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Tryst Moves Into Phillips Collection

Tryst has opened up a cafe outpost at the Phillips Museum. Can Tryst make it work? The museum has tried in the past partnering with various vendors to run its in-house cafe. A few years back, the Phillips even made something of an exhibit out of it: "this is not that CAFÉ," a disastrously named show in which a group of artists kind of took over the  space, mostly by setting up pseudo-board games. The show wasn't all bad: Artist Elaine Tin Nyo challenged former Inn at Little Washington chef Jordan Lichman to take an un orderable item (in this case, a wheel of Tête de Moine cheese) and make it into a dish. And so Lichman did: He made a cheese wheel–shaped almond cake that was only missing a girolle.

The Tryst arrangement sounds more straightforward than all that. Are they serving those little animal crackers to Phillips visitors who order coffee? I'd count that as a win.

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  • Fonzy

    Uh, why does the headline on the front page say "Tryst heads to the Corcoran" when it's actually going to the Phillips. I smell a Freudian typo slip by WCP... Off with the editor's head!

  • Ron

    It sure beats the McDonald's that used to be in that space!