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Cobb Re-Signs

Ward 6 D.C. Council candidate Will Cobb will get a do-over on his nominating-petition screw-up after all.

Cobb was running an aggressive race for the Democratic nomination before he failed to deliver his nominating petitions by the July 5 deadline. On Monday, the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics denied Cobb's appeal of its decision to reject his petitions, which arrived at the office about an hour late.

Now Cobb is out collecting signatures again, this time to run as an independent in the Nov. 7 general election. (Note to Cobb: The deadline for petition signatures for independent candidates is Aug. 30 at 5 p.m.) The odds aren't in his favor: Democrats outnumber all other parties in the ward by an almost three-to-one margin.

By running as an independent, Cobb is returning to his roots. He first registered as an independent when he moved to the city three years ago; he changed his registration to the big “D” in March.

Switching back means that Cobb must undertake a ward-wide beautification project: Red-white-and-blue signs already up across Ward 6 identify him as a Democrat. His low-tech solution to this problem could mean a big windfall for local hardware stores.

“You will be seeing an amazing amount of white duct tape around the ward,” Cobb says.

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  • Anonymous

    White duct tape? Classy, very classy. Republican to Independent to Democrat to Independent. If at first you don't succeed...

  • Anonymous

    The bigger questions is, does he have a real chance of winning despite the flip flopping?

  • Simon Says

    Bill Rice, a candidate for ward 3 city council has mailed out a postcard that merelt says that only he can fix our schools!

    Wow, a few years ago the chain on his bike came off and a courier had to help put it back on for him.

    Rice, Cobb and what is the next joke?

  • Anonymous

    Jonathan Rees, another Ward 3 candidate, left a piece of paper on my car windshield that says he has 20 years MORE experience than any of his political rivals.

    I went to his website, but there is no mention of his job experience or employment history. He mentions some companies he has worked for. I couldn't find anything about what he did for those companies. I went to the one he say he works for now, Institutional Dental Care, but their website looks like it was designed by a fourth grader, and there is no mention of the candidate.

    I guess he gets tossed into the bin with Bill Rice.

  • Anonymous

    I menat to also say that I would guess Robert Gordon, among others would laugh at Rees's claims on professional and management background.

  • Anonymous

    Well if harassing private citizens, internet trolling, fabrication and filing frivolous lawsuits counts as "experience", than Rees's claim is certainly legitimate. ;-)