Visual Arts Archive

Project 4 Gallery Closes on U Street

After eight years, the formidable space at 14th & U will shutter.

Connersmith Launches a New Gallery Space in Shaw

Nearly a year after selling its Trinidad space, the gallery bought a property at 10th & O streets NW.

At PhotoWorks, Documentary Photos Smash the Divide Between Tradition and Modernity

Sometimes, photography exhibits are notable for a small number of images that stand above the rest. And sometimes they're notable for offering a steady, coherent series. The seventh annual “Mirror to the World” exhibition of documentary photography at Glen Echo’s PhotoWorks falls into the latter category. (Disclosure: The curator, Frank Van Riper, photographed my wedding.)
David [...]

“Good” Hair? In Photos, Nakeya Brown Exposes Racist Beauty Standards

Images of weaves hanging out to dry on a clothesline and women eating hair reveal black women's complicated relationship with hair.

New Artist Studios Open at Otis Street Arts Project in Mount Rainier

Sean Hennessey and David Mordini found the industrial, noisy, dusty space they were looking for.

Piece of Work: Chris Suspect’s “Backstage, Ottobar, Baltimore, MD”

Suspect’s style—high-contrast black-and-white images—recalls the look and feel of the hardcore scene’s rise in the 1980s.

Make Your Own Pinhole Camera for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Step 1: Cut a hole in the box.

Clever Photos of New York City Pedestrians and MoMA-Goers at Touchstone Gallery

Images from local artist Michael A. Lang are relaxed and often inspired.

The World’s Largest Collection of Handcrafted Harmonica Cases is in Mount Pleasant

Bob Hoffman owns 500 custom-made cases from artists around the world.

Maryland’s Ronnie Joyner May be America’s Last Sports Cartoonist

His illustrations of baseball history are old-school as they come, and the drawing materials he uses are getting harder to find.