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Fraser Gallery Will Close This Month

The Fraser Gallery, a Bethesda gallery specializing in photography and painting, announced tonight that will close at the end of March.

The Bethesda location is the last survivor of a Fraser duo—a Georgetown location, which was open from 1996 to 2005, and the Bethesda outpost, which opened in 2002.

In an e-mail, owner Catriona Fraser announced that the final exhibit will be a solo exhibition of landscape photography by District-based photographer, Lee Goodwin.

Though its location in the Maryland suburbs meant Fraser was far from the bustling downtown arts scene, the gallery mounted significant shows by such photographers as Maxwell MacKenzie and Lida Moser, as well as an annual photography contest.

The gallery also showed the work of figurative artists at a time when abstraction was more in favor. It also mounted shows by prominent Cuban artists.

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  • Lenny

    Man that breaks my heart... :-( Bummer....

    I spent ten years of my life with Fraser Gallery... I hope that they continue to do art fairs and curate shows... the whole gallery model has changed...

  • Andrew

    I was one of those figurative artists. I cut my teeth with Fraser Gallery, and I'm forever grateful for my time in their stable.

  • Lenny


    I remember your first show! You got a good review in the Washington Times, and even a TV spot on Maryland PBS and then Jessica killed you in the Washington Post, and you were all bummed out and we were trying to tell you what a great success your first show was with all that coverage...