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Things We Love: Atlanta!

In the spirit of the great Very Little Known Facts, it's my pleasure to educate my coworkers about Atlanta, home to not only our new owners but also Elton John!

  • Atlanta has its own baseball team, which was acquired in a trade from Boston in 1994. The team is known as the Briefs (named for the number of lawyers who wear cardigans tied around their necks in the stands) and stands a very good chance of being promoted to the big leagues in the next few years.
  • All the real estate in Atlanta is leased to its residents by Erik Turner, who played guitar in Warrant and also owns Ted's Montana Grill—which, along with Chick-fil-A, is the only restaurant legally allowed in the city limits (anything goes in nearby Decatur, however).
  • Atlantans consume more ketchup per capita than any other town in America. Confusingly, they call it "mustard." Make sure to keep that in mind when ordering a hot dog in the "Big A" (the city's official nickname).
  • 94 miles separate Terminal A from Terminal E in Atlanta airport. Fortunately, this distance is bridged by teleporters.
  • Unlike here in D.C., spitting on the sidewalk, assaulting people on Segways, and having no idea who Jeff Gordon is are all crimes in Atlanta.
  • Jeff Foxworthy sells more copies of his "You Might Be a Redneck" greeting cards in nearby Buckhead, Ga., than in any other town in the United States.
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  • Cherkis

    There's also some really good coffee shops and record stores in Atlanta!

  • sad day

    hope you all like moving there, too.

  • SarahG

    Omigod--just the other day I was saying, "Who the fuck is this Jeff Gordon and why is he all up in my Us Weekly?" Guess I shouldn't move to Atlanta anytime soon.

  • Stone

    Coffee shops and record stores in Atlanta > Coffee shops and record stores in DC

  • Cherkis

    I thought the city's nickname was "Hotlanta" and/or "The City Too Busy to Hate."

  • SarahG

    Can you add "Birthplace of Usher" to this list? Thanks!!

  • JW

    1997: Freaknik.

    2007: "There’s also some really good coffee shops and record stores in Atlanta!"

  • Jonathan R. Rees

    I have an apartment in Buckhead over on Peachtree Road NE.

  • Jonathan R. Rees


    You forgot to mention one of Atlanta's better know boxing coaches Asa Gordon who is now dead trained many a boxer or kick boxer from the 1970's to 1990's.

  • Carrie the Red

    I understand there were also some great race riots back in 1906 that should make former DCites feel at home. And, oh goody, Rees has a place there, too!

    Seriously, you guys, this blows. I know Atlanta could use your talents, but whatever. Sucks ass. Crossing my fingers and thinking good thoughts for all of you. I know this shit is happening everywhere, but I can't believe it's happened to CP.

  • Leitko

    I believe it is also known as Hotlanta!

  • Mike Licht

    Atlanta and DC are so alike.

    Little Five Points is like Adams Morgan, but with even less parking.

    DC has the Smithsonian and NGA; Atlanta has the Coca Cola Museum. That film where they Teach The World To Sing always makes me cry.

    And Jim Graham wants those Atlanta Underground folks to check out the Dupont Circle streetcar tunnel.

  • Matthew Borlik

    Let's go, uh...Thrashers?

  • Ernest

    At least they didn't sell you to the effiing China. You should be glad of that.

  • Cherkis

    Atlanta also has real lofts not fake lofts. And they have a hardcore scene (still). ...And MF Doom is/was living there.

  • Andrew Beaujon

    Stop sucking up to the new owners, Jason.

  • joe

    I'd prefer China.

  • rent

    Hey, at least the rent's waaaay cheaper in Atlanta...

  • good cherkis

    pack your bags cherkis.


  • Mr. T in DC

    Please please please keep the staples in the middle of the paper! My neighborhood is so much cleaner without loose CP pages blowing around.

  • Syd

    Ouch, is this suppose to be this harsh towards our neighbor to the South? Atlanta is wonderful .. and the CP isnt MOVING to Atlanta .. in fact, not that many people from Atlanta will be moving to the CP it sounds like. Dont worry, DC .. the ATLiens wont invade... but Creative Loafing is a wonderful paper, so maybe it wouldnt be the worst thing if they did.

  • Sam

    Fighting words from DC. Is it possible that Creative Loafing could, in fact, help CP?

    Bashing Atlanta isn't helping the situation. Plus, for those of you who have never stepped outside DC, Atlanta is a great city. With, apparently, a great paper.

  • fidel

    Also note that Glebe Road extends all the way to Atlanta, where the locals call it "Peachtree St."

  • Joe

    You're right Sam, the AJC is a great paper.

  • Swindon Branch

    Shelter from the mainstream?

  • Jules

    It's wonderful that many of you are focusing on completely immaterial things instead broadening your horizons and seeing what Atlanta has to offer. It’s a great city (with a great independent paper!) with a fresh perspective to offer DC that will only compliment, not replace, your current opinions, views, and ideals. Way to be open, DC.

  • britt bergman

    the ajc is a poorly organized paper.
    try and read it online-go ahead-i dare you!
    but just remember to register at least 50 times, and then i still dare you.