't "give a shit what a blogger 'writes' or 'thinks'." Makes one wonder what you think you're doing with your life.

  • Andrew Beaujon

    Diabolically clever of Cherkis to wait for Taylor to die (hey, maybe he was even involved! Anyone seen him around this weekend? Where's Circumlocutor when there's a real story?), smug in the knowledge that Jason Linkins would write a shitty blog post, then POUNCE!

  • Jason Cherkis

    well you got that breakdown wrong. But oh well. Thanks Last Name!

  • Tony Lumpkin

    When I read the title to this blog post, I immediately thought it referred to this blog itself. I wonder how I formed that opinion.

    Didn't you guys get bought out? Shouldn't you all be on the streets by now? Please. You show what happens when money is wasted on educating stupid people: You're still stupid, only you won't admit it.

  • Ron The Don

    I'm wondering which blogs sucks. Yours or your competitors when it comes to covering stories. If you don't like what you're reading, log on to a different website. I can't stand the immaturity adults display when they are on and off the computer!

  • Arlene Stuff

    I'm always frankly startled that the Washington City Paper, which presumably goes by the same ethics and standards of most newspapers, would allow a writer to comment in such a way.

    Jason, here is how your comments read: Hi. I'm 24 years old and because I have a degree in communications from UVA, I know what I'm doing. I'm a little perturbed that the only job I could get out of college was at the local city paper writing inane blog posts. And even though it was really hard to put that down on my Facebook profile I make up for it with all the pictures I post of me getting wasted with (not really) hot chicks. Also, I have very large testicles.

    And I'm going to guess that you're going to retort back that YOU DON'T HAVE TIME FOR STUPID SOCIAL NETWORKING CRAP. GOD. We think we know you but we don't know shit!

  • rcr

    The only redeeming part of this blog post was Arlene's comment.

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  • Jorge Lima

    Mr. Cherkis,

    Could you please stop ruining the City Paper? Your writing is shit. Your econoculture blog is crap. You are shit. Your are tiny, cock sucking piece of shit. Fuck you.
    Thank you kindly,
    Jorge Lima

  • problemWithCaring

    OMG - you work at City Paper and you are complaining about bad writing and the use of heavy clichés on someone’s blog?? This is farce, right? Hahaha.

    Washington DC City Paper - which I enjoy occasionally- is one of the most poorly written WEEKLIES that I have ever read.

    I cannot believe someone's parents spent $32,ooo on room, board and tution, for four years so you could graduate to pissing contests with people who you claim "you don't give a shit about."

    The youth in America! Hahah. Jason, you're a Douche.

  • Robb McCune

    Jason, your comments calling people "pussy" is unprofessional and juvenile. I guess that is why you can’t get a job at a real paper.

  • mb

    "This Is Why Blogs Can Suck"


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  • Steve Halbrisch

    I've never before used my last name blogging but I'm highly afraid of getting called a pussy. Having worked for a newspaper similar to this caliber on the left coast I can garuntee you one thing: an editor like Eric Wemple dishes kudos out to writers like these based on how inflammatory they can be and how many hits they can get back on their post. No kudos for upright journalism or integrity. They might even have a bet on it at the end of the week, highest hits gets $20. Moral of the story...stop reading and hopefully the new owners in Atlanta will take a hint and clean shop.

  • Blog comment of the year two

    Quoting DCeiver on cherkis's latest cover:

    "Here's the shorter version: My grandma drank too much ginger ale and died. Also some football happened. But I got a GREAT STORY!"

    -and no first or last name here. I'm guessing super pussy?

  • sara.h

    To Blog comment of the year two: do you really feel that you're adding to the dialogue by citing to someone else's tasteless dig at Cherkis' grandmother's death? Honestly, it was bad enough that he put it on his own site - low and disrespectful to HER if not to him - but to cite to it here is just really pathetic. If you have to say something, at least say something original.

  • nicholas

    This would be slightly entertaining if we were reading a blog for a junior high school newspaper. But if it were a middle school paper, someone would put an end to it, explain that manners matter, and there are standards for journalism. Alas, Jason Cherkis' boss is Erik Wemple.

    It is not so much Jason Cherkis calls someone who posted something bad about him a "pussy" or that his development is arrested.

