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Diamanda Galás Responds to the Smithsonian’s Removal of David Wojnarowicz’s Work

Fire in My Belly de David Wojnarowicz, Diamanda Galas

The avant-garde composer and artist Diamanda Galás was an inspiration for David Wojnarowicz's video artwork A Fire in My Belly, and her music was part of a seven-minute edit of the 13-minute work made after Wojnarowicz died in 1992. Galas wrote a statement responding to the Smithsonian's removal this week of a four-minute version of A Fire in My Belly. She had hoped the statement would be read aloud at a protest Thursday night outside the National Portrait Gallery, although it was not read. She permitted Arts Desk to publish it.

I am the composer and librettist for THIS IS THE LAW OF THE PLAGUE, the work from my mass for PWA’s, performed at ST JOHN THE DIVINE’S in 1991 against the wishes of John Cardinal O'Connor, who tried to prevent its performance.

THIS IS THE LAW OF THE PLAGUE was composed in 1986. I will presume this is the music composition upon which David's film FIRE IN THE BELLY was based, or with which he felt a strong affinity,because I have been asked to defend our work, this collaboration. And I shall do so now.

I must begin,however, by making a behavioral and medical diagnosis of the rather shocking reaction of the Catholic League of Washington DC and particular members of the House of Representatives to this work. Their complaint is that the work "offends Christians," or so I hear. I have heard many stories, but working off of this assumption and the Smithsonian's own decision to either independently censor the work or cave in to these organizations, there are possibility three guilty parties here.

What the Catholic League and certain members of the House presumably wish to remove from their consciousness is thirty years of death sentences handed down to their parishioners and citizenry, who were told not to wear condoms, and the mistreatment of those stigmatized as miscreants and sinners by their viral status and/or homosexuality and/or status as drug addicts.

They wish to remove the UNSEPARATE CHURCH AND STATE conduct throughout the epidemic, which this film articulately reflects.

FIRE IN THE BELLY is a HOLY film. IT MUST be. And why is this?

The text that I chose in 1986 in London was from LEVITICUS, chapter 15, THE BOOK OF LAWS, from the OLD TESTAMENT – whose treatment of the unclean is proscribed therein by any church that employs this text and by the many legislators who for years have wanted to separate the infected from the uninfected. My liturgical treatment of LEVITICUS is a march of the priests and lawmakers forcing the unclean from the gates of the City into warehouses out of town, and is very gently illustrated by David's depiction of the crucified Christ covered with ants. Ants are only one of the many insects and animals that would cover a man removed from his village and deposited in a leper asylum. There would also be maggots and rats and crows. David was gentle, I must insist.

I remember the doctors who told me they believed this was the way to go, and this was in 1993. There was Plum Island, after all, and other places where the contagious could be housed.
Here, Catholics and HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES is YOUR OWN TEXT written so long ago and practiced in the USA to a brutal degree in this country for thirty years and to a much MORE brutal degree now in the countries of Africa and the Middle East, among others. Do not forget the punishment of Iraqi homosexuals with hum (anal glue), which glues the anus shut, and, in combination with the forced imbibing of laxatives, explodes the colon.

Here Protectors of the Public Good is your text and a Merry Xmas to you!


When any man hath an issue out of his flesh.
Because of that issue he is unclean.

Every bed whereon he lieth is unclean
and everything whereon he sitteth, unclean.

And whosoever toucheth his bed shall be unclean,
And he that sitteth whereon he sat shall be unclean.

And he that toucheth
the flesh of the unclean
Becomes unclean.

And he that be spat on by him unclean
Becomes unclean.

And whosoever toucheth anything under him
shall be unclean.

And he that beareth any of those things
shall be unclean.

And what saddle soever he rideth upon is unclean
And the vessel of earth that he toucheth, unclean.

And if any man's seed of copulation go out from him,
he is unclean.
Every garment, every skin whereon is the seed, unclean.

And the woman with whom this man shall lie
shall be unclean.
And whosoever toucheth her will be unclean.

This is the law of the plague:
to teach when it is clean and when it is unclean.

And the priest shall look upon the plague
for a rising, and for a scab, and for a bright spot.

And the priest shall shut up he that hath the plague.
He shall carry them forth to a place unclean.

He shall separate them in their uncleanness.

This is the law of the plague:
To teach when it is clean and when it is unclean.

I performed Plague Mass in Italy in 1989 at Pogio a Caiano and was called a heretic by the CHRISTIAN DEMOCRAT PARTY, led by Rinaldo Innaco. I was not allowed to perform in the country for many years. I was shocked and very offended. As a Greek, Italy is the country that had always most welcomed me and our cultures are very close. I was surprised at the massive amount of publicity, which questioned me as an enemy of Christ.



The word ‘sanctuary’ is based upon the Greek expression ithiateron thomation, which means ‘safe harbor, private room, a space of one's own.’ It also is based upon the Greek expression ieros assilon, which means ‘holy asylum,’ an asylum from predators.

To call the name of the exhibition Hide/See: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture and remove this work from it because it is too unpleasant strikes me as truly shocking. Is this film an insult to the spirit of Twinkletoes' whitebread Christmas, to his Christmas tree and its friendly beacons of light which whisper "Good cheer, One and All!"?

The video was removed. The cross is a symbol of the CRUCIFIXION, among the cruelest tortures in the world. This is the sentence of slow and horrific death in which the spinal column breaks and the organs rupture. This is the torture for the worst of outlaws – the man who protested that the sick and the poor were not allowed into the church for the crime of being perceived as UNCLEAN, rather than "pristine," and moneyed for his advocacy that the church BE a sanctuary to the sick, rather than a citadel for the rich family man, who comes to exchange invitations for tea and other such serious matters with OTHER rich family men.

David Wojnarowicz was a great artist who died a terrible death in 1992. It was one of the worst times in this country for people with AIDS. My brother, Philip-Dimitri Galas, died six years before him in 1986 of the same disease in San Diego. THERE WAS NO HOPE WHATSEOVER THEN FOR THIS DISEASE.

So what is so shocking about the truth now in 2010? Does it remind the clergy and the lawmakers of what the cross stands for: PUNISHMENT AND SAVAGE CRUELTY, and make ugly with the NICE and FRIENDLY WARM xmas spirit?

WHO in countries other than our own are dying horrific death of AIDS this Christmas? Christmas comes but once a year.

AND YOUR LIFE? It comes to you but once.

Diamanda Galás
NYC, Dec 2 2010

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    Can we at least have someone from Wojnarowiczs family write something? A rant that looks like it was written from a lunatic asylum does nothing to help those protesting and this is why her "speech" was not read in the first place. Please advise Galas to keep her mouth shut, as she is doing nothing but making everyone look bad to the Catholic League with this erratic and poorly written response. Galas should have been committed to an asylum years ago and even though she is singing as the backtrack to this film, it would be better for everyone if her handlers advised her not to contribute to this discussion.

  2. #2

    Shut up, Robert.

  3. #3

    This is hardly the cleanest, clearest prose I've ever seen, but you insult Diamanda Galas by suggesting she's a lunatic.

    She's made it a core part of her mission as an artist to expose the toxic hypocrisies with which ostensibly religious people have become comfortable. She hews to the Biblical injunction to comfort the afflicted, which is a message of love--a message often drowned out in the public sphere by alleged Christians casting stones and promoting bigotry.

    I doubt Galas cares whether the Catholic League approves of her art or of her statement here. Her aim does not appear to be to convert her opponents, but rather to galvanize into action those who share her beliefs yet do nothing about them.

  4. #4

    See the tape, Watch the demonstration and hear the interviews

  5. #5

    uh, if diamanda galas has "handlers" i'll eat my own vomit.

    shut up, robert.

  6. #6

    No disrespect to the art because I think it is unfair that the gallery agreed with the Christians and Catholics but like phlp said its not the cleanest, clearest piece of prose and I think thats an understatement really. It is just a disconnected rant and its all over jumping from subject to subject. There is a reason why it was not read at the protest and if you give airtime to responses like this it is not helping get the point across it just reinforces what the Christians are saying (that its crazy, satanic, shock value). Fan of Galas or not, this response sounds like it was written by someone whose having a nervous breakdown or something and cannot get their point across.

  7. #7

    @Robert: that is strange, I saw this piece and read this "rant" for the first time here tonight, following a link after a link as one is wont to do on the internet.

    Strange, but I found it quite comprehensible, and appropriately finger-wagging in the right direction, given the context, and what they are saying with the video and about plagues, the concept of unclean, and the Christian religion.

    I daresay Christ would be hanging out, very much unhandled, with Diamanda and David, and not with the Catholic League or most Christians, if he were here today. Or probably locked up as you would like dissenters to be... after all, that is the general view of him in his own times, eh. Funny how he is redeemed as the patron of the proper and prissy.

    Anyways, thanks to Diamanda Galas for writing one of the more to the point rants I've read in the past months.

  8. #8

    Galas indeed sounds like she is crazy and retarded the poorp woman has been playing with snow white too long

  9. #9

    What a nut case she is she gives me the creeps!

  10. #10

    i am completely and utterly sickened and stunned that it is diamanda's expression of anger (over art whose subject matter she is intimately associated with) that has come under pedestrian criticism.

    "what a nutcase...!" is this a joke? for what? recognizing that the people who are attacking d. wojnarowicz's work are bigots and hateful and the enemies of thinking people?

    lee's quote and it's like can be heard in the halls catholic league, echoed by similarly minded philistines about d. wojnarowicz.

    this is the least punk thread i have ever read. so depressing.

  11. #11

    -', +of. much like diamanda, i'm too annoyed to proofread.

  12. #12

    The piece was not read along with other
    pieces because it was a SILENT MEMORIAL;
    therefore none of the lawyers or press
    were able to speak, either, you morons.
    Jan Rothschild was at the event, and was
    going to read both diamanda's speech
    and her own, and was not allowed to do this.

  13. #13

    And as we all know, SILENT MEMORIALS accomplish so much. Let's all stop at Starbucks on the way home, shall we? (end sarcasm).


  14. #14

    Thank you Diamanda, for providing context for this work. It is important to hear the artist's voice. It is both shocking and dulling that this work would be censored in 2010. A reality check, which also speaks to the power of the work and your composition. I send you nothing but love.

  15. #15


  16. #16

    That's an extremely well-done piece of art and it should be allowed to stay there. While people (including myself) may not "like" it, that doesn't mean that it should be removed from the Smithsonian. I have the utmost respect for everyone's freedom of expression, which I believe is completely logical to do if you believe in and respect free will. Which is something that I believe God gave all of us. As a Catholic, I find it impossible to support the stifling of this free speech. Let it back in!!!

  17. #17

    I agree that is is a rant of the lowest order. Galas is a poor example being a homophobe herself

  18. #18

    The mix of CAPS LOCKS and bolded words does, often, suggest the work of a flake or nutjob with a blog-- but anyone who takes the time to actually read the whole thing and is at all familiar with both the case and the Bible will find quite a compelling argument.

