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Mingering Mike Accepts Council Honors in Spider-Man Costume

At this morning's D.C. Council legislative meeting, At-Large Councilmember Anita Bonds recognized D.C. outsider artist Mingering Mike for his contributions to art in the District. The Mingering Mike Ceremonial Recognition Resolution of 2013 will go into effect immediately.

The outsider artist, known for his hand-painted album sleeves and most recently, his series of D.C. councilmember portraits, turned up to receive his honors in an adult-sized Spider-Man costume. As Bonds spoke in a fairly general way about Mingering Mike's place in local art, a gaggle of councilmembers looked on, grinning.

Handed the microphone, Mingering Mike had only this to say: "We do need art and music in our lives, so please contribute as much as you can to art and music. Put us on the map again like Chuck Brown did. Thank you."

Mike's work is slated to appear in the Smithsonian's American Art Museum in 2015.

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  • Barrie Daneker

    Mike needs some cheerios to loose a bit of that tire! Go Mike Go mike!

  • johnson lee

    As usual he makes it about something other than himself. Hero.