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“Jack PAC” Audit Report Released

Read the OCF's Jack PAC audit report (PDF format, 816KB)

The D.C. Office of Campaign Finance (OCF) has issued its final audit of Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans’ political action committee, indicating that Evans did not violate any city campaign laws.

But the report also recommended that Evans repay $6,772.72 to the PAC, which he has done. Evans was reimbursed by the PAC in that amount for expenses Evans incurred during a 2004 city-sponsored trip to China. Those expenses covered travel and lodging for Evans friend Marsha Ralls, who joined him on the trip.

The payment was requested by the OCF as part of an extensive audit of his PAC—once called “The Jack PAC,” later renamed “The D.C. Fund.” The PAC, which was officially formed to advance Evans’ political agenda, was used to pay for tickets to sporting events, travel expenses, and for contributions to groups he supports. Contributors to the PAC included lobbyists, developers, and companies with interests before the D.C. Council.

The campaign-finance office began to scrutinize the PAC after it was revealed that Evans personally wrote checks out of its bank account. The reimbursement for the China trip also raised eyebrows. Evans has previously said that he requested the audit of the account and has fully cooperated with OCF staff.

In the course of the audit, OCF discovered that Evans had created another $82,500 account, “Friends of D.C.,” to pay for polling and political consulting, according to the report.

[ADDENDUM, 6:27 P.M.: A few of the line items from Evans’ April 3 disclosure of his Friends of D.C. contributions and expenditures:

  • $15,000 from Douglas Development Corp., a real-estate development firm controlled by Douglas Jemal, who has been indicted on charges that he bribed a District contracting official. Jemal has pleaded not guilty.
  • A total of $11,750 from D.C. Legal PAC and employees or family of plaintiff's attorney Jack Olender.
  • $10,000 from companies associated with Stephen A. Goldberg, a developer and philanthropist who contributed $60,000 to create the Think D.C. PAC.]

Evans was contemplating a run for mayor in 2005, but the report says Evans’ representatives contend that “this account was opened only for the purposes of a poll to determine the standing of Councilmember Jack Evans in the 2006 calendar year elections, and not as an exploratory committee for office.”

By law, Evans is not required to report that fund's contributions or expenditures. Temporary legislation passed by the council calling for reporting of exploratory committee reports did not include any enforcement provisions.

[ADDENDUM, 6:27 P.M.: Evans says he has no plans to challenge the report or create another PAC. “After an extensive review by the Office of Campaign finance, the audit report concluded that the Jack PAC was in compliance with the law,” he says.]

OCF General Counsel Kathy Williams says because the committee and Evans agreed to provide all the information requested and repaid the China trip expenses, the matter is closed. “The fact that they've terminated the PAC has a lot to do with the resolution,” she says.

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  • Anonymous

    Remember: Rees has no problem telling really big lies, and then when he's caught, he just repeats those. That's what he did with USA and Rees v. Daro Reality. Despite the fact that it was easy to look it up, and numerous people have, Rees continues to push his brand of reality.

    And of course, this isn't the first time he's done that. Google "Thelma Roque" and you'll uncover more Rees lies.

    If you want to know more about the kind of person you're dealing with when it comes to Jonathan Rees start here:

  • Anonymous

    One of the (at least) 22 law suits involves Rees ex-wife -- somebody who he's lied about in other forums.

    I think that is a good starting point.

  • Lucifer

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Hugh Hallberg []
    Sent: Saturday, April 15, 2006 7:27 PM
    Subject: Ref

    I have forwarded your comments over to Mr. Rees so he will know that an official of GLAA has spoken ill of him.

    For your enlightenment, all of the internet bickering taking place was between Mr. Brooks and his friends came from Mr. Rivera and me.

    Mr. Rees had no role in it despite efforts by Mr. Brooks to make others think it was. Yet even you were fooled by Mr. Brooks and his crew.

    If you are at the next Ward 3 debates, you will get to meet Mr. Rivera, myself and others who detest Mr. Brooks for all of his lies and rottenness and we will demand answers from him in that public forum.