    This actually explains a lot about the work of art itself (which has been vaguely described so often these past few days, with little context, especially for those outside the art world).

  19. #19

    Great response to this travesty! Separation of Church and State is the very founding reason of this Country. Strangely, we pick and choose when to point that out--only when it suits our position. While I was raised as a Christian, I decided, many years back, that this belief made no sense to me or for me.
    I admit that I am repulsed by any overzealous religious public statement from any source (from Branch Davidians and extreme non-christian sources, to run-of-the mill protestant and catholic faiths) I would never insist that they not have a voice or freedom of expression as some of our vote-seeking supposed "Representatives" in the legislative branch apparently do.
    If you can feel that forcing the Smithsonian or the NEA to forbid display of objects that "offend Christians" then you must also forbid them to display publicly any object or work of art that offends any other religious group or non-religious group including atheists and agnostics. So let's see, the Smithsonian is just loaded with Christian Art, from Fra Angelico to Dali. If I were to protest to my Congressman that "The Last Supper" or any of the crucifixion paintings in the National Gallery were "offensive" to my beliefs, would they even consider dumping such paintings or sculpture? Personally, I am offended by the forcible inclusion of the afterthought phrase "Under God" into our Pledge of Allegiance during the Eisenhower years.I am sure that would go over big as well.

  20. #20

    @Ram Prakish - do you think you can just make absurd, untrue, and deeply insulting statements and no one will question them? Explain to everyone here how Diamanda Galas is a "homophobe." She has dedicated her life and her art to AIDS activism.

  21. #21

    I am sorry-- Ms. Galas just perpertuates the idiocy of all of this.. She talks just on the level of those who she is condemning by using the same sources her enemies use. It's like pouring gasoline on a fire.. She has built a career of this, and has anything gotten better? She has made money off of human suffering and religious and politicians' stupidity.

  22. #22

    Diamanda is awesome---

    but her music was not part of the piece. unfortunately the youtube mashup that everyone is referencing is different from the piece as exhibited, and it actually does point fingers more at "the church" than wojnarwicz's original.

  23. #23

    can't believe the idiots posting without any idea of Diamanda or David or even the context of the lives they lived or expressed through their art (whether you like it or not). read David's book Close to the Knives. listen to Diamanda's Plague Mass. learn what you're talking about before you spew acrid vomit out your gaping holes. while you're at it how about rereading the article. actually READ it. Diamanda is putting things in context for you. if you don't understand that, well, go back to school and this time try to learn something. i'll leave you with a quote from David:
    “These are strange and dangerous times. Some of us are born with cross hairs of a rifle scope printed on our backs or skulls. Sometimes it's a matter of thought, sometimes activity, and most times it's color.”
    seems nothing has changed as seen by some of the idiots here.

  24. #24

    I agree. I didn't know they let inmates from gracie square get online. I had to read this twice and even though I get what shes trying to say it really does sound like Courtney Love on a bad day like someone else said. Sometimes you just have to know when to hang it up geez

  25. #25

    I think that Diamanda's Galas's statement is perfectly clear. What I read is a strong condemnation of the hypocritical facade of "compassion" that the Catholic Church prides it'self repeatedly on promoting.How can one, following the pure definition of compassion to the letter judge abandon, and condemn those who are sick and dying for ANY reason.

    Diamanda has every right to defend against the removal of
    removal of David Wojnarowicz's video. She is a part of the piece,as her Music is used,Mr.Wojnarowicz is no longer with us, and therefore unable to speak for is Work. It is very alignment with Diamanda's level and depth of integrity to do so for him.

    Very sincerely,

    Tari Merigan

  26. #26

    Diamonda Galas is still alive? She has definitely got more crazy over the years. At least have mercy on her and dont put out these obiviosly cracked up "essays". I felt bad reading it. I like her, love her music, think she's a great pianist----------

    but I totally thought the same thing most people have said. It really looks like someone wrote this from the loony-tunes bin. Time for someone new and with a clear head to start where she left off in the 80s.

    Diamonda did lots of great work but now its time for her to just take it easy, maybe just teach or something. Shed probably be a good music teach. She has problems, obviously. Too bad though. Seems like the really great artists always end up on drugs or just go mental. I liked what she wrote but I feel bad to see her so screwed up and then people putting it out in public is just kind of making a mockery of her. Of course she has fans that will always stand up for her and that's important. So sad to see this. She was great back in the 80s and really wrote great too.

  27. #27



    True. But give her some respect. Seriously, to the people who make these comments you should realize that mental illness is just as much of a stigma as everything Diamanda Galas wrote. I think its pretty lame to keep commenting like that. I got to talk to her personally on a Facebook page and so maybe she's not the most sane person, but to go around insulting mental illness just proves what she wrote about how people treat everyone who suffers. She tried her best. Just give her some props for the good points and if she looks like a crazy Courtney love so what Courtney is pretty badass. I just hope she'll get some help. I haven't even seen her in concert after all these years and I hope the rumors and things arent true or that she at least gets herself together mentally or physically or whatever is happening.

  28. #28

    Diamanada Galas has no passion for causes, people, human rights, she uses these issues as a platform to gain attention. Two of her offical facebook pages have been shut down from complaints of racial and homosexual slurs against gay people She hates everyone with equal passion. Get a grip people and go with another spokesperson, we have lost the fight if we support her.

  29. Mark Ambrose Harris

    Why is it when there is a true, precise, and scathing expression of anger, people fall back on extremely facile methods of undermining the writer/artist? This truly impotent form of barely-disguised school yard taunts is employed above: insanity, mental illness, age, gender. When truth is expressed, it is much easier to be lazy and fall back on the "crazy bitch" card than to actually engage with the argument and propose dialogue. Galás is many things: writer, composer, pianist, vocalist, activist, librettist. The idea that someone would think they could undermine her extensive catalog and career with a couple of low-blows is a few Viagras short of pathetic.

    Of course, it is no surprise that it is in this defense of Wojnarowicz's work that all of the cretins rise from the muck. Again, it is like a sport for limp-dicked pests to pick on faggots and crazy bitches. Although, it is not a well-rehearsed sport, as seen in the poor grammar and spelling of the charmers posting above. If you are going to pick a fight with Diamanda Galás, could you AT LEAST start with the correct spelling of her name?

    To accuse Galás of homophobia is ludicrous beyond anything else. Likewise, all of Galás' work originates from a compassion for human rights.

    I am truly saddened by what has happened on this page, and what has happened with Wojnarowicz's work. His writing has always been a beacon in dark times, his voice an earnest one in an era of poisonous discourse and toxic policies. The fact that homophobic bigots defile him beyond the grave is sickening. It is easy to kick a man when he is down, and even easier when he is dead. In the shadow of the American dream, this is what happens.

  30. #30

    I am very disgusted by Diamanda Galas after her manager (?) personally attacked me as a lesbian on her Spanish Facebook website last week. I was a huge (and I mean pretty much lifelong) fan of Diamanda for many years. Well, I joined her Spanish page and there were so many anti-gay comments I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I don't know the whole story but I emailed thru Facebook with other fans who were as surprised as I was to find out what was going on. Either she had a lesbian relationship and was attacking her ex or there was some gay woman she was in a fight with. I don't know and it's none of my business but at least four people said she was trying to cover up some gay relationship she had. So that was shock numero uno.

    IF this is true and I say if because I only know what I saw then why would someone who seems to support us go to great lengths to cover up her own sexuality? Straight, bisexual, even lesbian. What is so horrible about it that Diamanda Galas of all women would post a public lesbian bashing on her page for any reason?

    When I posted a comment about how disgusted I was, well some guy named Sebastian who I guess manages her Facebook came on and said something like Diamanda is not a fucking dyke. She doesn't like tuna fish. I posted back that I couldn't believe it and that as both a woman and a woman-loving-woman I was insulted. The manager wrote back and said go *** yourself and stop being so PC. and then made another comment about fish.

    I called my roomate in who is also a fan though not as big a fan as I was and she took screen captures of the gay bashing. The fan page got erased because I guess it started to look really bad but I will send the screen capture pics to anyone who either does not believe me or wants to see 4 themselves. I showed everyone at the college radio station I work for some who were fans and they were just so angry and couldn't believe it Email me at and I will send them to whoever

    SHAME SHAME ON YOU DIAMANDA. IS IT ONLY MALE GAY PEOPLE YOU STAND FOR AND ARE A LESBIAN HATER? What was all that stuff about an ex-girlfriend? If it was true, then why would you deny it if you are what you stand for? I went to yr page to support you as an artist and left after being insulted by everyone who ran your Facebook Spanish page. Other people left too because I got Facebook messages from your now EXFANS who are not only shocked but disgusted.

    I think the poster William Tuna was probably on the page too because all lesbians were being called tuna eaters. How disgusting! He is right, she uses these issues to get attention and what perfect timing for this essay to try and cover the tracks of what I saw last week.

    AGAIN SHAME ON YOU DIAMANDA GALAS. YOU ARE NO FRIEND TO ANY OF US, ESPECIALLY WOMEN. That page was deleted, but many people saw what happened and you have lost so much respect. I could have cried that day I saw what was happening because if anyone would have asked me I would have put you on my list of inspirational people. You insulted me and your manager insulted me but worse than any of that is you are a liar. a liar and a coward.

    Elizabeth Antunes

  31. #31

    Sorry please email me at The email that I listed up there is my old station email and I realized I can't attach pics

  32. #32

    I, too, have been abused on the DG facebook page before leaving it. So, the claims others have made about being discriminated against, seem legitimate to me. Whoever was running the page, whether a manager, or some other lunatic, should have gotten fired. It could have been Diamanda herself, for all we know.

    I lost a lot of respect for her on that day.

    As for the piece she has written here, I think it's great and gets to the point!

  33. #33

    Diamanda is certainly is controlled by her anger.
    Christ is the only way to our Salvation from the wrath of God to come-
    Christ was born of a Virgin -Otherwise he'd be some other dude; Christ was the ultimate Pure blood sacrifice he Never sinned, he resricted from the dead to be with our Lord and his body was never found.

    As for Aids -Homosexuality is a Sin. God made man and woman to be with each not with the same sex.

    The Denial of Christ our Lord is the ultimate sin and its unfortunate Diamanda will be singing the Blues in Hell-

    'Therefore for this reason God gave them up for their lusts to control them. As a result, they dishonor their bodies by sexual perversion with each other.'
    Romans 1:24

  34. #34

    And I TOO have been ABUSED BY DIAMANDA. She is one very manipulative woman that has tortured many people in her path. She will lie and twist the truth to get her way and what she wants. She knows how to brainwash people and she has done so with many. She puts a great positive message out there and gains loyal followers, but when you get to know her, she draws you all in the midst of her personal life and demands you partake in cyberbullying and friend selection. I've witness homophobic rantings against lesbians on many occasions. I admire her creativity but I will not be forced to deal with her page, which was like "The View" meets "Jerry Springer". This woman makes Margaret Hamilton look like Mary Poppins. Like her if you want, but be warned, I don't think you want to know her or get involved with her personally.

