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Miracle of Science: Soy Creamer

I'm sure to get labeled a hippie/hipster forever for this, but I must report that the Sticky Fingers Bakery on Park Road has Silk-brand soy creamer.

This stuff, by some miracle of chemical engineering, makes the addition of soy milk to hot coffee completely undisgusting. Unadulterated soy milk produces a thoroughly nasty effect when poured into a hot beverage. It separates, gets a little talc-ish, and tastes curdled. Soy creamer solves this problem through the miracle of science.

By the way, I'm not a vegan. Just lactose intolerant. But I do also approve of the tasty vegan sweets at Sticky Fingers. These are made, I imagine, not through any sort of chemical wizardry but instead by substituting banana and various protein powders for butter and milk and eggs.

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  • Carrie the Red

    Amen, Valdez ... I work at an organization that now serves only vegan food, and every conference we have, they serve plain soy milk with the morning coffee. You'd think an army of vegans would have figured out the creamer thing, especially since part of the reason for serving this food is to persuade conference attendees that veganism is doable, reasonable, and even tasty. But every time I watch soymilk separate, solidify and sink in my coffee, it makes me want to go out and eat a cow.

  • Mary

    Well please don't do that, Carrie, but right you are about Silk creamer, coffe and conferences - and about how great vegan food can be. (I've been saying the very same thing for years.) For those who don't already know this, Sticky Fingers is a great place to begin finding out!!

    Silk creamer is marvelous, my one addiction. It's just a pity that more supermarkets don't carry it.

  • Eric

    I'm going to a conference tomorrow, and I'm sure they won't have creamer, either. I should pick some up on the way down to stash in my room fridge... Thanks for the reminder!

  • Eric

    PS - Sticky Fingers is amazing, and I doubt they use powders and such. You can get delicious vegan margarine (Earth Balance), you can use soy milk instead of cow's milk... In fact, take a look at Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, and you will be astonished. Those cupcakes are amazing, and no magical powder is required.

  • HisFormerNeighbor

    So Angela just discovered Soy Creamer.

    Wow. Exciting.

  • Grank

    Check out for local grocery stores that carry soy creamer, as well as all the fantastic restaurants that have amazing vegan food!

  • Angela Valdez

    I didn't just discover it -- I discovered a coffee shop that actually carries it!

  • Ernest

    Congratulations, Angela. Your discovery is nothing short of amazing. I wonder if they take Discover over there. New topic?

  • hisformerneighbor

    Oh. Then fTorgive me if the excruciatingly dull minutiae of supe-self-involved CP cub reporters fails to mesmerize.

  • Edumacational

    What I learned from this post:

    There is soy creamer at Sticky Fingers

    Soy milk is butt-nasty in coffee

    Vegans are driven to the point of orgasm by the mere mention of soy