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The Skinny on the “Taxi Strike”

Just in case you were curious about the rhetoric emanating from certain elements of the taxi-driving community, here's a flyer circulated by the Taxicab Industry Group, one of several such groups out there. (Click to zoom.)

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  • sara.h

    this morning on NPR I heard this story:

    Authorities Warn Drivers to Stay Sober on Halloween
    October 29, 2007 - Despite it's deserved reputation as one of the most festive holidays around, Halloween is also one of the deadliest. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says nationally, drunk drivers kill more than three times as many people during Halloween than on New Year’s Eve. AAA Mid-Atlantic Spokesman John Townsend says this year's date is even more dangerous. He says that more than one half of all traffic fatalities on Halloween are alcohol-related.



    isn't that just irresponsible?

  • scott

    i agree, it is incredibly irresponsible. if the taxi drivers have so much time available to urge fenty to reconsider, then they have enough time to hold the strike on another high-impact day. (i would think that any friday would be enough to seriously disrupt people's plans and call attention to their cause.) i certainly wouldn't want to be out on the roads wednesday night.

  • Jeffrey


  • Adams Morgan

    Taxi rides are also supposed to be free on Halloween (if you call for, instead of hail a cab). Should be interesting to see how this plays out.

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  • PH

    To all -

    After being read the riot act by my taxi driver tonight as I attempted to pay ("it will be $11.50 when meters come in, it is $6.50 now..."), I'm convinced of a more covert and effective action. As others have complained, normal people take cabs out of necessary convenience (running late) and necessary incapacity (enjoying yourself while out). If these stiff $4 minimums and inhumane strikes come to play, go for a new tack:

    Don't tip them!

    This is not coming from some tawdy elitist type. I make my living off the tipping industry, and have tipped cabs very well in the past. But like us all, I've been charged $10 to go 12 blocks before. If the compromise between the corrupt system and reality is for Fenty to buckle a bit and ask for $4 minimums, .25 per 1/6mile (much unlike NY, the capitalist city), so be it.

    Let capitalism take its effect, if the cabs are such big champions of fairness. Pay them their price for cabs. And not a cent more.