  35. #35

    and @Elizabeth Antunes, I totally agree!!! Diamanda should be ashamed of herself. She should make a public apology to the gay community, especially the lesbians, that her and her horde of followers have insulted. I've seen many, many people fall prey to her uninhibited attacks on her official Facebook page. I am very disenchanted and I regret that I ever got to know her personality.

  36. #36

    I saw the screen pics. I can't believe it.
    She should really be ashamed of herself.
    I am heterosexual. I thought Diamanda was an advocate for women.
    Now I just read all of these terrible vulgar insults toward not only lesbian women but women. It sounds like it was written by the most misogynist man.
    Everyone should look at these things.
    They were taken right from her Spanish fan page on Facebook.
    No wonder they deleted that page.
    Diamanda Galas, from one woman to another, you should be embarassed of yourself.

  37. #37


  38. #38

    YES, Diamanda Galás has EVERY RIGHT to speak up about this issue since, as Tari said, Mr. Wojnarowicz's no longer with us. After all, HER MUSIC WAS IN THIS FILM! Homophobic???)? Diamanda Galás???? HA!!!! That's simply comical!! After all of the genius work she put out and "fighting" shes done most of her career on behalf of HOMOSEXUALS?I am the "Sebastien" that made the "tuna fish" comment and also managed her page at night. Am I homophobic? Well, I suppose I am considering I've been GAY all of my life and DAMN PROUD of it!!!! YES, EVERYONE, ITS TRUE!!! I AM A GAY HOMOPHOBE!!!That is simply ludicrous!!! I'm NOT EVEN going to argue THAT one!!!! HAHA!!! Elizabeth????? I never "personally attacked" you. But when people say things that are untrue, such as "a bad break-up with her girlfriend" when she's not even a lesbian, then YES!!! I WILL defend my friends!!!! IF SHE WERE A DYKE, SHE'D WEAR THAT BADGE PROUDLY, BUT SHE'S NOT!!!! I am NO COWARD and NEITHER IS DIAMANDA GALÁS! Yes, I say things most people just think, and yes, I HATE POLITICALLY CORRECT CRAP. Regardless of what ANY of you "think". This is a GREAT FUCKING SPEECH!!!! And TRUE TO THE CORE!!!!! So if you have a problem about "tuna fish", have the PROBLEM with me, the one that said it and not Diamanda Galás that had NOTHING to do with the facebook page "Diamanda Galás en Español." Sebastard

  39. #39


    Diamanda can do whatever she would like with her Facebook. It is not the business of ANYONE TO DICTATE THE CONDITIONS OF GALAS' WORK. It is HER VEHICLE. NOT YOUR VEHICLE.


    DO you really think she gives a FELLATING FUCK? She has spent her whole career dealing with jealous faggots.


    What is YOUR life WORTH? ZERO.

    Useless fuckers. Stay away from this site.

  40. #40

    I cannot believe what I am seeing. I have supported Diamanda's music for many, many years and I am also a "dyke". Guess what, Diamanda? Gay women die of AIDS too. I know about it after watching my sister deteriorate in front of me.

    If this man named Sebastien represents the kind of people you have work for you, it says a lot about you. I also need to say that the comment by Malaka sounds very much like Diamanda Galas herself. You denigrate women to tunafish? Gay women? All women? What a disgrace.

    The truth will set you free. I guess its true. I am glad I saw the truth just now, but it is so depressing.

  41. #41

    Genius musician? OK, I think I MUST then RIGHTFULLY GIVE that credit also to Florence Foster Jenkins. 99.9% of all people of people's reaction to Diamanda's music is contrary. It is often referred to as "caterwauling gibberish", a harsh noise that slices your eardrums that drives into your ear canal like a blender on the highest speed. Instead of singing, she moans and groans and screeches like a sow giving birth. She sounds like Yoko Ono on crack. Her voice is what I need to get my bowels moving when I'm constipated. It's the perfect remedy for that.

  42. #42

    This artist is truly evil and Satanic, whether or not she admits. Her music is CURSED. It has disturbed people deeply enough to make them commit suicide. I am not a Christian but evidently she is some type of evil person and it has a negative power. Look at what I found:

    The press kit for her "Divine Punishment" album noted that a woman committed suicide after listening to it. (Forced Exposure Magazine, #15, Summer, 1989, p. 24) The entire performance is an eerie recitation of Old Testament scripture with one exception, Galas' "Sono L'Antichristo" ("I am the Anti-Christ").

    I agree she sounds like some kind of animal having labor pains. That is definitely not singing. And she is a Yoko Ono wannabe.

  43. #43

    I am a lesbian and all lesbians should immediately dump their Galas CDs in the nearest wastebin.

    I would like to know what this tuna thing is about. If Diamanda "doesn't do tuna", then what makes her think a womans vagina smells like fish? I suggest an immediate medical exam. If your vagina smells anything at all like fish, there is a problem or you are not bathing enough. To her manager, you must have your nose in Diamanda's vagina in order to be coming up with this... I have never in my life been with a woman who smelled like (fish????)

  44. #44

    Everyone is forgetting the purpose of this thread. This genius piece of art should NEVER have been removed from the Smithsonian, period. These personal attacks that sound as if MANY of them are coming from the same person/group of people, or circle of "friends". David Wojnarowicz is no longer alive, and THAT is why Diamanda Galás is defending this film with HER music set as soundtrack. Sebastien

  45. #45

    Dear Sebastion and you are forgetting you are not the admin of this blog and after calling women smelly tuna you have no rights nor dignity to re-direct our conversations, perhaps screen shots of your death threats towards lesbians from your facebook would be an appropiate topic..

    So scat you little worm go fly up your queen of Tuna Diamanda

  46. #46

    I posted something because I thought this kind of crazy rant makes the whole subject look pretty bad. I made the joke about Courtney Love but now with all this new stuff I think Courtney Love looks pretty good in comparison to Galas. I don't see any personal attacks that don't have some kind of real point behind them because I saw the screen pictures and Galas and read what her manager even wrote and she is definitely a hypocrite and thats what this is about now I guess.
    Galas is not just wacky but she is a hypocrite on a life or death subject and no one can say the malakas poster was not her and that is just totally pathetic. I feel bad for her. Not really. LOL

  47. #47

    LOL I am a straight guy and I never smelled no pussy that smelled like tuna. I think the lady who posted before is right that Diamanda maybe needs to wash more or see a doctor. That is really disgusting. Not like I want to start talking about pussy smell but if you are not skanky then you should be smelling good or not having a smell at all. We are laughing so hard here watching the manager of Diamanda Galas talk about tuna pussy LMAO LOL! I really think she must hve lost it hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  48. #48

    OMG I am posting a blog about this. LOL. Too fucking funny.

  49. #49

    Death threats? That's a good one. That's something I would never post anywhere because I'm not an idiot. So "scat", remember that night we laughed at the "scat girl" on my facebook? HAHAHA! THAT was funny! I don't think I ever said or "thought" that I was an "administrator" for this page or ANY other page. I could care less what you converse about here, your facebook, or with yourself in the mirror. Sebastien

  50. #50


    Farsi35 _FUCK YOU_ and FUCK all of these BITCHES AND SHUT DOWN THIS SITE BLOG WHATEVER. SHE does not GIVE A FUCK about your imbecilic comments trying to take away from the ISSUE OF HOMOSEXUAL CRUCIFIXION. SHUT DOWN THIS FUCKING THING NOW do you thing she gives a MOTHERFUCK? Thank you Sebastien please find out how to turn off this blog site this is not a PUBLIC TOILET FOR DIAMANDA GALAS TO BE SHIT ON. SHE IS A TRUE ARTIST AND GENIUS and as everyone knows THE TRUE GENIUS is always REVILED by IDIOTS. She does not have time for these fake faggots and pathetic dykes and PEDOPHILIAC PRIESTS. THEY can choke on their own sperm infested VOMIT. THANK YOU. Please remove all comments. THANK YOU. DIAMANDA GALAS DOESNNT HAVE TIME FOR SUCH NONSENSE I AM CERTAIN.

  51. #51

    sebastion you are just Dia's stupid dog woof woof

  52. #52

    OH my gawd Diamanda's gone insane laughing our asses off at tuna boy and his goddess BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Bring it on!!!!

  53. #53


  54. #54

    Viva........are you jealous that you aren't, haven't, and never will have a shot in Hell of EVER being "Diamanda's dog"? I have a dog that I love very much, I also have a husband of six years that I love very much, and I have friends that I'm EXTREMELY protective of. What do you have?? It looks like bitterness, jealousy, and profound hatred towards yourself. So live in your sad, cyber world that you live and exist ONLY in. I don't care what else you write under any other name, there are name search websites that you can enter in a search engine just in case you run out. From the looks of it, that day isn't far away.........Sebastien

  55. #55

    Now now, "MORONS", are you suggesting CENSORSHIP by deleting and disabling comments? Isn't that the very thing that Diamanda is supposed to be opposing here???? Yeah Sebastien, find out how to turn it off. HAHAHA!!!!



  57. #57

    Thank you to those who are defending Diamanda against the onslaught of verbal diarrhea leaving a nasty trail here.If you want to discuss the definition of cowardice,making vile,defaming and fictitious smear comments is a great place to start.Regardless of what you "think" you know about anyone, this is no way for anyone to behave. I doubt that these comments are anything you would ever say to someone in person. If you don't know, or care enough to explore thoroughly,and find out the objective FACTS of any situation, then you have no business, nor should you humiliate yourself by spouting off in such knee-jerk, and mournfully ignorant fashion

    Diamanda Galas has spent much of her life, and has made it a primary focus of her career to speak on behalf of, and fight endlessly for those who have no voice. if you have the ability to develop,the concern of insight and intuition to research what she does, ultimately, you would realize this.She is technically a genius, under the proper definition, and often genius's are misunderstood,and attacked by those who are desperately envious.

  58. #58

    Beautiful response, Tari. And SO VERY TRUE, your last sentence especially! XO, Sebastien

  59. #59

    Tara shut your tuna mouth - bwahahaha

  60. #60

    Yes I am a DOG and bend over - and I LOVE IT!!

  61. Objective Observer

    As someone who has just been watching this thread, I must say that in whatever context Sebastien works for Diamanda (I am still not clear on this, as he mentioned being manager of her page and then a few posts down said he was not?), that this man is creating a very -very- bad impression. I also quietly observed the happenings on the Facebook pages and so I will also say that there is credibility in what I might otherwise dismiss as pointless attacks.

    I will always be a fan of Diamandas music, but it is very strange to see her break down in public like this several times in a matter of only a few weeks.

    As I said, this manager of hers is really creating a terrible and extremely unprofessional impression.

