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Script Tease: Comparing Bachelorette the Movie to Bachelorette the Play

Midway through rehearsals last spring, the cast of Studio Theatre’s Bachelorette got some interesting news: Their little six-actor play was about to become a movie. Local actress Laura C. Harris thought it was cool that the film would star Kirsten Dunst, and other “people the public likes”—rom-com stars like Isla Fisher and James Marsden. But she figured the film, directed by playwright Leslye Headland, would do the festival circuit and disappear on Netflix. That’s not what happened. Now, Harris says, “It’s everywhere!”Thinking of seeing the film, in the theater, On Demand, or on iTunes? Here’s our handy comparison of Bachelorette the movie and Bachelorette the play. (The TV show is a very different thing.)

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