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Vitamin AOM: Valeria Caflisch’s Evidence

In which our art critics highlight their favorite works on view at Artomatic

Valeria Caflisch seems to have two things going within her work on the seventh floor. The first is a classically trained approach to representational painting that is, if nothing else, Baroque: dark, and highly varnished. These works are appealing, and starkly contrast the evidence of her process that she's hung on the walls. There, we find the subjects of her paintings (ice cream scoop, whisk, garlic press) and an example of its use, of what it can produce or reduce. The ice cream scoop carves away foam, a cheese grater reduces a piece of wax. Each process is displayed in steps that are methodically designed, and their physical presence is more intriguing than a photo of the tool in use. It's a clever reintroduction to these otherwise common objects.

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  • Valeria

    Hi John, thanks for mentioning my work in your blog. I m currently travelling in the Navajo reserve in arizona and found your article only today. Having started to paint onlytwo years ago I consider beeing called a classic trained somehow exagerated, but this impression might come, I think from my europeanbackground, where we try to stick to some historic roots , and try to analyse our present, keeping a critic eye on our least the artist. My interest in Evidence is in fact what happens inbetween the two artexpression painting/ in a Rafflesia Arnoldi, I try to attract the public with the "amazing"painted icescoop (in dc the public loves this oldmaster tecnic) just to send them back to their artificial industrial reality. Four people asked me to buy the icescoop paintings, but didnt accept to buy the objects in dialogue with it. I love to study the public reaction because it says so much about their understanding of art. And i like to tease,too. Keep in touch, valeria