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Kennedy Center’s Follies Will Move to Broadway This Summer

In news that will surprise absolutely no one, the Kennedy Center's star-packed $7.3 million production of Follies will transfer to Broadway this summer for a limited engagement, the Kennedy Center announced today. Dates for Follies' run at New York's Marquis Theatre will be announced soon, the press release promises.

The Stephen Sondheim/James Goldman musical—directed by Signature Theatre Artistic Director Eric Schaeffer and featuring Bernadette Peters, Linda Lavin, Elaine Page, Rosalind Elias, Jan Maxwell, and Régine—is in its final week of D.C. performances. Reviews have been mixed to ecstatic. Washington City Paper's Trey Graham had a few reservations—the production is a little too in love with Peters, he wrote, and not every casting decision works—but for the most part he was charmed. And damn is this production a looker:

Schaeffer has always had an eye for imagery, and the spacious oddity that is Follies gives him plenty of opportunity for picture-making. The showgirl ghosts who famously haunt that crumbling theater drift constantly through the assembled partygoers, languid Erté chorines in some remembered halflight heyday. After intermission, when the story swoons into the Technicolor hallucinations of what’s called the Loveland sequence, the Eisenhower stage is suddenly a rose-colored sea of beads and bangles and tulle.

Want to see Follies before it leaves town? Ooph. Every remaining show is sold out.

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  • DeLightFul

    Total trash. Only Broadway could delight in dysfunctional adulterous relationships. The old fart actors croaked through the songs, including Peters who should give it up. What a waste of money! I’m embarassed to have even attended. The only thing more disappointing was the audience that clapped at everything. How sad culture has become.

  • ReviewnView

    The play can drag at places (1st act) but Sondheim's shows usually do. That being said, I think the play had plenty of good talent and great song numbers. I'd like to see more of Terri White in the Broadway production. She brought the house down with her lead in the tap number, "Who's that Woman." She sounded much better than all the other female leads. I will see this play again when it hits Broadway.