Visual Arts Archive

At Goethe-Institut, Artistic Attempts to Pierce the Veil of Surveillance

The Goethe-Institut's “Surveillance Blind” explores the intersection of photography and surveillance.

Casting a Wide Net at the National Geographic Museum’s ‘Pristine Seas’ Exhibit

National Geographic Museum's latest photo exhibit takes to the high seas.

Reviewed: ‘This Is Light’ at Carroll Square Gallery

Carroll Square Gallery's latest is an awfully small show to support a title of almost Biblical sweep.

Emptiness and Presence in Photographs at the Luther W. Brady Art Gallery

The photographs in “Absence/Presence: Selected Contemporary Photography” may be devoid of people, but they are not devoid of emotion.

Eli Reed’s Portraits of Unrelenting Misfortune

Reed’s work is the focus of a two-part retrospective at the Leica Store DC.

Photos Capture Schools of Hawaiian Fish in Hypnotizing Shapes

Fish organize into undulating, minimalist forms in Wayne Levin's black-and-white images at the National Academy of Sciences.

Guerrilla Yarn Installation Near Rhode Island Avenue Metro Destroyed

This is why we can't have nice strings.

BroCoLoco: A Team of Brothers Designs Murals Shaped by Community Input

A mural on an apartment complex for senior citizens will reflect the history of the African-American-owned hotel that once stood there.

Strike Two for Melissa Chiu?

The Hirshhorn director hired a curator with a big conflict of interest and will hold the museum's 40th-anniversary gala in New York, not D.C.

The African Art Museum’s Show of Bill Cosby’s Art is DEFINITELY Not About Bill Cosby

It's all about the art, people, not the alleged serial rapist!