    I am the person behind pushing the Feds to investigate Mr. Brooks and his campaign manager.

    If you have noticed on Mr. Rees' website that he has taken away all mention of any support for the GLBT community. I wonder why? Maybe it is because our
    people have been fucking with him wrongfully.

    I want you as an official of GLAA to unequivocally say in writing that you:

    Will deny that retire U.S. Congressman Jack Quinn is not anti-GLBT?

    Will deny that Sam Brooks accepted $10,000 from Jack Quinn and his staff of prejudice people against us in the GLBT community.

    Will deny that Sam Brooks has lied about his employment history.

    That Sam Brooks did not knowingly violate the Hatch Act in conjunction with his campaign manager.

    A lot of my gay and lesbian friends are not blind to this kid and what he is doing and like a few years ago, we were not impressed with him and we are
    not impressed with him now as he is an opportunist who will say anything to get a vote.

    I have spoken my peace.

  • Rebecca

    I sort of suspected this was a war between rival interests than between the candidates but what I do not understand is, why are gay people fighting each other when the number of gay people in ward 3 is the lowest in any ward and they will have little or no impact on that race?

    This whole fight seems so stupid to me and over what?

    Nothing will be gained by it.

  • nelson muntz

    Ha ha!

  • All Gays Are Sinners

    Homosexuality is an illicit lust forbidden by God. He said to His people Israel, "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination" (Leviticus 18:22). "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them" (Leviticus 20:13). In these passages homosexuality is condemned as a prime example of sin, a sexual perversion. The Christian can neither alter God's viewpoint nor depart from it.

  • Rebecca

    Wow that is all we need is a preacher if fanatics on both sides of the coin is not bad enough.

  • Anonymous

    Leviticus also decries eating shellfish and advocates the murder of cheating wives.

    Take it all or leave it all, Preachy McPreacherson.

  • Rebecca

    I love shellfish. Does that mean I am dead meat?

  • Rebecca

    For the record people, I did see Rees today coming out of the Glover Park hardware store with a woman. She was short, thin and had long brown hair.

  • Lucifer

    I am amazed how naive all of you are that I could fool every one of you to believing I was somebody else and every one of you fell for it.

    This says a lot.

    Hopefully all of you will be at that next ward 3 city council debate in June so I can meet all of you or is it just Sam Brooks so you can see Mr Rivera and I drill a new asshole into Mr. Brooks when we confront him before the audience with all his lies and ask that ultimate question why he has sold out the gay community.

    Be there good people so you can see us face to face.

  • Anonymous

    I don't think anyone has fallen for anything.

  • Anonymous

    From Rees's Blog--I think someone is very confused. I can't wait to verify this with GLAA on Monday:


    To day I made my position very clear to Vice President for Political Affairs Richard J. Rosendall of the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance( GLAA) of Washington, DC that while I support glbt rights, same sex marriage; they are on the bottom of my list of concerns or things that I would promote and/or act upon.

    Other things like lower income taxes, property taxes, the restructuring of our government, education, health care, the homeless, jobs and our elderly come before all else.

  • Anonymous

    Richard Rosendall actually posted a message on Rees' blog.

  • Anonymous


  • Larry Hays & Eugene Law

    As a 67 year old man who has lived with the same man for 30 years and an educator, I would say to all who have posted here that Jonathan Rees may in fact be the best friend and ally the glbt community has or could have if he gets on our council.

    Too many of you have rushed to judgment against him, riduculed him and yet never really took the time to know all the good works he has done for us.

    I would strongly advise my brothers to stop the attacks and look honestly at this man as he did not lie about his role in that case of USA v. Daro as I use to live at Cathedral Court Apartments where this mess errupted and my neighbor was the well know DC Superior Court judge Thomas Gaye who finally moved from DC and we all know the rotten things Daro did to glbt people wanting to rent from them.

    Again I ask, know the real Jonathan Rees and not the falsehoods some are passing off.

  • Anonymous

    OK so please let me know where you see a court citation for "Rees & USA v Daro" as our esteemed candidate has claimed?

