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Doodles and Daggers: Super Art Fight Tonight

When you think of cartoonists, what comes to mind: sitting around with a fancy pen, sketching shapes in solitude? Adjusting black-rimmed glasses and cross-hatching for hours? OK, those are probably true most of the time, but not tonight! Super Art Fight is in town, and that means war. At SAF, cartoonists draw with live-audience participation driving the action as it happens. The superhero battles happen in real time, and much like a comedy improv, suggestions from the crowd shape the outcome. It's like "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" only nerdier and without Drew Carey's failed attempts at humor.

It's all going down at Artisphere as part of D.C. Design Week, and allegedly the event is somehow design-themed as well (CSS Man vs. WordPressinator?). The showdown features artists Jami “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi, Chris “Impact” Impink, and Brandon J. Carr, among others. The fight kicks off at 7 p.m., so get your comic-loving self down to Arlington early.

Here's an older promo vid to give you a taste of the geeky action to come:

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  • Rosscott

    Thanks for the write up! Email us if you want to do a follow-up or want insight on our upcoming schedule. HINT: Baltimore and more DC shows abound!

  • Brandon

    Don't be fooled; Ross is every bit as nerdy as Drew Carey, if not more. Break a leg tonight, champ.