  62. #62

    FUCK YOU too "Objective Observer"!!!! I CAN be as NASTY as I WANT TO be. You know why? Because I have learned from the BEST. HAHAHA

    Like I said- you are all just SO jealous that you could NEVER EVER be Diamanda's dog. I am sorry for you!!!!!!!!!!! Jealousy is the root of all EVIL! HAHAHA!

  63. #63

    To Objective Observer, I said that I USED to be an admin at night for Diamanda Galás Official Facebook Page. I was telling Viva that I never claimed to be an administrator for this page or any other page, other than that one. Also, I didn't say "Yes I am a dog and bend over-and love it! Someone posted that under my name, I guess SHE finally ran out of names, so she's ripping mine off. That's ALL I'm going to say....... This is my last post. I WILL NOT continue going NOWHERE with this psychotic person with many names. XOXO, Sebastien

  64. Objective Observer

    According to your Facebook page, you list your job description as "Administrator Of Diamanda Galas Official Page."
    This is all very confusing. Either, way you are quite juvenile and do great disservice to Galas.

  65. #65

    I don't give a CRAP if I am confusing HAHAHA. I do NOT get paid to educate stupid people. I did not write it. I did write it. I didn't write it. It's none of your business. Am I confusing you yet? That is what I do best. The only one who understands me is DIAMANDA. You know why? Because WE are GENIUSES! HAHA Now FUCK OFF. XOXO, Sebastard

  66. #66

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! XOXO, Sebastien

  67. #67

    I DID say THAT was my last post........, BUT I LIED!!!!!! And as the Manatee says, BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! XOXO, Sebastien

  68. #68

    PLEASE leave us alone. We can't take it anymore. The names. SHE is after me!!! I want everyone to know about THE NAMES. There are all of these NAMES and it is not FUNNY. IT IS NOT A JOKE. It is the person with the names. Please STOP I am asking you nicely. No more names. No MORE NAMES. SHE IS AFTER ME. It is psychotic. Totally psycho. I am not psycho. It is the NAMES THE NAMES DOES ANYONE UNDERSTAND?? TOO much of the names and the psychotic lady and I am just trying to help DIAMANDA. XOXO -Seb

  69. #69

    This is not an issue of professionalism versus un- professionalism,it IS very clearly an issue of one defending oneself against an onslaught of those who are woefully uninformed,ill-informed,and those who are painfully incapable of or unwilling to educate themselves beyond a certain point.

    There has been no "Public Breakdown" of any sort.One more time,I caution against anyone making assumptions about circumstances that they truly,truly have no explicit knowledge of.

    What Diamanda wrote was an expression of how she feels about the issue of Mr.Wojnarowicz's film being removed from the Smithsonian.Remember this is the genesis issue, NOT what one thinks of Diamanda, or her work.(though I must say that personally I am here to defend all three issues).
    Kudos Sebastian!! You are the loyal,gold standard in attack dogs!! a force to be reckoned with.XOXOXO

  70. #70

    WOOF WOOF!!! THANKS Tari, sweetie! XOXO

  71. #71

    I was told that my stalker is back again. And she is, under several names.
    Her real name is Michelle Walsh and she goes under the name of Kalliope Amorphous.
    She has stalked me for a long time now and a I had to get a harrassment order
    of protection because I can do nothing about her feeding frenzies upon
    famous women she rejects.
    Go under Michelle Walsh,Kalliope Amorphous, who pretended to be Greek and is not, and stalkers, musecatcher, and you will see, for example,
    that elizabeth lists herself as a librarian of 30 years of age from RHode Island.
    I have been involved since 1984 in this Epidemic, since she was 8 years old,
    and I have never been stalked by a woman before. But certainly never one
    who has a record for fraud, for harassing famous women who reject her advances.
    and who writes under seven names in each post. I have had many male stalkers,
    but it is sad to see this at this point in my career. I am tired and I am very sad
    to see that you would soil the subject matter herein by using it
    to vent your pathology. I cannot defend myself to my public Kalliope. No matter
    where I go, facebooks have to taken down, you went to the police to remove my
    website under false pretenses, do your damage. I cannot afford a lawyer, so I
    am at your mercy until you latch onto someone else. diamanda galas

  72. #72


  73. #73

    And you want to talk about "homophobe", stalker? YOU HAD shut down over FALSE CLAIMS, do you realise that her website IS FULL OF KNOWLEDGE AND PACKED WITH INFORMATION ABOUT AIDS? ARTICLE UPON ARTICLE ABOUT HIV AND AIDS. PLUS NUMEROUS LINKS. And you want to start this homophobe talk?? Think about your homosexual "brothers and sisters" as you like to pretend you're an activist, that you tried to rob of this information! YOU my dear, are a Narcisisstic, PATHETIC, SAD, STALKER person with NO SOUL. BTW I LOVED reading your "ebay" items that you auctioned! Your "magical cane, you're "haunted" rings, it gets even stranger. Do as Diamanda says and search these names!!! It's truly shocking!!!!! I can't believe I WASTED my HARD EARNED money on your Eau de Twatette or VagiNEL No. 5m UGH!!!! You make me want to VOMIT!!!!! Un-love, Sebastard

  74. #74

    This is Kalliope Amorphous. I was directed to this thread last night. I have remained silent on this issue for a very long time, passively observing Diamanda’s behavior and smear campaigns against me. Now that she has finally mentioned me directly, publicly and in her own signature, I may make one statement and one statement only in the interest of defending my name

    First of all, I am a visual artist, and while I do have an extensive library I am certainly not a librarian. Of course, my last name is not “Amorphous” nor do I feel the need to defend my mixed heritage. I have not ever, nor can I stoop to the levels I have witnessed over the past month. Therefore, I will simply say that if Diamanda’s statement is reversed, a glimpse of the truth may be seen. As well, a freudian slip may be found at the end of her third sentence.

    I do not have time to engage in cyber-harassment, and if you look at the roster of art projects I am currently working on, I certainly do not have time to be writing under multiple names. When I write, I write under my own name as I am doing here. I suspect that many who have written are those who witnessed what has been going on. I should also mention that “the police” do not have the power to temporarily shut down a website merely because someone asks them to.

    This is all I will say, as this is now a criminal matter and I cannot speak further on this situation until it is resolved. When it is resolved, the truth will be seen and I will be free to speak further if I choose to do so. In the meantime, she is free to carry on with what is currently over one month of criminal libel, libel per se, electronic stalking, defamation, impersonation, coercion and harassment. Unfortunately, she has also used her status as a public figure to pull innocent people into what should have remained a personal conflict and has done great damage to at least three other individuals who have aided and abetted in this situation.

    Though I have remained silent, I have been well aware and informed of all that has transpired, and I would like to close by thanking the countless people who understand that basic human decency and truth is more important than bending to the manipulation of someone they admire. In addition, the posts containing false information about "mandrakesghost" are from a male stalker of an ex of mine, whom Diamanda has been aware of for over a year, and is now referencing in an attempt to jeopardize my safety.

    I repeat, this is the only statement I will be making until this matter is finished. If there are posts made in my name from this point on, they are NOT from me, as Diamanda has previously encouraged fans to impersonate me online. I cannot respond to inquiries regarding this situation at this time and all those who are close to me know I have bitten my tongue up until now.

    Diamanda, I asked you to please stop and move on with your life. You are not at my mercy; you and your associates are at the mercy of the law.

    -Kalliope Amorphous

  75. #75

    Notice how "the woman with many names" misspells my name "Sebastion" and Tari's name as "Tara"? I guess she thinks that this will somehow "legally" protect her. Whatever, sad person. I hear you have taken a liking to thereminist Armen Ra. Everyone should know about you, you parasite, you charlatan, you heartless manipulator. You are good at manipulating the people that are truly stupid, but see, some of us aren't stupid and our I.Q'.'s are a loooooot higher than these morons that you have fooled. Cheers: In hopes that you get help, Borderline-Girl. Sebastien

  76. #76

    Who in the world thinks it's such a privilege to be Diamanda's sub? Jealous? I feel so sorry for you, gullible little Sebastien. The only reason you're saying that you didn't say 'Yes I am a DOG and bend over - and I LOVE IT!!' is probably because Diamanda got pissed at you for saying it and once posted, it's too late, there's no way you can take it back on here. Sebastien, you act like Diamanda Galas is the ONLY source of information for people suffering with HIV/AIDS was to be found on Diamanda Galas' page. How arrogant iand twisted is this thinking of yours? Her website is 95% promotion material for her music, not information on HIV/AIDS! You say "The only one who understands me is DIAMANDA. You know why? Because WE are GENIUSES!" Sebastien, are you and her on the same drugs? Do you not clearly see how much more you hurt her than help her? I find it so hard to believe someone could be so weak mentally and spiritually. Diamanda, if I were you, I'd go ahead and fire Sebastien of whatever duties you have for him, he really isn't helping your reputation and image out. And Sebastien, as far as you can't believe how you spend your hard-earned money, I can't believe you spend your hard-earned money on the CDs, downloads and merchandise of a YOKO ONO-WANNABE. That is the first thing most people will say upon first listening, and it's true.
    I only discovered Diamanda's page about 3 months ago shortly before it was shut down and this was my first personal impression of her? I really wasn't so impressed. She is very HOMOPHOBIC, RACIST and even EXTREMELY ISLAMOPHOBIC. Unfortunately, we have all seen into the truly demented mind of Diamanda Galas from that page. I will definitely never recommend her music to any friends anymore. I will not support this woman and her hateful and false agenda. If you are gay, or of African or Middle-Eastern descent, neither would I. I do not have a nice opinion of her anymore and I know she has turned many people off with her ignorance. This woman is no hero, she is a neurotic, psychotic person who needs supervision 24/7. I think that is pretty well apparent.

  77. Mohammed Abdul Hussein Al-Addin

    did somebody just say 'Islamophobia'?

  78. #78

    No Priapus, it's more like 99.9% of her website is dedicated to self-promotion rather than resources for PWAs. Everything else you said, I agree. I think she needs to go to rehab. And yes Mohammed, Diamanda IS virulently Islamophobic.

  79. #79
  80. #80

    ConFukius say, "Diamanda need to shut up. She crazy brain and she sing like hyena in heat. I think she a man."

    ConFukius say, "Sebastien need to shut up. He make big fool of himself and Diamanda. He simple-brained henchman. He think he know Diamanda, he not really know her yet."

  81. #81

    Diamanda Galas is truly EVIL. She IS a Satanist and has malicious intentions. I am not a Christian but I sincerely believe that she suffers from possession of some evil entity. It is reported that one girl was so disturbed by her "Divine Punishment" album that she committed suicide

    "[Diamanda] closes out her "Litanies of Satan" album with these words, "To thee, O Satan, glory be, and praise. Grant that my soul, one day, beneath the Tree of Knowledge, may rest near Thee."

    The press kit for her "Divine Punishment" album noted that a woman committed suicide after listening to it. (Forced Exposure Magazine, #15, Summer, 1989, p. 24) The entire performance is an eerie recitation of Old Testament scripture with one exception, Galas' "Sono L'Antichristo" ("I am the Anti-Christ")."