    There is NO record of it and infact, the candidates own words would contradict the statements by virtue of claiming to be a paralegal on the case (which would be impossible if he were a named litigant).

    So are you writing this as Eugene or Larry?

  • Anonymous

    No. The United States and Rees v. Daro Reality case doesn't exist. Here are the cases that Rees cited, but which he made up:

    USA & Rees v. Daro Realty, Inc. & Byron Christiansen
    United States District Court, District of Columbia
    Case# 1:90-CV-02150 & 1:90-CV-02150
    Hon. Norma Holloway Johnson

    United States of America & Jonathan R. Rees
    Daro Realty, Inc. & Byron Christiansen
    US District Court, DDC
    Case No. 90-CV-1798(NHJ)

    Notice that Rees has posted two different citations in support of his made up claim. I guess he couldn't decide which looked less fake.

    Does Jonathan Rees think that anyone believes him? Any real people, that is.

  • Larry D. Hays

    All you have to do is go up to the Cathedral Court Apartments and ask most any of its residents about the civil rights case that was brought against them by the US Dept of Justice and most today remember it.

    If you would take the time to go down to the U.S. District Court and examine the USA's filings you will see where the USA asked the court to consolidate Rees' claims with their's and dismiss Rees' orginal case.

    All of you are just looking at limited online matters but you have to go down an look at the actual case files to see the role Rees played.

    Call to Daro Realty and ask them how you can get in touch with the manager Robert Richardson and then call him and ask him what role Rees played in that case and Richardson will tell you it was Rees' role that resulted in him becoming a resident manager.

    You are all being unfair to Rees as he did do what he claims

  • Anonymous

    You're grasping at straws, Rees. How desperate you must be.

    Do you really think anyone buys the idea of asking residents of an apartment building about a case you supposedly were involved with some 16 years ago would yield anything factual? That's got to be the silliest "proof" anyone has ever put forth.

    Let's recap: You posted two different case numbers for USA and Rees v. Daro Reality (and now you claim that these cases were consolidate); you claim to have been a paralegal while a plaintiff in the same case; you said that your evidence was so strong that the Department of Justice decided to sue within three days of viewing that evidence; you said you participated in a sting against Daro Reality. What a fantasy.

    You can post and post and post but that won't do anything to alter the simple fact that you fabricated USA and Rees v. Daro Reality. The facts don't lie, but you do.

  • Anonymous

    I thought that allmight like to know that Fred Vinson who runs the Yahoo Tenleytown List Server, Nelson Jacobsen who runs the Yahoo Glover Park List Server and Bill Adler who runs the Yahoo Cleveland Park List Server have all made political contributions to "Erik Gaull" and are encourgaing others to do the same and vote for him and are using their group room membership list to do such.

    All of these guys are also telling people not to vote for Sam Brooks because of the fact that he is reported as having sold out the gay community by accepting political contributions from that anti gay ex-congressman Quinn and the public record strongly supports that fact.

    All of these list server owners are sending emails to people to support Erik Gaull.

  • Anonymous

    Didn't Erik Guall when he ran for Ward 3 City Council last time engage in some very ugly politicking where he tore down political posters belonging to Kathy Patters? Didn't he send out a letter to all voters the last week before the primary falsely accusing Kathy Patterson of wrong doing? Didn't he lie to us that Mayor Williams endorsed him and Mayor Williams rebuked him?

    Didn't the Washington Post call Erik Gaull a GADFLY?

  • Anonymous

    Aw jeez, just when ya thought Rivera-Rees was fresh outta crazy....
    I guess there's a bigger warehouse than we thought ;-)

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if any of this will make it back to the three people named. That would be a hoot. Even funnier, when Gaull's first financial report shows that the above is a lie (big surprise).

  • Anonymous

    I hate to crash this party but when you all do check out the next campaign finance filings by the candidates you will find that at least Fred Vinson did give money to Erik Gaull, he did attend Mary Cheh's kick-off and he is helping with the Gaull kick-off. All of this is no secret.

    Only Wiss is unhappy that her fellow residents of Tenleytown are not behind her as she thought they would be.

    Keep your ears to the ground and you might know more than you want others to believe.

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