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WPA\C Will Separate From Corcoran

For the last 11 years, the Washington Project for the Arts has operated under the umbrella of the Corcoran Gallery of Art. That will no longer be the case as of the end of 2007.

The WPA and Corcoran announced their split in a press release. "The success and strength of the WPA\C today is due in large part the support and guidance provided by the Corcoran over the past 10 years. Today the WPA\C is on strong footing and has gained a reputation as a vibrant, dynamic, and authentic leader in contemporary arts in the greater D.C. area. Our efforts will only grow stronger in our new position as an independent organization," WPA\C advisory board chair Jennifer Motruk Loy said in the release.

The WPA has maintained a base of operations at the Corcoran, but it plans to relocate to new offices in Dupont Circle. "We are excited at the prospect of being back in the community of artists and audiences that we've worked so hard to develop," WPA director Kim Ward said in the release.

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  • Mike DeBonis

    Copy editors across the District rejoice: The end of that infernal fucking backslash.

  • Mike Licht

    Ten years of backslash should have restored some edge to WPA. Let's hope so.

  • Lenny Campello

    Re: Comment one from Mike DeBonis: That was the funniest and truest comment that I have read in years!


    Lenny The Scribe

  • Joe Dempsey

    A backslash backlash?

  • James W. Bailey

    If eliminating the blackslash means eliminating any future Philip Barlow-type blowback from the Corcoran Gallery of Art with respect to interferring in the actions of the WPA, then I say good riddance backslash. Kim Ward has done a fantastic job of rebuilding the reputation of the WPA since the unfortunate firing of Philip Barlow and the Gehry-addition-meltdown departure of David Levy.

  • Sommer Mathis

    Hear, hear for the end of the backslash!