    Her music is CURSED and evidently many of the people it has touched has discovered this all too late.
    It does not surprise me that she is such a hypocrite and liar, that she is truly homophobic, racist and Islamophobic. Queen of cowards, fakes and hypocrites. She has betrayed the gay community and demonstrated the behavior of a madwoman, a tyrant, a traitor.

  82. #82

    Diamanda Galas is truly EVIL. She IS a Satanist and has malicious intentions. I am not a Christian but I sincerely believe that she suffers from possession of some evil entity. It is reported that one girl was so disturbed by her "Divine Punishment" album that she committed suicide

    Her music is CURSED and evidently many of the people it has touched has discovered this all too late.
    It does not surprise me that she is such a hypocrite and liar, that she is truly homophobic, racist and Islamophobic. Queen of cowards, fakes and hypocrites. She has betrayed the gay community and demonstrated the behavior of a madwoman, a tyrant, a traitor.

  83. Red Nails of Ethiopia

    Galás' music is cursed? She's a Satanist? Lord (no pun intended), are we really falling back on this tired 90s topic? Do Satanists even exist? And I don't mean disgruntled teenagers listening to Marilyn Manson in suburban basements. I feel like the idea of a Satanist is a metaphoric boogieman put in place by Evangelical Christians.

    Quoting The Forerunner above? Seriously? Shouldn't you be worrying about the Evangelical need to row against science? Shouldn't you be worrying about the depressions and suicides that arise from religious anti-gay "reparative therapy"? And why would I want to listen to anything from a religious organization whose homophobic leaders are frequently found to be meth-heads looking for tearooms? The hypocrisy makes my head hurt.

    Galás' work is about honouring and respecting the histories and dialects of numerous cultures. This is why she performs all poems/texts in their original language (though she is then critiqued for not singing in English). However, when she points out to the injustices happening in other cultures/countries (torture, execution, as mentioned in post #78), this is seen as racism.

    Sigh... I should have stayed in bed.

  84. #84

    I am deeply moved by Diamandas response to this situation. As ever she is truthful and in this case rightfully angry. How dare the catholics censor the real world? The church cannot silence the pain and offers little hope to those who have no choice but to die a horrible slow painful death by ignoring the facts about HIV transmission.
    Let us pray that Diamanda Gallas is heard loud and clear throughout the globe.

  85. #85

    This thread has all the elements of a soap opera! Hidden gay love affair, murder threats, Fish threats, all in the day of a musician eh? sheesh

  86. #86

    A question for Diamanda: Why are you so OFFENDED at the insinuation of something gay colored, in this day and age and with your stand at Gay Activism, I find your violent protests and insults very disturbing and to be honest self incriminating. Who cares? You're not Madonna or Lady Gaga and we would not bat an eye if they had a gay tryst anyways. This anger and insulting it just comes off rather weird and it[s as if you are scared about something. Then your dawg comes on and just makes it so much worse. Maybe a truce with this woman is in order it appears you really have something to hide and will stop at almost nothing. There is more to this story, and your people are just going to make sure it's all leaked out. Keep your dawgs locked up they really make you look so bad.

  87. #87

    yes, these comments have become a soap opera... fleetingly entertaining but ultimately just distracting from the real issues at hand: art and censorship in our society.
    diamanda's statement may not have read like a press release, but she brought some real context to the work and the time it was made, as well as her own experience with censorship.
    what is really scary is that this is most probably just the start of an attack on art and any links to federal funding. of course "controversial" art is easy to attack, think of what all else will come next.
    food for thought, here is a quote about the exhibit in question from house republican leader john boehner's spokesman kevin smith “American families have a right to expect better from recipients of taxpayer funds in a tough economy. While the amount of money involved may be small, it’s symbolic of the arrogance Washington routinely applies to thousands of spending decisions involving Americans’ hard-earned money at a time when one in every 10 Americans is out of work and our children’s future is being threatened by debt.
    “Smithsonian officials should either acknowledge the mistake and correct it, or be prepared to face tough scrutiny beginning in January when the new majority in the House moves to end the job-killing spending spree in Washington.”

  88. #88

    Oh, Kalliope,AKA Elizabeth Atunes,Legal Name, Michelle Walsh (Google it, people!)you and your many many incarnations, and you have the gall to show your face here.Of course you do. One more "stage for you to not only praise and promote your own "Extensive Library", but also to "Reverse" the facts of this situation that you brought on yourself.

    Fact: You befriended Diamanda in hopes of persuing a romantic relationship with her. Many times, she explained as nicely as she could that she could not return your affections as she is not a Lesbian. There is nothing homophobic in stating that.

    Fact: You continued to sexually harass Diamanda both online, and engaged in inappropriate stalking behavior off line. Finally Diamanda had to resort to telling you in much stronger, language, your obsessiveness turned to rage, and you did INDEED manage to have Diamanda's Website shut down under false pretenses. Diamanda has now gotten a restraining order against you, and here you are attempting to flip the facts to make you look like you are the one being persecuted and victimized.

    Michelle Walsh,You are a narcissist,a histrionic and a pathological liar. You have an extensive history of this kind of behavior towards anyone who doesn't give you what you want. We have asked you,and told you repeatedly to move on. What do you do? You begin your assault under yet another name. Eventually you will come to the end of this.

    To the rest of You, a few things.

    Yes, Diamanda's website is primarily focused on material relating to what she does. Yes,It is her website, many Musicians, Artists and almost anyone who does anything public has one. Diamanda also has a varied selection of essays, links and references to human rights issues that are of interest to her and to her dedicated fan base. She does not tout her page as an AIDS Info site, How many other artists have as much in the way of important and informational other topics on their pages?

    Diamanda is NOT homophobic. Not towards gay men, not towards,lesbians.If she were a lesbian, or bisexual, or whatever, she would be, but she is not. Diamanda was forced to defend herself against a very very aggressive stalker identifying as a lesbian. Imagine having almost every fucking area of your life impacted by someone who will not take NO! for an answer on and on and on.

    I am writing this entirely of my own volition. Nobody asked me to,no one is paying me to. I cannot watch as someone is consistently stalked, harassed,by someone for any reason least of all because they are rejecting sexual advances by someone who won't lay off.


  89. #89

    Everything that Tari just posted is 100% true. This girl/woman/con-artist is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and will stop at nothing to try and destroy Diamanda Galas' career, although THAT will NEVER happen. She is ruthless, vile, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to search her name, ANY of them, to see her history. She and her mother/lover/daughter/whatever are con-artists. She has posted here under MANY different names. "she was alerted" about what was said about her? IF she wasn't "stalking" the page all night, then HOW did she come up with a response so fast? It's SO obvious! I would have at least waited a day or few before I posted on my behalf so it would AT LEAST look like I wasn't the one posting all of these posts under different names. Your world is closing in on you........FAST. So please just do everyone a favour and STOP smearing shit all over EVERYTHING that involves Diamanda Galás! Sebastien

  90. #90

    Oh, I must also add that EVERYTHING that I've posted is because I wanted to post it. NOBODY asked me to do this, I have NOT been paid by ANYONE to do this. I am, however, speaking on behalf of someone who has been stalked by this dangerous Narcissist with Borderline Personality, to say the least. This "someone" (Diamanda Galás) also happens to be a very dear friend of mine and we that know the truth have been quiet WAY TOO LONG. Has ANYONE ever read about or watched documentaries on stalkers and some of the extremes they will go to? It's EXTREMELY HORRIFYING! This stalker is now playing the victim and she is VERY good at sucking people in. I CAN give her that! She had me fooled for a LONG time and I'm a pretty fucking good judge of character! We once were very good "Facebook friends". Then I found out the truth. It's EVERYWHERE, and I felt like such an idiot for allowing her to manipulate me! But, as always, the truth does eventually come out. Some find out sooner than others and that's alright, it won't be long before EVERYONE that's involved with her in ANY way will see what she's about. I love to say "I told you so." Sebastien

  91. #91

    Diamanda Galas IS a lesbian. I have always known this. Look at her, listen to her, she is as butch as can be. Either that or she is really a man. I could definitely picture her with a penis and scrotum. I would need a close examination of her genitalia to come to a conclusion, even so, if she did have a twat I am apt to believe she is a transgendered male-to-female.

  92. Red Nails of Ethiopia
  93. #93

    Wow! I just got finished reading some of these links about this chick that I googled, the stalker girl "with many names" as Sebastien said. Goodness gracious! I am shocked that this girl has even "tried" to do all the things she has done. She has some gall for sure! About the Smithsonian's removal of this film, I think that it's the saddest thing I've read all day. I mean, it's 2010 and just because some dude got his panties in a wad, they go and remove this work of art? On Diamanda Galás, Ive been a fan of her work since the late 80's and I must say that her work has had a huge impact on my life and without a doubt has truly changed it in a positive manner. As for the speech/response....I think it was very well done and hit the nail on the head. When I first started reading this I just thought, "Oh God! More drama on another blog!" But then I actually researched this girl myself and I was, and still am floored! I cannot believe that this person is free to roam the earth! It's freaky and rather frightening to think about. I really hope that Ms. Galás isn't hurt (physically) by this crazed stalker-woman. She is a precious and rare breed and there is and will only ever be one of her. And thank God she isn't Lady Gaga or Madonna! That's all the world needs, more pop so-called music crap shoved down our throats! This world is starving for true artists and many of them are dead, retired, or sell-outs. David Wojnarowicz is gone but Diamanda Galás is still with us, still touring and making music. Please show a little respect to her and other "true artists" Thank you, S.B.

  94. Wakil Siddiq Aswad

    Please stop giving this fool the credit she doesn't deserve. I am a Muslim and I was a fan of hers until I saw on her fan page how she liked to blast the Qur'an and Islam for several months, she screamed about the Park 51 Cordoba House and how she opposed it. I really didn't expect her to be so misinformed until I saw it for myself. I saw many disgraceful comments everywhere littered upon that page, herself and her lunatic fans. I am not a Jihadist or a Taliban or anything like that, yet she treats and speaks of all of us like we are. Many, many people did see this. And yes, instead of a hero or a leader, she will be known for her disgrace.
    It doesn't even matter if what all these people are saying about this girl is true. That doesn't change that fact that Diamanda is a hypocrite and will most likely be very soon forgotten and never remembered in history, except for her numerous treacheries. I must say Diamanda must learn the truth. She needs to please wake up and apologize to all the people she has hurt. I hope she still does have a heart left, thought it looks as if she doesn't. I come in peace and I pray the blessings of Allah upon her before it's too late. - Wakil Siddiq Aswad

  95. #95

    This, "woman of many names" had my facebook temporarily suspended. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I can't even keep count of how many people she's done this to, or at least tried. I remember when it happened to her, she was distraught!!!! Well, I DAMN SURE AINT DISTRAUGHT!! WOW!!!! Jealousy is most CERTAINLY a NASTY, NASTY thing! It really is sad to have NOTHING but a life that exists ONLY IN CYBERSPACE. trying to "save her reputation", so she can continue RIPPING people off with her crappy merchandise. And the police??? And YOU ARE being stalked???????!!!!! Good God in Heaven, what a sick, twisted mind you have, girl. You have no morals, conscience, remorse, or ANY good qualities. Can you say, CRAZY! STALKER! RELENTLESS! Keep 'em comin', girlie, cuz you're just wasting your time. I don't live on the Internet, like you. So, bye for now, STALKER-GIRL. Oh and magick? Don't even waste your candles..........Get a REAL job.

