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Passing Buck


In case you missed the last report, there's a fresh animal sighting in Takoma:

From a post last night:

earlier today, i walked out to the vacant lot behind my house, and to my surprise, saw a deer there – a buck in fact. first time in takoma! the animal looked frightened and not quite sure what to do. i can imagine it wandering around the streets, not sure how to get back to the park from which it no doubt came.

But it wasn't the first time in Takoma, according to a response this morning:

If he was a fairly small buck, three to four feet high, he's probably the one I saw a while ago in the yard next door, about ten feet from my window. That would mean he passed by the houses of lots of folks on this list, possibly strolling down 5th from Dahlia to Van Buren, or more likely through yards and alleys.

Anyway, drive carefully, a Montgomery County Council member was seriously injured when his car and a deer collided and the deer came through the window.

It's true.

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  • Jule Banville

    Several weeks back, a motorist hit a buck in frot of the Belgian conulate on Wisconsin Ave., it basically disemboweled the animal. Its entrails were in one place and the carcass was several feet away. Who's hungry?