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“Zany Delaney” Returns Fire

In his March 23 "What They Didn't Tell You Today" blog entry on the National Rifle Association's Web site, NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre said:

Nobody cares about the opinions of Southeast Washington single mothers on defending their families against drug dealers and crack addicts. No, instead we're treated to elitist opinions from people who live in high-rise apartment buildings with 24-hour security....Take the latest from Arthur Delaney...

And then LaPierre excerpted part of my March 20 column in The Hill, which was about how Capitol Hill resident Gary Peterson managed to defend himself from an armed intruder with a frying pan. LaPierre omitted the bit indicating Hillscape's agnosticism on whether the District's strict gun-ban works to prevent crime, the better to mock "Zany Delaney" for suggesting that all we need to be safe is "the right to keep and bear pans."

Well, maybe I'm not the man of the people that an executive from a massive lobbyist organization would like, but I don't live in a high-rise with 24-hour security, and you can't say I don't care about the opinions of Southeast Washington single mothers, considering that my very own mother is one of them!

So go back to France, LaPierre.

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  • anon

    Do you think it would have helped his case if he'd mentioned the attacker's grandmother had been called to the scene, and had successfully talked him into surrender? I mean, not every attacker has a living grandmother...

  • Delaney

    You mean Delaney's case? Maybe if grandma, too, hit the boy with a frying pan. Then yes.