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Snowpocalypse Aftermath: What’s On and What’s Off

Nothing beats a snow day, and nothing's worse than going to work during one. However your Monday's going, if you're in the mood for some culture tonight, you're in luck—well, maybe. Below, what's going on early this week and what's not. Check back for updates.

THEATER: In the Red and Blue Water at the Studio Theatre, back on Tuesday; Beauty of the Father at GALA, back on Thursday; all shows at the Kennedy Center, back on; I Am My Own Wife at the Signature Theatre, back on; Last Cargo Cult at Wooly Mammoth, back on this week; Folger Shakespeare Library, closed today; Shakespeare Theatre Co.’s Antony & Cleopatra and Henry V, back on beginning tomorrow; The Rivalry at Ford’s Theatre, back on tomorrow.

MOVIES: Everything's on, unless it's showing at a Smithsonian musuem; they're all closed.

MUSIC: Galactic at the 9:30 Club, postponed back on; Gist, Kodiak at the Black Cat, postponed until 3/2; Sarah Massey's 9th Annual 27th Birthday, a Yearly Ritual of Debauchery and Denial at Velvet Lounge is on, naturally; Azar Lawrence at Blues Alley is on; Mountains at Bossa is canceled.

ART: Smithsonian is closed; Corcoran's Dressed to Dance program is canceled; the Phillips Collection is closed.

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