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Reviewed: Extra Life’s Made Flesh

Extra Life's sophomore album, Made Flesh (LOAF), kicks off with a palpable burst of noise. It's as if the band is declaring, "Even if you weren't paying attention before, we'll make you listen now."
It's easy to see why many have overlooked the experimental quintet, which will release a remix EP on D.C.'s Sockets Records in [...]

Totally Pretentious Zs Music Remixed Into Equally Pretentious Minimal Techno on New 12″

If you were not already aware, Zs–the Brooklyn-based avant-prog group with DC roots–makes terribly pretentious and inaccessible music. At least, according to Howard Stern, who's apparently quite the authority on post-Braxton noodling.
Maybe the group's getting tired of being all alone that lofty pedestal of impenetrable aesthetic superiority, though, because Zs are bringing it down [...]

Sockets Spring Mixtape

Sockets, the local record label that has released works by Hume, Little Women, and Extra Life (and, in the interest of full disclosure, myself, albeit a while back), recently posted a Spring mixtape on its freshly redesigned website.
All sorts of good stuff here, most of surprisingly melodious, from Nick Rivetti (aka Ricky Rabbit of [...]