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UDC Still Has Really Nice Bathrooms

Today's Washington Post story on "the latest chapter in the troubled history of UDC" nailed the university for its past accreditation problems, its failure to modernize its campus, and its inability to raise funds. And this: "The school's main plaza floods every time it rains, with water seeping into the underground parking garage, where whole sections are crumbling, school officials said."

But there's at least one thing going right at UDC, facilities-wise: Restrooms fit for the Queen.

That's on the second floor of Building 39 on the Van Ness Campus, in case you're curious.

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  • The Lavatory Lady

    Wow!! How did I of all people miss this article!!? I'll have to check it out, but it looks pretty nice from the picture.


  • Kenya

    I have seen this restroom and as a matter of fact recognized it immediately from the photo. The very foundation of the school (structurally and educationally) is crumbling and they would rather spend money doing luxury remodels of the restrooms. I guess if it's going down the toilet it might as well be a luxurious toilet.

    BTW, this bathroom was a normal raunchy restroom 10 years ago when I attended.

  • Caramel_MIMI

    It does look nice. Believe it or not UDC has approved a lot academically. I think if they were funded better like most state schools they wouldn't have this problem. Most people in this area look down on UDC but I don’t. A degree is a degree to me no matter where you go to school at. So more power to UDC I am not ashamed.