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Beat Freaks: “Like, a Few Months Ago, I Made 17 New Facebook Friends at Just One Opening!”

So, um, curious about Beat Freaks, the new band of artists Kathryn Cornelius and Jeffry Cudlin? Alt-art-scene doyenne Philippa Hughes shot some video of the band's debut last night at the $150 Washington Project for the Arts fundraiser. Sample lyric: "When I go out to Art/I get to see so manyof my friends there/It’s like going to a special club just for art people/Which is so cool!"

Honestly, I'd rather be insulted to my face for free, but I'm sure that $150 came with some nice crudités or something.

Check it out. Hat-tip to Maura Judkis, who also has the song's lyrics in a post at TBD.

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