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There's still no word on whether the Lincoln Theatre will get the public cash infusion it needs to stay open through the rest of the year. But the U Street Theatre Foundation—the nonprofit that runs the theater—is supposed to have met with Deputy Mayor Victor L. Hoskins, according to Councilmember Jim Graham's media director (who told me this when I ran into him at Whole Foods last night). While we're waiting for news, let's dive into the numbers behind Lincoln Theatre's latest fiscal debacle, with a couple fun facts sprinkled in for good measure.

Illustration by Brooke Hatfield
This post originally said that the U Street Theatre Foundation was scheduled to meet with the mayor's office on Tuesday. Councilmember Graham's media director clarifies that the meeting was with Deputy Mayor Hoskins. The information has been corrected.

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  • Pete

    Careful with the illustrations.. or someone might get poached by USA Today!

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  • dcvoterboy

    No way did Lincoln have 111 days of events last year. That would mean they had an event every 3 days. The Lincoln is dark many times 5 or 6 nights a week. That's one heckuva of an over-estimate.

    I'm guessing they're double-counting events as days, so if there were 2 shows on a Saturday they said that was 2 days of programs. (Most of those events are probably the Arena Stage shows while they used the Lincoln as a home away from home).

    At least they've added some events since they began their ridiculous plea for taxpayers' money once again, they now have a whopping 9 events over the next 90 days on their calendar. That's a 125% increase from their previous 4!

  • Ally Schweitzer

    @dcvoterboy, nope. In 2010, Arena Stage occupied the venue for 65 days (excluding rehearsals, which were not open to the public). "Sophisticated Ladies" ran on 56 days (78 total performances) and "The Fantasticks" had nine days in January. All in all, Arena accounted for more than half the Lincoln's public schedule in 2010.

    I didn't get those numbers from Lincoln---their exec director did not return my request for comment. I got them from the Lincoln's public calendar and Arena Stage.

  • dcvoterboy

    Thanks for the clarification of the numbers Ally.

    That's still pretty sad though. The Lincoln was still dark for 69.5% of 2010.

    What's shocking, if you pull out the one time bump of Arena Stage's displacement from SW, the Lincoln would've been dark for 84.9% of 2010.