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H Street Playhouse Reveals New Anacostia Home: 2020 Shannon Place SE

H Street Playhouse, which Mayor Vince Gray announced last week would be moving to Anacostia, revealed its exact location at a press conference today: 2020 Shannon Place SE.

The warehouse—which is located directly behind The Hive, a communal work space—was used during the Lumen8Anacostia temporium event earlier this year. H Street Playhouse presented three short readings there in April as part of the festival.

Managing Director Julia Robey Christian estimates that the 5,000-square foot space will need about $250,000 of work. The Playhouse has signed a five-year lease with the option to renew with Curtis Properties and Four Points Development, which own the building. After news of its need to move broke, the Playhouse was contacted by ARCH Development Corporation, which undertook a concentrated effort to get the theater to relocate to Anacostia.

As for the companies that have performed at the Playhouse in the past, no word yet if they'll be making the move, too. "We’ve been holding off on contacting all of our renters until we knew what we were doing," Christian says. She also sits on the board of Theater Alliance, and says of that company, “We’re sort of looking at all of the different options out there because the whole Anacostia thing didn’t become a reality until a few days ago. We’re not ruling it out, but we haven’t decided yet.”

Noting the number of theater companies east of the river, including Serenity Players and Verbal Gymnastics, Christian says, "We want to serve our immediate community first and foremost, and bring people across the bridge with us, too. We want to identify our immediate community’s needs, and with the talent that exists across the river, we want to promote it."

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  • The Advoc8te

    This is so awesome! :)

  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    Serenity Players work is dusty -- a reverence for an era before young folks wore their pants on their ankles -- and only aspires to be agitprop theatre. Yeah, OK, great news... but not only where will the "content" i.e. plays and theatre companies come from... but will every night be "pay-what-you-can?"

    I don't think a lot of that Fringe stuff will play this side of town.