Visual Arts Archive

At Artisphere, Live Silkworms Spin Sculpture and Mate as Performance Art

So vital is their quest to domesticate that they won’t eat until the mating is accomplished.

A New Pop-Up Space for Artists of Color, Quota, Opens Tonight

"In this show, we’re the majority."

Two Takes on the Berlin Wall at the Goethe-Institut

Photos of today's population-dividing walls render Berlin's history in the present tense.

Instagram, But For Dead Pigeons

Photograph the crumbling Franklin School building, and you could get a show at the forthcoming Institute for Contemporary Expression.

“Some Uses of Photography”: A Too-Modest Title for a Mesmerizing Exhibit

A photo series tracks an innocence toddler through sullen college age.

Esther Hidalgo Takes Vintage Photographs of D.C. Urban Decay

“Many of the structures and locations in my works—areas that were so familiar to me—have radically changed or no longer exist.”

Piece of Work: Alma Thomas’ “Untitled” at Hemphill Fine Arts

Thomas stapled and taped the strips of paper into position reminding the viewer that it’s okay to rip things up and reassemble later.

Gauzy, Haunting Platinum Photos at the National Gallery of Art

One turn-of-the-century photographer made a painting-like portrait by applying developing solution to the photo paper with a brush.

Photographic Dispatches From Bolivia to Anacostia at Carroll Square Gallery

Portraits of day laborers in La Paz, jazz musicians, and one pink-shirted youngster

The Potter’s House Mural Has Been Painted Over

Petitions and protests in support of the rainbow candle mural weren't enough to save it from being extinguished.