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Washington Times Scare Quote Watch

On Page 1 of today's Times, “amnesty” once again gets quoted up, after a couple of instances last week where the copy desk let the word get away quote-free. But only in the headline: “amnesty” gets to relax in the body text, plus in a cutline and a graphics box.

Meanwhile, in Metropolitan, behold the latest Times scare-quote fodder: D.C. “statehood.”

The hed on Amy Doolittle's story today about congressional opposition to the District's statehood-education spending gets the treatment; her story yesterday on A1 disclosing the spending left “statehood” alone. A Nexis search of articles from the past year turns up no previous instances of “ ‘statehood.’” Or, for that matter, “D.C. ‘voting rights.’”

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  • Kriston

    The most prominent example of pinky trigger-happiness at the Times occurs in reference to gay marriage (gay "marriage"). Agreed that it reflects poorly on the "editors" at the paper.

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