Visual Arts Archive

Photos Capture Schools of Hawaiian Fish in Hypnotizing Shapes

Fish organize into undulating, minimalist forms in Wayne Levin's black-and-white images at the National Academy of Sciences.

Guerrilla Yarn Installation Near Rhode Island Avenue Metro Destroyed

This is why we can't have nice strings.

BroCoLoco: A Team of Brothers Designs Murals Shaped by Community Input

A mural on an apartment complex for senior citizens will reflect the history of the African-American-owned hotel that once stood there.

Strike Two for Melissa Chiu?

The Hirshhorn director hired a curator with a big conflict of interest and will hold the museum's 40th-anniversary gala in New York, not D.C.

The African Art Museum’s Show of Bill Cosby’s Art is DEFINITELY Not About Bill Cosby

It's all about the art, people, not the alleged serial rapist!

Art from a Vending Machine? It’s D.C.’s Newest Market for Original Work

Cartoonist Josh Kramer is selling watercolors out of the eclectic machine at Maketto.

In Neon Yarn, Toki’s “Synth Series” Hides Meaning in Strange Places

Toki's Instagram followers are begging for the address, but the duo's not giving it up.

A Brief History of D.C. Museums’ Crowdfunding Attempts

The Hirshhorn's Ai Weiwei show only raised $555 of its $35,000 goal.

The Phillips Collection’s Greatest Photo Hits

More than a century's worth of American images from the museum's collection are on view now.

Beep Bop Boop: “Art in the Age of Code” is Kitschy and Cool

The exhibit includes a new take on the plastic bag of American Beauty and "Firework" fame.