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Wizards Win. Wizards Dance Team, Not So Much

It'd been years since I'd seen the Washington Wizards in action. But Saturday night's victory over the Portland Trailblazers confirmed everything I'd read about them. You know, they're better, faster, and flashier than the various versions I'd seen in the pre-9/11 era.

The famed Wizards Dance Team, on the other hand, is looking a bit raggedy. Start with the uniforms, which attempt a cross between the classic Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders' get-ups and Jimmy Chitwood's on-court look. And then the dancing, which isn't nearly as sizzling as in the old days. Perhaps a bit more conditioning will do the trick, as the 'zards' dancers appear to be complying with the nationwide trend toward heftiness. Here's a look at the squad in action:

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  • Adams Morgan

    While I've always thought the whole dancer thing was a bit silly and I am no feminist, you, Mr. Wemple are a pig...

    If you think the Wizards dancers are a bit hefty, you are clearly sniffing the newsprint on which your paper is printed.

  • IMGoph

    wow, it's hard to see in such a small video, but calling those women hefty is damn low. i'm sure you're not the most attractive person in the world either, sir. but calling women out for not being some victoria's secret ideal of're a real pig if you really believe that, and you're a jerk if you're just trying to get a rise out of people.

  • Chad

    You have got to be kidding me.

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  • Matt

    another blogger said that the guy who wrote this piece is hating because good looking women don't look at him. i will second that...

  • NA

    It's interesting that the video isn't even of this year's dance team. You know the team changes every year, right?

  • sarah

    that video is from last season.

  • dc

    team from 2 seasons ago. still hot

  • Wizard Dancer

    I heard about this article last night from a friend so I had to comment.

    I'm on the dance team and want you to know that we do our best to represent the Wizards while staying trim and fit. We do not however, concern ourselves with the crap that men like you think and say. If you want to see "skinny" women go to the Kennedy Center and watch the Washington Ballet. We all have our own idea of beautiful and dont need to place judgment on people that are having a good time and feel great in their own skin....

  • Ronnie

    Hey Erik, serious question... have you EVER gotten laid? Didn't think so.