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ToDo ToDay: Horror for Snobs! Champagne! Prog!

Most horror fans have a subgenre they love most. At the AFI Silver Theatre tonight, there’s something that’ll sate any horror junkie’s jones. For the classicists and the snobs, the evening opens with F.W. Murnau’s silent film Nosferatu, complete with live musical accompaniment by Not So Silent Cinema. Afterward, there’s a chance to see Brian De [...]

Tuesday Rock City: Aethenor, P.O.S., Zombi

P.O.S.: Never Better (Rhymesayers)
The rapper P.O.S claims to have written the vast majority of Never Better while riding in a moving vehicle. Other than the fact that this probably made it really hard to transcribe the notes he scribbled in the old Mead, it's unclear how this affected Never Better. Besides, it's really the [...]