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Irvine Contemporary to Leave 14th Street

Irvine Contemporary will leave its space at 1412 14th St. NW. Martin Irvine & Co. are moving out on August 30 to an undisclosed location. According to Irvine Contemporary Director Lauren Gentile, the gallery has not yet settled on a new space and is considering multiple options.

Irvine will round out its time on 14th Street with two tribute group shows to celebrate its 10th anniversary (and presumably to serve as a placeholder as they settle on a new location). "Tribute1" opens on Friday, June 11, and features stable regulars such as James Marshall (Dalek) and Teo Gonzalez.

Irvine still plans to follow through with its exhibition schedule for the fall, but where those shows will take place remains to be seen. A show of photography by Moby planned for Irvine will happen at the Montserrat House at 2016 9th Street NW in October. (Could a gig at the 9:30 Club, just around the corner, be in the works?)

Five years ago, Irvine Contemporary moved from Dupont Circle into the space vacated by Fusebox, then one of the premiere (and first) fine art galleries on 14th Street NW.

This post will be updated.

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  • missy

    No way on 9:30 Club, Lauren planned something way more high-level than that!

  • Susie

    You reporters need to do your work and talk to some of Irvine artists (and more specifically: talk to some ex-artists - many of whom have "left" recently).

    Some premiere art galleries, when they close their physical location, and just go on to do "pop up" projects and online dealing and art fairs, are honest enough to say so (such as Bethesda's Cate Fraser).

    Others say "multiple options" - Sure.... forego the expensive bricks and mortar space and just do art fairs and put up artwork where no one charges you rent.

    Lots of art galleries are doing this in DC. Some just tell you the straight skinny and some are too proud to say that things aren't working out in this godawful economy.

    I'm waiting to see what "post updates" say - Call some local Irvine artists and you will have plenty of updates.