  96. #96

    @Elizabeth. I wrote you at a few days ago requesting copies of the screen captures you supposedly have. If you have them, please send them to me as per my e-mail. Thanks.

  97. Jesus was not a christian

    We need more people like Diamnda Gálas and less Chatholics/Christians murderers! You live only once, Christmas comes every year!

  98. #98

    @Elizabeth Still waiting for those screen captures.

  99. #99

    These screen caps DO NOT exist, Garth. She said she has them of me making death threats to lesbians. THESE ARE THE ONES I DEMAND TO SEE! Yeah, that's REALLY something I would do. Good God in Heaven. Michelle Walsh, Elizabeth Antunes, Poisoned Punch, Wakil Sidiq, Mohammad Abdul-Hussein Al-Addin, Viva la Tuna, Eating Popcorn, there are literally DOZENS more. Are ALL the same person. I really get a kick out of all these "copyright" infringements she files complaints on. Do you know how to "copyright" images? And I NEVER said "we are geniuses". Or the comment about "the names, the woman with many names is gonna get me" or whatever, or the dog comment i would own what i said in a HEARTBEAT. That's just stupid and immature. I'm damn sure not afraid of this crazy bitch-cunt from Hell. "Mercy of the Law". Yeah, you are, BITCH! Seabastien

  100. #100

    @Elizabeth Still waiting for those screen captures. Am I to assume you are a fraud?

  101. #101

    Gibberish. Does anyone here on this post really KNOW Diamanda Galas? (wow, using all CAPS feels really good.) Really, can anyone of you who seem to know her look back into the past 10 to 30 years of her life and really say that you knew who this woman was? If you spent any substantial intimate time with her you should remember a woman who hates everyone and everything at the same time. Except herself. It's nothing personal, really, its just a condition. A brilliant musician maybe, but a crazy through and through. There is no logic to her hate, it is a spontaneous impulse, a result of a tortured youth,a genius mind, and psychosis. Sometimes it just stacks up like that. It's sad how the sick mind can be brought down so easily by some hack doctors who claim to treat the insane and a bunch of people who claim to be friends. Life is SO crazy. Garth?, Sebastien?, Yakin?, Carin?, Elizabeth?, Malakask? even Kaleidoscope? (or what ever your name is.) The list above of admirers and worshipers goes on and on, as does list of those who hate and despise her; often depending on how, when or for how long they knew her. If you did know her for thirty years or some fleeting moment, maybe a flash in HER pan, then you knew nothing of her. Sad really, she WAS such fun at a party and a real decent person for the most part, someone you might call a friend. She will be missed my some and unfortunately completely forgotten my many more.

  102. #102

    @Who knew her - I may be getting paranoid but your writing style is oddly familiar. Do try to change it up with your next pseudonym. I do find it strange that you call her a genius musician and in the same breath, or run-on sentence, mock her mental state.

    Irregardless, I will say three things. Firstly, I have known Diamanda for 15 years. Secondly, she is assuredly not insane. Thirdly, I have never known her to be fun at parties, with one exception which involved her chasing after a terrified Nina Hagan.

  103. #103

    @Elizabeth, I still haven't received those screen captures, you fraud.

  104. #104

    Oh Kuntiope, get over it! Move on. Stop writing all this crap under 20 different names. And you accuse Ms Galás of being crazy????? YOU, MY DEAR, TAKE THE CAKE!!!!! The really nutty one. So, go sell some cunt juice on eBay. OH!!! That's right!!! You are permanently banned from eBay, correct???? Toodles, psycho-stalker from Hell. Seb

  105. #105

    In the face of hostility, say Let's go fishing next summer.(And in your mind, just for pretend, do an imitation of the backwoods Godfather: "Two went out and only one returned." Make sure you laugh at your own wry foolishness in trying to cope)

    Do not say, Sorry. Do not say, You are mean. Do not say anything that begins with the word Why? Do not say the word 'always.' Do not say the word 'never.'

    Do not instantly or slowly devolve into a whiney two year old. Remain grown up. No matter how old you are, act as though you are at leat 70 years old. This seriously helps. Trust me on this. The older I get, the older I act. I think in the face of harrassment, I now act like a solid 90 year old with a squinty eye and a cane as a potential weapon.

    If someone wants to bicker, reply 'I always admired Winston' (and say to yourself silently... not Churchill, but rather in the novel 1984 about Big Brother). Or, say, I hear the Circus is coming to town and we ought get tickets...(and to yourself identify said offender as whichever part of circus you imagine them to be already hired on).

    You also are expecting an important call and need to go outside RIGHT NOW to be 'in range' for your cell phone. You also have a twb, a teeny weenie bladder that means you have to go RIGHT NOW. You may also feel nauseated and have to lie down for a while away from others as this new and expensive medicine youre taking makes you dizzy and forgetful, and hopefully that one side effect of lunging with incisors gnashing at any sound over a whisper wont happen to you. But that the doctor said to be highly alert for this.

    If all else fails, stay short, love long, but from a distance. If the situation is dangerous, go not at all, and still bless down hard on anyone and everything you can, and then go be with humanlings who are decent and kind. There have been times in my life when strangers took me in who were far kinder than anyone I knew at that moment. This is, I think, because angels are near us always.

  106. #106

    "Happy Endings" AKA Miss Galas Seems like you smoking the same crack pipe that Sebastien and Garth and Tara are guys are so schizoid and stupid you fight amongst your own personalities, it's nice to know she has at least 3 fans on this planet

  107. #107

    I hear the Circus is coming to town and we ought get tickets..

  108. #108

    @intervention that "philosophy" of meeting aggression with peace is not diamanda. she is more of a "fight fire with fire" type of person. i would think it obvious given the nature of her works but perhaps you are not familiar with them.

  109. #109

    @ Garth… I can confirm that you are getting paranoid since you have never seen anything I have ever written or know who I am. You might want to lay off that weed for a few days it always works for me. I know it must come as strange to you but being insane does not preclude your from being a genius. Both can exist in the same person. Usually the insanity rules, and it’s just a gibbering mess on a street corner. But nowadays, in the twentyish century, if you know the right doctor, insanity can be tamed and focused. I might suggest you read some of the latest journal research in psycho pharmacology. A quick flip through the most recent DSM will convince you that the insane mind can be made relatively normal with the right chemical mix, I can vouch for that.

    What you fail to understand is that when Diamanda is finished with you, you are relegated to the trash bin regardless. If you are a fat pot-smoking Canadian hippy, she hates you. If you are a skinny sexy slitty pop star she hates you. If you don't agree with her she hates you. If you suck up just right to her tit she may admire you if her meds are all right and on board.

    I will say three last things. Firstly, I have known Diamanda for far more than 20 years, secondly she is indeed quite insane, you just do not know her. Thirdly, my comment about Diamanda being fun at a party was a joke as you aptly surmised. She is a nightmare at a party. She actually likes Nina Hagan regardless of what you may have been led to believe, she just hates parties. Relax, chill and take another hit off that bong…..see your really not that paranoid, just a bit ignorant. Just watch your back with Diamanda she may have already stabbed you and you don’t even know it.

  110. #110

    I believe this explains Ms Amorphous' obsession with Diamanda Galas.
    She has literaly created twenty poems 120 photos and many collages
    of her and now that she is no longer creating she is destroying. This is what
    stalkers do. It is very sad. Her life must be HELL. To destroy what you want
    is the the most painful state for stalkers. And it does not end when they have killed
    the object of their obsession.

  111. #111
  112. #112

    Kalliope Amorphous is not a stalker and her life is not "hell" the last thing she wants is to have any contact with Ms Galas. I am her best friend of over ten years, for those that will think this is Kalliope feel free to go to my website and email me personally. My direct site address is

    Diamanda you know me as "Mamba" which is how I addressed myself on this post, as you have often said hello to me or asked Kalliope to say hello and even wanted to have a conversation with me, I still have an email from you on my facebook account that I will gladly reproduce to jog your memory.

    I work as a spiritual care assistant with people who are dying of AIDS or have terminal illnesses even though I am a Universal Spiritualist I care deeply about people and all these posts just made me physically ill.

    I was privy to what was going on between Ms Galas and Kalliope I was her confidant and have personally read over 200 emails that Ms Galas had written to Kalliope in just within 6 months, I also have listened to voicemails that were fairly questionable in a context of a heterosexual relationship.

    Let me put it this way as a heterosexual woman myself, I would not have had the type of intimacy with another woman that I have witnessed between Ms Galas and Kalliope Amorphous.

    Of course sometimes chemistry and things go wrong and or one party changes their mind, that is within the rights of the individuals involved. Give them their dignity and quit being insulting and obsessing about it saying things like "she don't eat tuna" that is just disgusting and not necessary...the lady "doth protest too much" and just creates more problems and drama. Enough are STRAIGHT Diamanda - WE BELIEVE YOU. Leave it at the curb. All I know is everything I have seen or read sure contradicts that, but then again, really this is not the issue and is not my point.

    However this is not what I am concerned about, in fact the fall out was amicable in the beginning and Kalliope did not want any problems. The breakdown came when Kalliope did not want Ms Galas to use the art photographs in any way, shape or form. This was the core of the hostility, mud slinging, and the assault of Kalliope's as a person. You dare not say "no" to Diamamda.

    Kalliope enforced her copyrights and Ms Gala's webs site was shut down for like only two hours, this enraged Ms Galas and afterwards a huge torrent of insults, threats, and a smear campaign came against Kalliope Amorphous.

    As for those that think she is making up alias here is my reply - PROVE IT- you have no proof and therefore no case, just more lies and smears as far as I know you could be doing all this yourselves.

    One of the last emails that Ms Galas wrote to Kalliope is that she will "ruin and destroy her" and in the context of these posts this is what has been going on.

    Why if you have a "stalker" would you antagonize the situation then act so scared for Ms Galas, if you really have a stalker it's a police matter, END OF STORY Yet ironically it is the person accused of being the stalker that has gone to the police. Quite ironic that if you are a "stalker" you will call various agencies to help you and fully expose yourself. And believe me this is being investigated and the truth will come out in the end.

    As for the various articles on Kalliope, first off this has no relation to Diamanda and is just another smear campaign. When Kalliope was younger she got involved in a cult when we intervened and got her out of it, she spoke up against the cult and they hired a well know Internet terrorist to discount her credibility. Please Google Joe Moreno if you do not believe me. She did have a room mate that sold things and they tried to implicate it was all her, She did not have the money to fight this legally and this stuff is still up. Diamanda knew all about this and actually thought it was hysterical and now it's being used against her.

