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Mike Daisey Invites Journalists to Woolly Mammoth’s Steve Jobs Remount

Mike Daisey requests the honor of your presence.

I've been thinking and writing about celebrated/despised monologist Mike Daisey's imminent return to Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company with a revised version of his Apple manufacturing expose The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs for days now. The show, which opens July 17, has been scrubbed, Daisey tells me, of all the material contested on the March 16 episode of This American Life, "Retraction," with new content addressing the scandal over Daisey's fabrications and exaggerations in its place.

Those fabrications earned Daisey the condemnation of many journalists, a lot of whom were unfamiliar with his 15-year body of work prior to this show, which saw Daisey cross the line between artist and activist for the first time. Today, Daisey is inviting some of the media critics who had harsh words for him back in March to attend the new version of his show.

I'd already heard from my friend Rachel Manteuffel at the Washington Post—who wrote this about Daisey back in March following the same Georgetown University appearance that prompted me to write this about him—that Daisey reached out to her today to offer tickets before the Post's Erik Wemple posted this, saying that he and Reuters' Jack Shafer had both received invitations from Daisey, too.

In Daisey's short e-mail to Manteuffel, he commented on something she noted in her piece—the fact that credentialed journalists were forbidden from asking questions at the Georgetown event—saying that the organizers had imposed that restriction. "I wouldn't have done that," he wrote.

I e-mailed Daisey to ask whom he'd invited. He didn't offer a list, but he invited me. And I am definitely going to accept his invitation.

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  • http://n/a Anon…

    ENOUGH ALREADY! This guy needs to lick his wounds and move on. Seriously. It's grandstanding at its (his!) finest, and it's abhorrent. I appreciate the fact that so many theater creators/developers are wonderful self-promoters and marketers, but having been saturated by the various emotional states* Mr. Daisy publicly experienced in ANY media outlet that would hear him, I'm done. Get over it, dude. You embellished (flat out lied, actually), you got caught, stop trying to smell like roses and get on to the whatever is next. ARGH!

    (*See, for lack of a better reference point, the stages of grief, primarily for his career as the darling of the monologue scene. Hasn't he already sufficiently voiced to anyone, anywhere that will hear him, he's booked for "the next two seasons"? Why keep revisiting the scene of the crime, arsonist/serial killer style?)

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