    What would concern any ethical editor is that Cherkis in his original posting was attacking a blogger who had engaged in media criticism of him-- without telling his readers as much. Common sense would tell the guy not to be using the credibility of his newspaper (albeit, a sorry assed one) to settle a personal score.

    But that is what the City Paper has become all about: Cherkis' expose of his landlord, while he was in various legal disputes with his landlord and his fellow tenants--none of which he decided to let his readers in on. Or there was the writer who was a cancer survivor who Cherkis decided to crack some cancer jokes here and there. Ha ha yuk it up the due had cancer. Of the landlord tenant lawyer who Cherkis called fat and ugly and had accused (as reported in his story) of making up quotes.

    Any real editor would put an end to using a publication for such personal ends. But then the editor of the city paper is.. Erik Wemple.

    The same Erik Wemple when his wife is turned down for a full time job at the Washington Post after her work is not found to be too great during a probationary period-- decides to make it his life's mission to be the Post' foremost critic.

    Creative loafing should find the right faculty advisor to some junior high paper and clean up the whole mess.

  • nicholas

    Just when you can't think it gets any worse.. after saying that the writer of the above blog posting, jason cherkis, should be supervised by a junior high faculty advisor, so he doesn't go up and call people "shits" and "pussies", it turns out that one Andrew Beaujon, who posted his comment her, is an editor at the Washington City Paper. Apparently this type of behavior is a o.k. for them.

  • Dominic

    Attn creative loafing: Stick a fork in this paper, can't you see its been done for quite some time??? Oh and nicholas, merry christmas...I'm in awe.

  • marcus

    It is good for the City Paper, to create this chat room for themselves and the rest of us who don't like them.

    I think we should all get a betting pool going as to how long, when, and under what circumstances Creative Loafing sticks a fork in it, and ends the Wemple era.

    I am throwing down my $20 by next March or April.

    Anyone else?

    I think we should throw down some bets on why Wemple, et al. will go.

    Will it be another Cherkis scandal? Will the next person he harass be someone here who boasts comments or will be someone's pet in the park or a child. At least some hapless person on the street perhaps.

    Will it be a Wemple covers up for Cherkis scandal? We have seen enough of those. Cherkis does it again, and Wemple doesn't want to axe the poor guy because it promises once again never to do it again?

    Will Wemple announce that he is going to edit the Twin Cities Tra la la Paper, stay a week, a la the
    Village Voice, resign and announce he is coming back to the City Paper, only to have Creative Loafing tell him, er, the position is filled although we would just LOVE to have you back.

    I predict it will be another Cherkis scandal, and Wemple coverup, and predict Creative Loafing sticks a fork in it by March or April. Jason Cherkis will then be handing out his music reviews on a mimeograph street around Dupont Circle.

    So I've put down my twenty. Any other bets?

    If I am the winner, I promise to take everyone else's money and have a City Paper party to recall this halcyon era. We can read Cherkis I am too cool for everyone else cause I smoke and hang out at the Black Cat even though I am like forty something music reviews. We can read aloud the story by the mysonginist Wemple friend who boasted about sleeping around twentysomethings and how they rudely had their periods. We can read Cherkis' rant about his landlord.

    Good times for all.

    Anyone else to throw down their bet?

  • Eric

    My bet is that is that Cherkis goes in January, and Wemple can't be that far behind.

    Creative loafing just laid a bunch of CP people off. They can get rid of Cherkis by saying it was by attrition, and had nothing to do with his work, which would probably make it easier for them to get rid of him.

    The same with Wemple. He and Creative Loafing could save face by saying that Wemple was standing by his fired writers, his most beloved, Cherkis, and thus has no choice but to go.

    So I'm betting twenty on Cherkis gone in January, and forty for Wemple gone the following whenever.

    As for everyone leaving their last names, and being pussies, according to Cherkis, for not doing so, what is all of 5 feet four of Cherkis going to do to everyone here.

    And isn't that comment offensive to all the women who sign in here? To call them pussies!

    You have the pretext Creative Loafing! Just the normal budget cuts?

    And bring back Jessica Gould; she was o.k. They fired their one good writer.

  • fingerscrossed

    We can only hope, Eric. DC deserves WAY better than this. My highschool newspaper had better writers than Cherkis, and sounder editorial (and ethical) judgment than his boss.

  • Andrew Beaujon

    Sorry, I've been ignoring this post, because I've been too busy covering up scandals for my boss. But I think you guys are geniuses.