    Diamanda I will guarantee 1000% percent that if you simply leave this girl alone you will never hear from her again and isn't this what you want or claim to want? Why did you mail a very close friend of hers to convey "a message" this was just a few days ago.

    As for the other associates of Ms Galas I have no beef with you, but hope you have more productive things to do with your lives, and I will not respond to petty insults or childish outbursts, nor will be baited in this ongoing travesty.
    TO @WHO KNEW HER - thank-you for speaking the TRUTH it helped bring closure if I may quote from him

    "What you fail to understand is that when Diamanda is finished with you, you are relegated to the trash bin regardless. If you are a fat pot-smoking Canadian hippy, she hates you. If you are a skinny sexy slitty pop star she hates you. If you don't agree with her she hates you. If you suck up just right to her tit she may admire you if her meds are all right and on board.

    I will say three last things. Firstly, I have known Diamanda for far more than 20 years, secondly she is indeed quite insane, you just do not know her."

    I knew the whole situation from beginning to end have you read the hundreds of emails (and I do mean hundreds) there is always that friend you confide in when you are going thru a relationship and I was THERE. It was not until the hostility crept in that everyone jumped in.

    The only people here I see stalking here are Ms Gala's friends and associates.

    May you get the justice you deserve.

    Ms Galas we are of the same age group, I am not resorting to any attacks or insults but please leave this girl alone. She is no threat to you and you know it.

    Dakini Kali aka Mambo Enka

  113. #113

    @Garth the screen shots do exist but were seized as evidence along with a file folder so big everything had to be wheeled in a portable suitcase

  114. #114

    Thank you Miss Kali. Your knowledge of this case will be useful to the investigation
    that is now being pursued in this cyberstalking issue. Please save every document
    you have.The truth will be required here and although you are not very articulate above,
    you have indicated that you have evidence since you have shared your e-mail openly
    here, unlike your colleague, who appears with you on your site here.
    You have also been implicated as a lover of Kalliope Amorphous by Ms. Amorphous,
    whose description of your own husband is on file..It may be your husband who talks nightly
    with a rather renowned journalist, whom Ms. Amorphous has indicated is HER stalker,
    and who has discussed with your husband his obesession with lesbians and and Ms.

    We need all this information. THank you for your generosity. Please try to retrieve
    the trunks of documentation you say are in the hands of the police. We
    have contacted them and they have no such documents as of yet.
    Thanks in advance.
    P.I. Z.Ramos Rhode Island

  115. it's sad but true

    I did not have time to read all of these postings but I worked for Diamanda and I want to say that what "Mamba" said is pretty much true. Love turned to hate pretty fast didn't it kalliope? It does for everyone in her life sooner or later. The girl wasn't and isn't a stalker. Diamanda adored her and now she hates her. The more she loves you the more she hates you when its over. It's in the music because it's her life. Guess she fell harder for Kalliope than we thought.

  116. #116

    How many online personalities does Kalliope have anyway?

  117. The many voices of Ms. Galas

    Ok this is getting really funny. Anyone familiar with Diamanda’s writing style will be able to identify her many posts on this list under many names and there ARE many.

    ‘P.I. Rhode Island’ - which seems to be the latest. I laughed so hard I wet my panties - I guess she thinks that because that cracked up and cracked out facebook page she had got shut down no one will know just how strange she had become unless they were reading it?!? - Did she ever think that maybe someone was taking notes?

    ‘MALAKAS’- “CORNHOLE MAGGOT INFESTED FUCKERS” - my god I know she posted that on her facebook page once! - Someone ought to have the screen shot of that at the least! Or maybe ‘SEBASTIEN PLEASE WILL YOU’ – yes that was an actual identity….shut off this site! Surely by now Sebastian has been fired for not getting it right.

    ‘MORONS’ – “SHIT-INFESTED FUCKHEAD VERMIN AND…DEGENERATE INSECT LARVAE.” - LOL…..only Diamanda could boast a string of words like those in only one sentence (actually the beginning and end of one)… “THEY can choke on their own sperm infested VOMIT.”...a line from a yet to be released album from the singer herself, I think it has something to do with insects, Arachnids probably.

    ‘Con Fukius’ - maybe not last, but surely the least - “ConFukius say, "Sebastien need to shut up. He make big fool of himself and Diamanda. He simple-brained henchman. He think he know Diamanda, he not really know her yet." - I almost split my gut I laughed so hard. I think I might have even shit my undies.

    Anyway, what ever name she goes under beside her own you can be sure the language will be pretty fucking funny. So if you have nothing better to do, have a sick sense of humor, keep posted and keep reading along to see just how crazy it will get – and please stop posting unless it isn’t about Ms. Galas.

    Anyone interested in talking about censorship on this blog?

  118. #118

    What I'm interested in is this 'collaboration' between Diamanda Galás and David Wojnarowicz.

    "THIS IS THE LAW OF THE PLAGUE was composed in 1986. I will presume this is the music composition upon which David's film FIRE IN THE BELLY was based, or with which he felt a strong affinity,because I have been asked to defend our work, this collaboration. And I shall do so now." - Diamanda Galás

    I'd like to hear more about this collaboration. Nobody gives a damn about this blasé jilted lover crap.

    "Despite what some articles are reporting, Galas and Wojnarowicz never met, never collaborated. A friend of Wojnarowicz, Amy Scholder, confirms the two artists spoke a few times by telephone and admired each other's work, but that's it. Galas' music was never a part of any edit of Fire In My Belly by Wojnarowicz, a fact easily proved by Wojnarowicz's extensive notes and sketches for the work."

  119. #119

    One forgets; Ms. Galas portrays insanity, she does not suffer from it.

  120. #120

    Oh Xerxes, the reason she can portray insanity so convincingly is because she HAS experienced it. You should try it sometime. It isn't a bad thing. Heck a lot of my best friends are admittedly insane people and me as well.

    So unless you are her shrink and I really hoping you are not, you don't know shit. Who the fuck are you anyway?

  121. #121

    Agathos Christos thank you for your post and the link to the salon piece. Appropriations happen all the time, most of the time people are to stupid or ignorant to catch it. Rappers do it all the time. Not that appropriations are wrong. Diamanda's audio and David's film is an almost perfect mix. Regardless if it was intended to be that way or not. Try watching it with and with out the audio. Art enhances art. Happens all the time.

  122. #122

    New York City (CNN) -- I want this article to break your heart. But it deals with a subject that has had a tough time of it in the break-everyone's-heart department. I'll bet that a number of you will be more angry at me than sympathetic by the time you finish reading it. If indeed you finish reading it.

    From its very beginning, most people have not wanted to know the truths about AIDS. This is an indisputable fact that continues until this very minute. I have been on the front lines since Day 1, so I know what I'm talking about.

    Here are 10 realities about AIDS, and I've learned them the hard way:

    1. AIDS is a plague -- numerically, statistically and by any definition known to modern public health -- though no one in authority has the guts to call it one.

    2. Too many people hate the people that AIDS most affects, gay people and people of color. I do not mean dislike, or feel uncomfortable with. I mean hate. Downright hate. Down and dirty hate.

    I have watched almost everyone I once knew die.

    3. Likewise, both people who don't have sex the way they do (if they have it at all) and people who take drugs in order to feel better in a world that they find wretched are considered two highly expendable populations by the powerful forces that control this world.

    4. AIDS was allowed to happen. It is a plague that need not have happened. It is a plague that could have been contained from the very beginning.

    5. It is a plague that is not going to go away. It is only going to get worse.

    6. There is no cure and the amount of money expended toward finding one is pathetically small, miniscule, puny, and totally indicative of a system and a government and a country and a world that does not want to end this plague.

    There is no cure and the amount of money expended toward finding one is pathetically small.

    7. There is no incentive for pharmaceutical companies to find a cure since they are making billions selling, at highly inflated prices, the many anti-viral drugs that those infected must consume -- drugs that only keep us living but still infected just enough to continue to possibly still infect others.

    8. Educational campaigns, indeed all attempts at prevention, have been too stupid, useless, lily-livered, and nicey-nicey to accomplish much of anything.

    9. There is no one of any use really in charge of this plague, in America or anywhere else in the world -- and it is a worldwide plague by now -- and this lack of decent, responsible and humane leaders has been so since its beginning in 1981. They lie to us. I consider most of those who have been or are in charge as equal to murderers.

    10. One out of every five men who have sex with men in America is now HIV-positive, and more than 50% of gay men do not know it. Doctors in Chelsea say the statistics for that New York neighborhood have jumped from one out of five to one out of four. At the rate things are going, almost all gay men in America could be HIV-positive, which a lot of people would really like to see happen.

    These are appalling statistics, appalling statements, appalling facts, and yet no one responds to them when I raise them. Why should they? Too many people want too many other people dead, and it is fearful and as we continue to see over and over, often dangerous to confront them.

    30 years of HIV -- Three men reflect

    Governments and bureaucrats and presidents and politicians and the people who run this world lie to people. They tell us HIV is under control. They tell us case numbers are decreasing. They tell us that all is being done that can be done. They tell us HIV is too complicated to eradicate. They tell us gay people and people of color have made more progress than ever before. These are all lies.

    We must not believe them. How could we when, in one place or another:

    -- They also tell us we can't get legally married.

    -- They also tell us that we cannot legally adopt children.

    -- They also tell us religions will not recognize us.

    -- They also tell us we can't serve our country yet.

    -- They also tell us our real history cannot be taught in schools.

    -- They also tell us that gay students cannot organize in schools.

    -- They also tell us that people who murder us are not committing hate crimes.

    -- They also tell us we cannot insure our partners.

    -- They also tell us our partners are not legal.

    -- They also tell us we cannot have equal opportunities.

    -- They also tell us we can't kiss each other or hold each other's hands in public.

    -- They also tell us that our Supreme Court doesn't want to know about any of this, doesn't want to make us free and equal, doesn't want to honor the Bill of Rights.

    If you want to know why AIDS is a plague, I have just told you why.

    I could add a thousand more "they also's." I could expound and expand and add so many facts and figures to the above they'd put you to sleep. I helped start the two major AIDS organizations in America. I have watched almost everyone I once knew die.

    For some 30-plus years, I have been trying to tell the world where this plague came from and why, and I will continue to do so until I die, too.

    You see, I simply can't get the memories and the ghosts of just about every friend I had out of my life. And since there is no doubt in my mind that this plague of HIV/AIDS that took them from me was and continues to be allowed to happen, I am duty bound to tell this hideous history as best and as fully as I can. It's the least I can do.

    That is correct: This plague of HIV/AIDS was intentionally allowed to happen. It still is. Nothing has changed in the intentionality department. Hate has a way of hanging around forever and too often winning out in the end.

    The opinions in this commentary are solely those of Larry Kramer.

  123. #123

    I am alive. Something most of you dirt-less windbags
    can't claim to be--the honorable Larry Kramer excepted.
    Who the fuck--not lately.

