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F. Lennox Campello Compiles List of 100 D.C. Artists, but Where’s Mingering Mike?

F. Lennox Campello—D.C. artist, art critic, and keeper of an indispensable art-news blog—is working on a book tentatively titled 100 Washington Artists that will be published in 2011 by Schiffer Books. Over the weekend, he revealed which artists made the cut.

Lists! Always somewhat arbitrary! Always fun to debate! And this one—which features artists veteran and relatively young, from within the gallery scene and outside it—is no exception. We'll have some commentary from our critics this week—well, maybe not from Jeffry Cudlin, seeing as he's on Campello's list.

I'm not sure I have observations yet, save this one, which I probably share with Jason Cherkis: Where's Mingering Mike?

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  • Greg

    I think the best follow up to 100 DC area artists would be a 100 Baltimore area artists book... there are a lot of Baltimore artists who show in the DC area and contribute to the DC area scene and vice versa.... A Baltimore area book would greatly fill out the overall picture of the arts scene in our area and would be a terrific follow up companion piece to this book...

  • Carol M Dupre

    I left comments but have not seen them posted.

  • James

    Is Schiffer Publishing a vanity press? I am skeptical that a publisher would be willing to finance a book with a limited market. Is this book financed through guaranteed pre-sales to, or contributions from, some of the artists in it?

  • Lifeunit

    James: Why don't you send Lenny an email and ask him?

    Spawn of Observerina: Be careful with the black flying helicopters above your house.

    Sabine: Agree.

    Greg: That's a good idea and you should tell Lenny.

    Carol M. Dupre: Try posting them again

    Marsha: If you have that illegal version of Carnivore, it is illegal to hack into the site's sysadmin and grab the IPs and email addresses. Just saying.

    Lifeunit out; later DC.

  • Joe The Barbarian


    Could the sock puppet be a steamed suet pudding containing dried fruit (usually currants), commonly served with either custard or butter?

  • The Enforcer

    It is interesting that someone is trying to intimidate the free dialogue here by claiming (falsely) access to IP addresses through the Carnivore software (used one time by the FBI). I guess we know who owns that sockpuppet.