  124. #124

    I was drunk. I should not have taken Lord Kramer's name in vain. But I am just incensed by this whole thing.
    Diamanda is a saint. And when I met her, she was
    like Mother Teresa. Sure, she has an acerbic wit, but
    you all should lighten up. Elizabeth, she was being

  125. #125

    LIGHTS OUT....
    LIGHTS OUT....
    LIGHTS OUT....
    LIGHTS OUT....

  126. This.was.interesting

    Wow this was an interesting and pretty strange comments list. Its funny how it turned into a whole thing about Diamandas personal life. The ex gf, lover or whatever looks like shes a tween though -- Diamanda Galas robbing the cradle LMAO! that should be the headline of these comments---or Diamanda Galas jilted by young hot chick lol crazy stuff but yeah the article about the bible and aids was totally right though

  127. Se l'aura spira frescobaldi

    I want to address the issue of the censorship first: sometimes the only thing we need in a crisis situation is common sense.

    What is really going on?

    Before I go to Wojanrowicz and Galas, first lets be clear about how much freedom of speech we have, as in the US there is confusion about what is hate speech, fighting words etc. Canadians have more clarity about it.

    We have freedom of speech, as long as speech in not oppressive to someone else. If someone for ex. engages in ethnic slurs, it is oppressive.The tricky part for many people in general seems that many have no idea where is the difference between critique, protest, etc. is and the spirit of revenge, hate and intollerance.

    Critique is not just the same as venting personal hostilities, no matter how "beautifully" it is expresed. If it is expression of personal hostilities, it is more a personal act of psychoteraphy than art. Art requires more effort in transcending things, if not, it can become an act of oppression. Yes, certain forms of human creativity can be oppressive to others.

    For example representation of Japanese American in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany is oppressively bad, and some screanings were canceled before because of this.Or some other movies, like the the Birth of a Nation, or gender biaseds movies of the 50ies, strange things people were accepting than, without much questioning.

    How about Wojnarowicz video? It depends: the reading of it can be altered strongly by inclusion of Galas' music.If the movie is silent, it is an open work of art, and there is sense of despair, pain, and abandonment many people can relate on many levels, and can be interpreted on various levels too.(How we treat spiritual/ethical principles, how we treat others who suffer,etc,etc). Add to it Galas' music, and at once the movie it totally limited. It is a very unfortunate combination, and I am not sure what was really going on, as there are conflicting reports about the video exhibited. in the media, if it w as silent or not.So far I know Wojnarowicz kept extensive notes, but his notes regarding this movies didn't include Galas' score.(I didn't call Wojnarowicz estate to confirm, so, I am not sure).

    Would he include it if he was among us today? Maybe. Maybe not. The issue here is not about the ants: those are wonderful creatures, they simply have no capacity of understanding.

    What is the problem with Galas score:it is simply mentally limited act. Passive agressive act, which may started out of compassion for AIDS sufferers, but turned into an act of hate and revenge. Don't tell me every AIDS suffer feels like this, that this is the voice everyone can identify with. She took a part of a book which is part of Christian religious tradition, and most of all also a part of Jewish history, and Jewish indentity. She took words and delivered them in a sadistic sounding voice. (I find this piece anti_Semitic).

    Take millenia old thing about public health issues among people in the desert area, many of them nomadic than, and make it to an artistic statement dripping with hate.Any communication student, or add agency employee would be smarter than this, to know how such message can be read by the audience.The ideas was ill conceived.(By the way, Rromani people still have nomadic-style prescriptions about cleanines). But maybe the curator didn't know that lyrics were from Leviticus.
    What a mess...

    Some people were offended.

    Should we censor their emotional response, in the name of non-censorship for an artist? I don't think so, as it would indicate double standards, and be a situation similar to events before sexual harassement policies, when the harassers were censoring others' responses. This exhibit is a sign of compassion toward persecuted minority, but it shouldn't became an occasion for spitting in any direction.

    Should a creative individual say anything, to anyone, whenever he/she pleases in the name of art (or whatsever, wounded ego even?)? I don't think so. People are equal. Exercising healthy sense of boundaries is important in this case too. Some maturity please, usage of frontal lobes is good for everyone, it goes for art too. Everyone, every person deserves to be treated with dignity.

  128. Se l'aura spira frescobaldi

    As for using the word "plague," I oppose it. Pandemic is a cleaner word,yes, less of dramatic-hysteric kind, but kinder toward HIV positive/AIDS suffers themselves.

    As for Galas as a genius: in my oppinion she is not one. Not going to lengthy explanations here this time.

    And the irony is that Catholic Church also promotes the idea of monogamy, which is even less radical what Larry Kramer first suggested at old times. (And I am not advising against condoms here).Check out HIV/AIDS statistics among Catholics around the world. Certain stuff is better known by WHO professionals and medical anthropologists, than by certain journalists, etc. Strange? Maybe. Food for thought? Yes.

  129. #129

    You still are all so stupid it hurts my brain to think about you (your vitriolic response to Galas' genius.

  130. Salmonella Fashionista von Rosenbaum

    If people here and anywhere else would just stop equating 'Lady' Diamanda Gaga, Gallo...-I mean Galás- with gay rights, gay and/ or AIDS-activism...She has nothing to do with the majority of us...NOTH!NG.

    Light up, grow up!

  131. Salmonella Fashionista von Rosenbaum

    Ps. What on earth is this ?
    Scroll down to view screenshots of a rant that has appeared on a Facebook page for Diamanda.

    We have Diamanda here (if in fact it is her) whining about a stalker and not being able to afford an attorney, but who at the same time apparently finds it OK to talk in public about beating to death and killing another woman, Celia Farber -a prominent AIDSjournalist, or have her killed by alligators, while making a snuff film. Oh please! I'm so sorry that bad things happen to innocent little angels like you, little innocent Diamanda....

    What do I also see? -A Kalliope Amorphous cheering(foolishly) with *like*?!

    Again: GROW UP! Seriously....

  132. Salmonella Fashionista von Rosenbaum

    XERXES, and you are Einstein...?!

  133. Salmonella Fashionista von Rosenbaum

    PPS: I believe that Lady Diamanda claims to be an "AIDS-activist." Has she ever brought your attention to the insert material of the so-called "HIV-Tests"?

    -I cite: "At present there is no recognized standard for establishing the presence or absence of antibodied to HIV-1 or HIV-2 in human blood.

    "So far" are we after more than 25 years with "AIDS."


  134. #134

    It needs to end NOW Diamanda everything you have said about Kalliope is a lie


    PS Here are the screen shots!

  135. #135

    More flattering quotes from her first Facebook page, quotes found here:


    Oh, and don't forget these 2 links in case you missed them:

  136. #136

    Diamanda, do you really think I WANT to reveal my personal life in order to counteract your lies? I have waited FIVE MONTHS for you to stop your obsession and your lies. I have shut my mouth and sat back and watched you bring up my name again and AGAIN, as you manipulated everything you possibly could to make people believe I am your "stalker" WHILST you have been stalking me and obsessing over me. What is your problem? Do you think it is glamorous to have me as a "stalker"? It's sick. I told you to move on and I meant it.

    Every week, the Google alert on my name brings up YOUR NAME. WHY? Because under every article about you, there you are talking about me. Every critical comment made by anyone is an opportunity for you to say "Oh Dear, my stalker Kalliope Amorphous is back". You have done this under your own name and under aliases: EVERY IP ADDRESS TRACED BACK TO YOU. Two of the newspapers confirmed this and I thank them.

    So, you want to keep playing this and making a public spectacle with your lies? OK. Here's the truth:

    What you did here, was the last straw:

    You have lied to your fans (and probably everyone in your life). You could not move on and now I am forced to expose MY LIFE and YOUR LIFE to negate your FIVE MONTH LONG TIRADE OF LIES. You initiated this. You insisted on making it a matter of public interest and now the truth has to be shown. You have far more to hide than I do, but that's probably why this whole mess started in the first place.


  137. #137


  138. #138
  139. #139

    Here's the truth.....

  140. #140

    Wow. What a thread. Ya gotta love it. The Great Diamanda Galás reduced to imitating herself over and over and over again. How many of her voices appear above? Let us count the ways . . . . But VERY VERY SAD, actually. Especially that her life and legacy have been reduced to this absolute TRASH. Much worse, though, is that the work of David Wojnarowicz and the tragedy of the AIDS epidemic -- our "brothers of blood and sisters of compassion" -- have both been trivialized by the likes of this spoiled California girl.

  141. #141

    Everything is addressed in this video and a special update will be announced soon. There has been an out pouring of support for Kalliope and Diamanda three to five fans have nothing to say about it.

  142. #142

    Sal, Diamanda is the only great genius.

  143. #143

    Part 3 of continues here.

    Here is a blog containing an overwhelming amount of evidence here:

  144. #144

    Pobrecita de Kalliope, por favor, entiéndanla, justifíquenla... ella sufre muuuucho con todo esto, es una graaan artista y no merece taaanto sufrimiento, taaanta difamación...TANTA PUBLICIDAD !!!!!!!

    Kalliope Chinga tu madre !!!! entiende que no puedes y no podrás por más que desperdicies tu tiempo en publicar páginas enteras llenas de porquería y mentiras, manchar lo que Diamanda se ha ganado a base de talento y trabajo duro.

    Se ve que todo esto ya lo tenías preparado ya que empezaste a guardar imágenes desde el principio, pero te diré algo, este tipo de publicidad es efímera. Las imagenes y las tantas pruebas que publicas no hacen más que demostrar el gran enojo que existía y que existe hacia tí. Quisiste utilizar a Diamanda para darle a tu carrera algún impulso pero por qué ???.. no puedes luchar por algo propio ???.. La reacción lógica de cualquier persona frente a un comportamiento como el tuyo es este, Diamanda es coherente con lo que dice, piensa y hace, al contrario de lo que muchos dicen y por lo que muchos se espantan, yo estoy orgulloso de su actuar ya que es lógico. Qué esperabas ?... una felicitación ?... un gracias ?... nooo, por menos que eso una mentada de madre y todo el desprestigio que te mereces por querer sacar partido de alguien que de manera sincera te brindó un lugar donde pudieras platicar directamente con ella ( y que gracias a tí muuucha gente ya no puede hacerlo ) y vender tus pendejos perfumes.

    Pero esto seguirá y con todo gusto yo también seguiré.

    Vamos, muéstrale a la gente como sufres, que sientan lástima por tí, quizás ese sea tu único talento.

  145. #145

    I just want to say I think it is despicable how Galas maligned this young girl. I looked at all the websites read quite a bit and can only see one person getting harassed and stalked by a crew. If you know anything about cyberstalking this is always the way it is and is the first thing they look 4. Kaliope seems like a talented young woman, has an overwhelming amount of evidence against Diamanda and her employees. Ihope this goes to court but it already looks like Diamanda ruined her own career by her obsession with this young girl. What a real shame to read some of the things i just saw

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